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Wekiva Container Poultry Banding: A Bit of Movement

Wekiva Container Poultry Banding: A Bit of Movement

It was an exceptionally cooler early morning as we went out to see what the winds would certainly bring us. Birdcast forecasted a large movement for the in a solitary day, nonetheless you should include that rather a great deal of birds on the transfer remain in all likelihood waterfowl and also never ever basically all the land birds we rest up for. Nonetheless, it was a pretty good migrant day today.

Problems started perfectly as Connie presented in a womanly Painted Pennant.

Succeeding up was definitely among our initial Widespread Yellowthroats today. This was an grownup man.

Common Yellowthroat

We captured couple of House Wrens throughout the early morning.

House Wren

No matter the selection of varieties, we exclusively obtained one Ovenbird.


Indigo Pennants are getting here in larger numbers. We obtained 3 today.

Indigo Bunting

Grey Catbirds had actually been listened to throughout the home nonetheless we exclusively obtained definitely among them.

Gray Catbird

Succeeding up was another grownup man Widespread Yellowthroat.

Common Yellowthroat

Carolina Wrens are increasing from the comb again and also we captured grownups and also juveniles grouped previously within the one year.

Carolina Wren

A massive suprise today was a sensibly late adolescent Veery. Normally, this varieties is the main Yeast infections to get to a month approximately previously. This male is moving by a little late.


An grownup Carolina Wren was finally caught after simply a couple of adolescent wrap-ups.

Carolina Wren

Poultry of the Day was booked for the main Belted Kingfisher we have actually obtained captured given that 2015. We furthermore captured 4 the one year earlier than.

Belted Kingfisher

We did regain an adolescent White-eyed Vireo since the early morning began to place on down. It was a chook we initially grouped in September.

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White-eyed Vireo

The rest of the day was packed with North Cardinals. To begin with was an adolescent, popular by the black however staying on the billing.

Northern Cardinal

The complying with 2 birds had actually been unbanded grownups. Similar to this man …

Northern Cardinal

… and also a womanly merely afterwards. The location are these brand-new birds from? Been round for a twelve month approximately or brand-new homeowners?

Northern Cardinal

Wishing we have the ability to keep these numbers up for a long time. Besides, it is identified by the environment. We’re planned for any type of scenario.

Currently’s Overalls

Birds Processed New Regained Entire
Widespread Yellowthroat 5 0 5
Painted Pennant 1 0 1
North Cardinal 2 1 3
White-eyed Vireo 0 1 1
Indigo Pennant 3 0 3
Grey Catbird 4 1 5
Carolina Wren 2 2 4
House Wren 4 0 4
Veery 1 0 1
Ovenbird 1 0 1
Belted Kingfisher 1 0 1
Overalls 24 5 29

KEEP IN MIND: As an outcome of brand-new CDC pointers, in situation you are definitely immunized you aren’t needed to place on masks, esp. at out of doors events representing ours. Obtain your photos and also are offered on out. In any type of various other situation, bring a masks. All existing participants at Lake Lotus are definitely Vac’ ed.
Succeeding (intentional) Grouping Day: Sunday, October seventeenth.
All webs will most likely be opened up by 7:00 A.M.



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