White-rumped Sandpipers – 18 Aug 2022 

Bike issues have actually restricted my getaway just recently. I maintain obtaining punctures in the front wheel. Change tubes just to have them go level after 2 days. A brand-new tire and also tube obtained me back when traveling. With that dealt with, I’ll be able to obtain back out.

This night skies were partially gloomy with just a possibility of rainfall. I headed to Pt. Mouillee to ride around the Lengthy Fish pond to search for shorebirds. I parked at the Mouillee Creek great deal and also went out on the Center Embankment. Justin Labadie had actually reported that teams had actually trimmed the embankments so currently there was whole lots much more open water accessibility. Certainly the proof of trimming behaved to see.

I headed around the south end of the Walpatich Device to the eastern side. A fly-by Red-tailed Hawk created a great compound.

It was complied with quickly by a set of Terrific Egret

I proceeded northward along the Walpatich Device to the Lautenschlager Device where I discovered a set of Sandhill Cranes perfectly brightened by the mid-day Sunlight.

Where the route faced the west side of the Long Fish pond Device a great opening in the phragmites produced a great sight of mudflats and also shorebirds. The range needed a range, however I took it, gladly. Least Sandpipers, Lesser Yellowlegs and also Semipalmated Sandpipers were the bulk, however the very first of 4 light grey shorebirds with white eye-lines offered themselves as White-rumped Sandpipers This was entitled to some digiscoping and also range shots with the Sony a1 and also 600/4.

An only Short-billed Dowitcher was amongst them however staying video camera timid. The groups were unreliable and also often tended to wander to the south end so I got hold of trip shots when I could. Keep in mind the white rump on the left-most grey bird contrasted to the Least (much left) and also Semipalms (much appropriate).

A set of American Black Ducks were a great locate.

Lesser Yellowlegs were plentiful and also most participating. Least and also Semipalmated Sandpipers created a great comparison, also at a range.

Bent on the west the skies were harmful rainfall, so I determined to proceed relocating.

At the south end of the Lengthy Fish pond I faced Justin and also we talked a little bit. No shorebirds were close sufficient for focus, and also a fly-by Peregrine Falcon finished the day. I determined to head back to the cars and truck prior to the rainfalls struck.

I obtained house to one more puncture. Ends Up that the edge lining (plastic) had actually obtained hard sufficient to develop a pinch factor and also jab an opening from the within.

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