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Wekiva Container Bird Banding: That Was Close

Wekiva Container Bird Banding: That Was Close


A little even more moist today. Allows see what birds we can locate after recentlies good haul.

When Andrew came to the table today he was met a great deal of tree particles all over. When that was removed out of the means he looked to the. A tree had actually dropped considering that we were gone and also struck component of the supply table and also obstructed the course to Web 2. Where did this tree come from?

So, he went out to establish the various other internet and also … OH … that tree. Presume the rangers will certainly have one more job after they look after the parks correct.

Fallen Tree

Anchorite Thrushes struck in a little flurry as we began to inspect the lanes.

Hermit Thrush

Adhered To by an Ovenbird. We overlooked to obtain an excellent shot of your home Wrens generated afterwards.


We listen to Brownish Thrashers weekly (they reproduce below) and also this is the initial brand-new one we have actually caught in a long time.

Brown Thrasher

Western Hand Warblers were in pressure once more.

Western Palm Warbler

We see a great deal of Carolina Wrens however seldom obtain an opportunity to look down that frightening throat.

Carolina Wren

Successive, a women North Cardinal.

Northern Cardinal

THe day covered with a beautiful women Black-and-White Warbler.

Black-and-White Warbler

We presently are anticipating Cyclone Nicole. The location does NOT require even more water and also we will certainly see if even more trees drop and also exactly how high the river will certainly obtain this round. Remain risk-free.

Today’s Overalls

Birds Processed New Regained Complete
Ovenbird 1 0 1
Carolina Wren 0 1 1
Western Hand Wabler 4 0 4
Brownish Thrasher 1 0 1
Anchorite Yeast Infection 2 0 2
Black and also White Warbler 1 0 1
Residence Wren 2 0 2
Overalls 11 1 12
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Following (scheduled) Grouping Day: Sunday, November 13th.
All internet will certainly be opened up by 6:15 A.M.




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