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What is a Robin’s favorite food?

What is a Robin’s favorite food?

Robin and also Tit food – or another thing?

The Robin is just one of our favorite indigenous British wild birds, yet what is it’s favorite food?

We offer robin and also Tit food, which has great deals of benefits components, mealworms, sunflower heart chips, peanut granules and also even more, Robins enjoy it, yet in our store we have great deals of various wild bird food blends and also we have 2 regional Robins that see our open containers, they have the option of great deals of food blends and also all the method via the day they are dipping right into the containers to feed themselves and also their chicks.

They have an option of Blackbird and also Yeast infection food, High power no mess mix, Springtime/ Summer season mix, Winter season mix and also all the straight seeds – so which one do they favor? well to evaluate them out we in some cases blend the positioning of the containers (10Kg in each) and also they are a number of various colours, yet some coincide colour. The initial recommended food is constantly the suet pellets, the following is mealworms and also 3rd comes Sunflower Hearts.

There we have the outcomes of our Robins choices – what regarding your own?

Our Robins’ recommended Suet Pellets after that Mealworms – what do your own like?


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