Wekiva Container Bird Banding: Session 15 Starts

Back to banding. We felt it could be a little colder, however neglect it is still September. Loss is right over there however the current rainfalls have actually been recurring every evening, leaving us with a lots of humitity also prior to dawn.

The rangers did a fantastic work at trimming the lanes as well as we had little to tidy up. The rainfalls were solid sufficient to require us to desert Internet 21 this early morning. Can not arrive as well as the plant life resembles it will certainly take some significant job to obtain removed when we can arrive.

Points were extremely fairly a lot of the early morning, although we were shocked to listen to Catbirds calling at dawn. A month early. We were intending to capture one to confirm it, however … Our initial bird was a regained Ovenbird initially grouped last Loss. It went to 8:30. We did obtain a brand-new capture a hr later on.


Bird of the Day was after that generated. A Worm-eating Warbler. They make use of to be rare, however we are obtaining a lot more in the previous number of years.

Worm-eating Warbler

As that bird was being refined, we recorded a brand-new Typical Yellowthroat. An adolescent man. Keep in mind the small black plumes along the throat can be found in.

Common Yellowthroat

Lynn was with us today which indicates some pests as well as various other finds. The dew did not miss out on a lot today, including this Damselfly.


Along the river, Apple Snails are laying eggs. New food for our Limpkin get on the means.

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Cicadas are generally calling with the day. Lynn discovered one as well as it tured bent on be a brand-new types for a lot of us. A Swamp Cicada.

Swamp Cicada

Last bird of the day was an adolescent Carolina Wren. Its brand-new coverts are simply growing.

Carolina Wren

Extra rainfall streaming with the location every mid-day to evening many thanks to Cyclone Kate in the Pacific (truly!) It will most likely be extremely damp Sunday. Prepare to sweat.

Today’s Total amounts

Birds Processed New Regained Overall
Ovenbird 1 1 2
Carolina Wren 1 0 1
Worm-eating Warbler 1 0 1
Commomn Yellowthroat 1 0 1
Overalls 4 1 5


KEEP IN MIND: Because of the brand-new CDC referrals, if you are completely immunized you are not needed to put on masks, esp. at exterior occasions such as ours. Obtain your shots as well as begin out. Or else, bring a mask. All present participants at Lake Lotus are completely Vac’ ed.

Following (organized) Grouping Day: Sunday, September 11th.
All webs will certainly be opened up by 6:40 A.M.

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