Wekiva Container Bird Banding: Releases Muddin’!

A great deal of water is still relocating North and also out of the location. Not as high as we would certainly such as yet as we can not reach 4 web placements still. The river has actually receeded a whole lot yet it left a great layer on mud throughout the lower end of the lanes. We will certainly take an appearance at some of that mess, yet …!

Not long after we established every one of the internet that we could, our very first capture of the early morning was uncovered at night. A Traveling Squirrel! Not the very first time we have actually caught them. Do not fret. All you need to do is hold the web open a little bit and also they climb up right out and also jump back right into the trees.

So, back to the river. We uploaded this shot from recently simply listed below the banding table. Keep in mind the light tree trunk on the.

Little Wekiva River

Practically the very same sight a week later on. The water has actually receeded a minimum of 4 feet right here and also all of the plants that was undersea is .

Little Wekiva River

THis the river side of Internet 19. See that huge open swimming pool of water? THere made use of to be a large oak tree that extended kind the park side to our side. It is entirely gone currently. The pressure of water is incredible.

Net 19

We had the ability to establish internet to Internet 22. The lanes were rather damp and also sloppy beginning at Internet 9 (2 internet prior to 22) so, as the light was turning up, Andrew invested some time reducing hand leaves awhile of defense from the gunk.

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Palm Fronds

A closer appearance discloses sloppy impacts that were made protecting the leaves to the slop.

Palm Fronds

Currently we can reach banding. Our very first bird of the early morning was a regained Carolina Wren initially grouped in September.

Carolina Wren

We had a number of site visitors today and also Janine reached launch our Wren.

Carolina Wren

There are currently a couple of sandy coastlines along the river and also the Limpkin set were patroling them early in the day.


What is something that Limpkin consume? Apple Snails. Taking a trip the courses and also demonstrating how high the water was, a clutch of Apple Snail eggs are high up on tree. They lay eggs simply over the water.

Apple Snail Eggs

Following bird up was a women Typical Yellowthroat.

Common Yellowthroat

Janine’s little girl, Alyssa, reached launch her.

Common Yellowthroat

Just listened to a number of Catbirds. Odd. They need to be swamping in now. At the very least we captured a Swainson’s Yeast infection.

Swainson's Thrush

Among our various other site visitors, Margret, reached launch the Swainson’s Yeast infection.

Swainson's Thrush

A pair much more monitorings by Lynn and also Kate. The very first was an odd looking instar caterpillar, believed to be that of the Hag Moth ( Phobetron pithecium).

Hag Moth Caterpillar

After that, they discovered a set of Zombie Ants. They are made right into ‘zombies’ by being contaminated by a fungi called Cordyceps. Right here is a web link to an intriguing post regarding it.

Zombie Ants

Time for a stroll towards the lake to examine the condition of our unopened web placements. Passing Internet 13, we recall to the river and also see that every one of the yards along the financial institutions have actually been squashed or gotten rid of. Bye, bye, Pennant food.

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Net 13

This shot is simply previous Internet 10 (seen behind-the-scenes). Much more flattend plants and also even more mud.

Net 10

Resorting to the right, the relatively brand-new area of the boardwalk reveals missing out on boards. Possibly a great deal of the boardwalk is harmed throughout the park.


Webs 18 & & 24 get on greater ground and also we simply needed to eliminate some particles. We need to have the ability to venture out this much following Sunday.

Net 24

Looking throughout the river at 24 you can construct out the mud on the Cypress branches suggesting the water accessed the very least 4-5 feet more than where the water is currently. Wow.


Every Little Thing past right here is still truly swamped. That recognizes when we will certainly have the ability to examine our last web placement. Look! Our bridge is still right here! Presently pushed versus some trees.


Back to the birds! We regained an Ovenbird initially grouped 5 years earlier as a grownup. Indicating this bird goes to the very least 6 years of ages.


Nalida required some help to obtain a bird out of Internet 13. Become a North Waterthrush.

Northern Waterthrush

Our last bird of the day was a male Black-throated Blue Warbler.

Black-throated Blue Warbler

This was intend to be among our busiest weekend breaks. With this moonscape now it is not unexpected that we are so slow-moving. Probably following Sunday.


Today’s Overalls

Birds Processed New Regained Overall
Ovenbird 0 1 1
Carolina Wren 0 1 1
Swainson’s Yeast infection 1 0 1
Black-throated Blue Warbler 1 0 1
Typical Yellowthroat 1 0 1
North Cardinal 1 0 1
North Waterthrush 1 0 1
Overalls 5 2 7


KEEP IN MIND: Because of the brand-new CDC suggestions, if you are totally immunized you are not called for to put on masks, esp. at exterior occasions such as ours. Obtain your shots and also begin out. Or else, bring a mask. All existing participants at Lake Lotus are totally Vac’ ed.

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Following (scheduled) Grouping Day: Sunday, October 16th.
All internet will certainly be opened up by 6:55 A.M.

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