What is a Blackbird? – All Seasons Wild Bird Shop

Red-winged Blackbird

This typical yard bird is normally the initial of the summer season travelers to get here. The male Red-winged Blackbird has a red and also yellow spot on its shoulder, yet often just the yellow programs. The lady is a lot more restrained in shade, with a spotted brownish body and also white brow. Red-winged Blackbirds enjoy swamps and also marshy locations. The mass of their diet regimen is bugs, yet they enjoy virtually any kind of sort of birdseed readily available!

Typical Grackle

The Typical Grackle is an additional summer season traveler to Minnesota. The man has a black body and also a rainbowlike blue/black head. The ladies resemble men, yet smaller sized and also a little duller. Grackles eat on fruit, bugs, and also, naturally, birdseed.

Brown-headed Cowbird

Brown-headed Cowbirds are the only parasitical bird in Minnesota. As opposed to developing their very own nests, ladies lay eggs in existing nests of various other varieties, deserting their young to be elevated by unwary foster moms and dads. Like various other blackbirds, Brown-headed Cowbirds are summer season travelers to Minnesota. Men are a shiny black with a delicious chocolate brownish head. Women are a little duller in shade and also have actually a spotted upper body. Cowbirds consume bugs and also seeds, the last that includes most any kind of sort of birdseed.

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