Wekiva Container Bird Banding: Better, however Still Slickery …

We might come down to Web 24 today, however there are still extends that are, as Andrew calls it, ‘slickery’. Mud has actually moist out yet so you can still slide a little bit in specific areas. Web 24 is currently a ‘coastline’ loaded with depleted sand and also effective today. Simply missed out on the Kingfisher …

A Traveling Squirrel struck Web 15 once again today. Most likely the very same person as recently. They are far more dexterous than birds and also simply creep out as quickly as you draw the internet a little bit educated.

Typical Yellowthroats began early in the early morning allowing us believe this could be a descent day for captures.

Common Yellowthroat

Following was our very first Indigo Pennant of the period. This feamle was speeding up throughout the lanes and also struck Web 22. A couple of were listened to recently and also today.

Indigo Bunting

Gray Catbirds are beginning to move via once again. We captured brand-new and also recatured Catbirds today.

Gray Catbird

Still regaining adolescent Carolina Wrens. The grownups have to be keeping up in the timbers.

Carolina Wren

We obtained our very first Eastern Phoebe of the period. Obviously, exactly on time.

Eastern Phoebe

An additional male Black-throated Blue Warbler was caught for the 2nd week straight.

Black-throated Blue Warbler

A women American Redstart lightened up the day.

American Redstart

We wound up with 5 Typical Yellowthroats including this man.

Common Yellowthroat

A wonderful shock near the marsh was a women Black-and-White Warbler. This varieties is seen mainly around of the Cyress stands headed towards the lake however they normally stey concerning 20 feet over the webs.

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Black-and-White Warbler

Home Wrens are starting to clear up right into the residential property and also we grouped 2 brand-new ones today.

House Wren

A regained Ovenbird joined us in Web 2 simply past the table.


Ultimately, one more women American Redstart completed ur day. Better than recently. Hope the optimal isn’t over and also we can maintain an excellent touch choosing a couple of weeks.

American Redstart

Still itching to learn just how Web 21 is doing. Can not go out there yet, however possibly more detailed web Sunday. A cold snap is going down via today and also it ought to generate even more travelers together with it.

Today’s Total amounts

Birds Processed New Regained Overall
Ovenbird 1 0 1
Indigo Pennant 1 0 1
Carolina Wren 0 2 2
Home Wren 2 0 2
Black-throated Blue Warbler 1 0 1
Black-and-White Warbler 1 0 1
American Restart 2 0 2
Eastern Phoebe 1 0 1
Typical Yellowthroat 3 2 5
North Cardinal 0 1 1
Gray Catbird 3 1 4
Total Amounts 15 6 21


KEEP IN MIND: As a result of the brand-new CDC referrals, if you are completely immunized you are not called for to put on masks, esp. at exterior occasions such as ours. Obtain your shots and also begin out. Or else, bring a mask. All present participants at Lake Lotus are completely Vac’ ed.

Following (scheduled) Grouping Day: Sunday, October 23rd.
All webs will certainly be opened up by 7:00 A.M.

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