Wekiva Container Bird Banding: Ian Consequences

We can all settle on something. The climate today was lovely! The Lake Lotus building was not. We just had the ability to establish fifty percent of our internet today as a result of the flooding of the Little Wekiva. A few of the posts were curved over, consisting of Internet 12 that experienced a break ideal at the rebar line. Needed to reset that.

We can not see the river as we strolled in and also started to establish internet however recognized there would certainly be a terminous that we can not pass eventually. Where that was was uncertain. Till we reached Internet 1 and also simply past. Can not surpass Internet 8, which we embeded in spite of the water. Damp footwear were mosting likely to occur, anyhow.

Below is the sight from Internet 12 after dawn.

Overlooking from Internet 8 throughout our yard. Entirely swamped down stream.

Net 8

Simply at the end of Internet 8, a huge want has actually gone down. It dropped right into the timbers.

Pine Tree

Previously tornados went down trees right into the lanes. Fortunate that this one leaned. There is a tree leaning from the back of the lanes which we will certainly have to enjoy for a while near Internet 25.

Pine Tree

We caught a number of brand-new North Cardinals today. Attack you? Yes.

Gray Catbird

Gray Catbirds have actually been calling for the previous month so we were shocked that we had actually not captured any kind of. Right on time, we obtained them in the internet throughout the start of the month.

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Little Wekiva

Once the light showed up, we can see the complete extense of the flooding. This sight is evaluating the river from simply listed below the table and also right into the parks tram lane. The water in the river is generally 8 feet listed below the financial institutions right here.

Little Wekiva

Several Of our Cherry trees were damaged over right into the river.

Little Wekiva

The neglect from the park side is under water. Appears like much of the park is, as well. Most likely why we have not listened to from the rangers. Wager they can not act in any way now.

House Wren

We quickly obtained our very first Home Wren of the period.

Common Yellowthroat

Usual Yellowthroats are less currently than in previous years, however we accessed the very least one today.

Brown Thrasher

Following, we captured a brand-new adolescent Brownish Thrasher. They are calling the whole time the river.

Tufted Titmouse

We captured 2 brand-new Tufted Titmice today. Both were captured in the exact same internet however a hr apart. Generally we obtain a lot simultaneously.

Net 20

Though the flooding was extremely noticeable, we did not have excessive debis down around the location. It resembled this from Lake Lotus right into midtown Orlando. Simply a lot of little things. Great by us.


Nevertheless, looking throughout the climbing waters, we can hardly see the bench on the compost course under the owl nest tree.

Carolina Wren

We captuered 2 Carolina Wrens today. An adolescent and also a grown-up very first grouped 4 years earlier.


Mentioning recaptures, among our birds was an Ovenbird, very first grouped as a grown-up in 2016. That makes this bird a minimum of 7 years of ages.

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Wild Coffee

Connie grew Wild Coffee beside Internet 25 a year earlier. They are currently fruiting, which need to benefit our getting here Catbirds.

Worm-eating Warbler

Caught previously in the day, however Bird of the Day, we had an additional Worm-eating Warbler. Our 3rd of the period, appears like they are expanding much more usual than in the past.

Worm-eating Warbler

Each desires an image of this great bird in the hand.

Really hoping that the waters have actually decreased in the previous week. We wish to obtain internet up a minimum of to Internet 13. Betting Web 21 is a failure at this moment, however we will see. Prepare for some mud!

Today’s Total amounts Birds Processed New Regained
Complete Ovenbird 1 1
2 Carolina Wren 0 2
2 Grey Catbird 3 0
3 Worm-eating Warbler 1 0
1 Usual Yellowthroat 1 0
1 Brownish Thrasher 1 0
1 Tufted Titmouse 2 0
2 North Cardinal 2 0
2 Home Wren 1 0
1 Overalls 12 3


Because of the brand-new CDC referrals, if you are completely immunized you are not needed to put on masks, esp. at outside occasions such as ours. Obtain your shots and also begin out. Or else, bring a mask. All existing participants at Lake Lotus are completely Vac’ ed.

Following (scheduled) Grouping Day: Sunday, October 9th.

All internet will certainly be opened up by 6:50 A.M.

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