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Winter Months Birding Hotspots – All Seasons Wild Bird Shop

Winter Months Birding Hotspots – All Seasons Wild Bird Shop

Venturing beyond the City

Preparation on travelling beyond the Double Cities throughout the initial couple of months of the year? If you are heading southern and also have time, take a look at Colvill Park in Red Wing for fantastic waterfowl birding and also the National Eagle Facility in Wabasha for winter months Hairless Eagle watching. The National Eagle Facility additionally does school trip and also environment excursions where you can discover more concerning our nationwide bird. Have a look at their internet site for additional information at nationaleaglecenter.org

If you drive with or are close to Houston Minnesota, visit and also take a look at the International Owl Facility, strategy in advance if you would love to take place among their “Owl Lurks”, as they schedule up promptly! You can discover even more info on internationalowlcenter.org

Sax-Zim Bog

Among the leading locations for winter months birding will certainly need a flounder north to the stunning Sax-Zim Bog Visit the site visitor facility initially and also get a map and also see with fellow birders to discover what they have actually been seeing (and also take a look at their brand-new education and learning facility while you exist!).

Evening Grosbeaks, Black-billed Magpies, Winters Months Wrens, Boreal Chickadees, Great Grey Owls, Pine Grosbeaks, Common Ravens, Purple Finches, Canada Jays, Black-backed Woodpeckers, Snow Buntings, Sharp-tailed Grouch, Red-breasted Nuthatches, Ruffed Grouch, Northern Goshawks, Northern Hawk Owls, and also much more remarkable birds await you throughout the winter months at the bog.

If you would certainly such as somebody else to reveal you the ropes for your initial see, you can additionally enroll in their bird viewing and also raptor school trip on the Pals of Sax-Zim bog internet site: https://saxzim.org/events

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