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Speedy Peru!

Speedy Peru!

Recently once more from regarding 10 days in Peru. Buddy and also still-young birder Jory Teltser had actually been itching to escape throughout his trimester break from university, and also I utilized to be euphoric to require. Jory chose the scenario and also typical plan. I practically merely validated up!

I showed up in Cusco on the early morning of September 14th, got hold of a rental SUV and also got Jory, that had actually been hanging rounded Cusco & & area together with his uncle for a couple of week. We promptly struck the freeway wherefore might be our most powerful leg of the trip: driving to Lake Titicaca for one night and also going back to Cusco the following evening. Many thanks to 2 freeway closures and also some roadside birding quits the drive took around 8 hrs every methods. That left us with one early morning’s birding on the lake near Puno. Our “drifting island” Airbnb supplied us with birds from the veranda initially moderate, nevertheless a ship journey from our hosts supplied us with our very first major objective of the trip, TITICACA GREBE.

Titicaca Grebe

Plumbeous Rail chick

Andean Gull

Lake Titicaca, desiring once more towards Puno

on method to our “drifting” Airbnb

On our methods out of city after the watercraft journey, heading once more towards Cusco, we made a variety of roadside quits seeking Puna Plover (which we dipped on). Nevertheless as an unexpected convenience we stumbled throughout 2 ANDEAN AVOCETS.

Andean Avocet (appropriate) with Chilean Flamingo

A tornado rolls by methods of the Andes

We invested the night of the fifteenth in Cusco, the area we would certainly be gotten by our motorist the following early morning as we began our trip down the renowned Manu Freeway. Our very first cloud woodland birding discontinue together with stated hill freeway was a lunch break at Wayqecha Organic Terminal. The dish was mouth watering, yet it definitely was bothersome to take care of dishes with dynamic hummingbird feeders merely off the veranda. We tallied 7 types along with COLLARED INCA and also SHINING SUNBEAM, which matches down in my book as amongst the finest chicken names on this world. We furthermore enjoyed unbelievable sights of a variety of HOODED HILL TANAGERS, definitely among my faves of your full trip and also an outright beast of a chicken, each desiring as if it had actually merely ingested another tanager full. As we proceeded our descent on this eastern element of the Andes, the roadside birding was suppressed by a progressive rainfall. The standout chicken of the mid-day was a single CHESTNUT-CRESTED COTINGA that barely showed up troubled by the environment.

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Chestnut-crested Cotinga

Cloud woodland from Manu Freeway

A break within the clouds

Our evening arrival at Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge was a little bit late for vital birding, so we cleared up in and also enjoyed an impressive supper & & beer. Really, the dishes right below was virtually as satisfying since the birding, which is in fact stating one point. From the beginners to treat, all high notch.

Our birding-by-foot on the seventeenth tallied a blended 65 types with a lots of excellent quality equivalent to SOLITARY EAGLE, VERSICOLORED BARBET and also HEAVEN TANAGER. That night we strolled the freeway down the hill awhile and also showed up a foraging womanly LYRE-TAILED NIGHTJAR that supplied in fact fantastic sights in our emphasize.

Heaven Tanager

Silver-beaked Tanager

Singular Eagle

The complying with early morning we arranged our participation on the nearby ANDEAN COCK-OF-THE-ROCK lek. 3 male birds had actually been proactively strutting their things merely down the incline. Whereas seeing the lek we had actually been quickly seen by an ANDEAN MOTMOT.

Andean Cock-of-the-Rock

Andean Motmot

After morning meal we left this lodge for our succeeding discontinue: the Amazon.com. Nevertheless not earlier than we had actually been seen by a WIRE-CRESTED THORNTAIL and also enjoyed a great deal far better shows up on the barbet.

Wire-crested Thorntail

As we came close to Atalaya, the area we would certainly take a short watercraft journey to Amazonia Lodge, we quit at Mirador Pico de Hoz to confirm their hummingbird feeders. Lively as marketed, we tallied a rapid 9 hummer types, ASH-COLORED CUCKOO, and also a rather requiring WHITE-THROATED TOUCAN.

Gould’s Jewelfront

White-throated Toucan

We got to Amazonia mid-afternoon on the 18th and also schedule 3 evenings. Just birding the instantaneous lodge premises showed efficient that evening, as we renowned a variety of hummingbirds, guans, trogons and also macaws. Aspect-by-side Environment-friendly HONEYCREEPER and also YELLOW-BELLIED DACNIS stuck out from the gang.

We invested the 19th walking the courses and also river financial institutions, emerging with a supply of 88 types in between us. Limiting the highlights from a supply such as this is not simple, nevertheless I considerably enjoyed the YELLOW-BROWED SPARROWS. Joking. I indicate, there’s absolutely nothing incorrect with them. Nevertheless highlights they weren’t. To be genuine although, 2 of my preferred birds of the day had actually been mostly brownish and also never ever vibrant in any kind of regard. 2 SAND-COLORED NIGHTHAWKS and also a solitary flyby LADDER-WINGED NIGHTJAR had actually been a real take care of, as I offer my nighttime birding prejudice right below. The night birding was pretty good, the reality is, as we listened to or observed 4 owl types, 2 nightjars, a nighthawk and also a potoo over our 3 evenings right below!

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Rock shore as skies intimidate evening rainfall

South American Tapir tracks

On the early morning of the twentieth we took a ship journey downriver to access a parrot roost and also a course neighborhood. Seeing an entire number of parrots noisily romping together with woodland side was rather a handle. I utilized to be considerably crazy about the BLUE-HEADED PARROTS. The stretch of damp woodland later on that early morning flaunted an effective roost of HOATZIN and also our very first and also exclusively HORNED SCREAMERS of the trip.

Horned Error


premature King Marauder

strike the river

Our time within the Amazon.com obtained below to a coating on the twenty initially, after we made the extensive drive once more to Cusco. This was mostly a trip day. The complying with early morning we flew from Cusco to Lima, obtained COVID analyzed on the airport terminal, got hold of a rental vehicle and also took care of to discover our Airbnb south of the community center. Again-to-back days with out in fact any kind of birding. Boo!

The twenty 3rd might be our last day in Peru, as we every had late night redeye trips once more to the States. Nevertheless we had enough time to invest your full morning-midday birding the shore south of Lima! These of you that recognize me rather well will not be surprised to pay attention to that this was my preferred day of the trip.

” Exactly how could half a day on the shore most likely defeated cloud woodland and also Amazon.com birding,” you’re most likely doubting. For despite reason I contend perpetuity moved towards birding open locations fairly than woodland. Shore, marsh, open sea, etc. Also inland areas or hill/mountain tops certify to a degree. That’s my most popular environment, especially when you include water to the formula. Unsurprisingly I prefer the birds that inhabit these locations: seabirds, shorebirds, terns, raptors and also others. “Viz-mig” (seen movement) is another inquisitiveness of mine, one that’s best seen with a sight of the skies. Really, movement typically I uncover constantly interesting and also thrilling. I could in fact a great deal fairly take a look at long-distance migrant shorebirds on a mudflat than some resident range-restricted native elaenia in a woodland.

So I utilized to be in my aspect after we showed up earlier than dawn to sea watch from a Pucusana bluff. Immediately INCA TERNS, PERUVIAN BOOBIES, and also PERUVIAN PELICANS had actually been found to be numerous. To our shock and also pleasure, there was a progressive movement of southbound SOOTY SHEARWATERS. We had actually been really hoping at a glance of a PERUVIAN DIVING-PETREL, and also it did not take extensive for the main to look within the line of shearwaters. We wound up tallying 36 of those distinct tubenoses moving southern! The seabird movement closed down after regarding a hr, and also we figured out to complete the depend after that. Earlier than we left, we did get a kick out of efficient sights of browse CINCLODES, an aquatic rock-loving passerine that, as Jory placed it, “is primarily a Purple Sandpiper.”

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Jory scoping the seas as Inca Terns forage underneath

From there we drove to the waterside to accomplish a boatman that would certainly take us on an hour-long circuit of Isla Pucusana, residence to lots of inshore seabirds. Heaps additional boobies, pelicans and also terns. 4 RED-NECKED PHALAROPES had actually been participating, and also we selected a couple of half-dozen BLUE-FOOTED BOOBIES among the PERUVIAN. Awesome sights of RED-LEGGED CORMORANT, which is one hell of an amazing chicken in reproducing tuft, and also one fairly friendly HUMBOLDT PENGUIN.

Peruvian Booby

Inca Tern

Blue-footed Boobies

South American Sea Lion

Humboldt Penguin

Crimson-legged Cormorant

Belcher’s Gull

Guanay Cormorant

Inca Terns

Inca Tern

Peruvian Pelican

a hazy early morning within the harbor

Afterwards exceptional Pucusana proficiency we had a little bit additional time earlier than repacking and also driving to the airport terminal, so we proceeded 20 mins extra southern to Puerto Viejo for a peek. Uncertain what to prepare for, we came across a non-public team that was shut to the public nevertheless held a set of terrific GREBES within the artifical fish pond near the entrance. Within the scrub merely outdoors was a set of PERUVIAN THICK-KNEES. A nearby seaside held a large group of roosting GRAY GULLS and also a touch of shorebirds.

Peruvian Thick-Knee

Grey Gull

Grey Gull

American Oystercatcher

Blackish Oystercatcher with Individuals

Obtaining once more to Lima was, as a matter of fact, a trip. For anyone touring to Peru for the main time, keep in mind that driving in Lima is pure mayhem. There seems an air of lawlessness when driving. Prepare! Luckily we obtained the rental vehicle once more with none [new] scrapes or damages.

General we enjoyed a truly rewarding trip pondering that this was our very first most likely to to the country, and also we really did not utilize indigenous overviews other than drivers/boatmen. I wound up with rounded 315 types (a variety of ended the listing therefore of insufficient sights or in fact uncertain IDs), and also Jory exceeded 400 throughout his time in Peru. Desiring in advance to a return most likely to, which need to welcome a pelagic right into the Humboldt Existing!

– Nick



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