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Yeoncheon Imjin River Biosphere Publication: February Eighth-Twelfth

Yeoncheon Imjin River Biosphere Publication: February Eighth-Twelfth

Chook Details from Nial Moores, Bernhard Seliger, Baek Seung-Kwang, Lee Su-Younger along with Jang Ryang (with a group from the EAAFP Secretariat on 11 th).

Hantan River, Yeoncheon Imjin River Biosphere Schedule © Nial Moores
CCZ, Yeoncheon Imjin River Biosphere Publication

Affluent or else on totally different days by the Hanns Seidel Basis along with Yeoncheon Location, laid out information from this assessment together with the rivers along with within the rice-fields of the Biosphere Publication can be consisted of in endorsements that can be made conveniently readily available to Birds Korea individuals after publication. Chosen birding highlights, along with Ramsar-defined globally required emphasis of Taiga Bean Goose, Larger Whiter-fronted Goose, Purple-crowned Crane along with White-naped Crane, from assessment in mid-February within the Yeoncheon Imjin River Biosphere Publication included:

Squealing Goose Branta hutchinsii taverneri 캐나다기러기. One in a team of Larger White-fronted Geese on 8 th (with ID from images maintained on FB by Richard Crossley). This seems worrying completely the fourth (?) document of taverneri within the ROK.

” Taverner’s” Squealing Goose (Prime © Bernhard Seliger; remaining to be images © Nial Moores)

Greylag Goose Anser anser 회색기러기. One definitely odd-looking, worn-plumaged second or third Calendar-year (?), maybe with some hybrid affect, in a team of Larger White-fronted Geese on 11 th Odd choices included apparent darkish on the nail (revealed by completely in between 1 hen in 10 or 20 in images of “Siberian” Greylag in Cornell’s Birds of the World picture gallery); small orangey tones basally to the in any type of kind of different other circumstances pink invoicing; along with really utilized, brown tones on the neck along with upperparts (completely revealed birds in simply a number of net images, generally in March or mid-summer). Wild Greylag is genuinely uncommon in Korea (till lately, the selections was not tape-recorded yearly– although there have really been maybe 5-7 this winter alone); along with though subjugated Greylags are generally located within the wild, this hen actually did not use any type of among the anticipated odd building or plumage choices of a subjugated hen. What are the parts of a “pure” wild Greylag revealing 3 strange choices such as this, nonetheless? Remarks price!

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Greylag Goose ( or crossbreed?) © Nial Moores

Whooper Swan Cygnus cygnus 큰고니. 2 on the Imjin River on 10 th indicated really initially of northward activity (as did will absolutely increase in a selection of duck selections).

Whooper Swan © Nial Moores

Scaly-sided Merganser Mergus squamatus 호사비오리. 3 girls in whole (tentatively developed as one adult along with 2 First-winters).

Scaly-sided Merganser © Bernhard Seliger

Hill Pigeon Columba rupestris 낭비둘기. The most effective matter was 32 within the CCZ on 12 th, by Birds Korea Yeoncheon. Yeoncheon Imjin River Biosphere Publication presently assists the best along with completely definitely self-dependent team within the ROK (although the selections is instead considerable within the DPRK).

Hill Pigeon © Baek Seung-Kwang

Lengthy-billed Plover Charadrius placidus 흰목물떼새. Located together with 2 rivers at a selection of areas, together with one collection seemingly beginning courtship program– little issue improved by spring-like setting (with a most economical low of -12 C, drifting to an extreme of +10 C on 11 th).

Lengthy-billed Plover © Nial Moores

Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos 검독수리. One grownup on 8 th

As elsewhere this practically snowless winter (to this element), we saw actually handful of landbirds– although did take pleasure in splendid views of groups of Vinous-throated Parrotbills, along with teams of Area, Rustic along with Y ellow-throated Pennants.

Area Pennant Emberiza cioides 멧새 © Bernhard Seliger
Yellow-throated Pennant Emberiza elegans 노랑턱멧새 © Bernhard Seliger



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