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Was The Snow Truly Much Deeper When I Was A Youngster?

Was The Snow Truly Much Deeper When I Was A Youngster?

Snow on wonderful gum tissue seed rounds, Pittsburgh, 17 December 2020 (image by Kate St. John)

4 January 2023

Rainfall. Rainfall. Rainfall! For 2 days it’s been drizzling in Pittsburgh while the heat holds at 61 o F. Total amount rains will certainly be 1.4 inches, a few of which sprayed the Sanctuary of Discovering falconcam.

Rainfall misshapes the Sanctuary of Discovering falconcam, 3 January 2023

If the weather condition had actually been listed below cold we would certainly be taking a look at 14 inches of snow! I rejoice it isn’t snowing yet hefty rainfall in January obtained me assuming … Had not been the snow much deeper when I was a youngster?

I matured in Pittsburgh so my memories of winter months put on where I live today, yet are my memories misshaped? Utilizing Pittsburgh’s historic snowfall information I contrasted my 12 years of maturing in Pittsburgh

to one of the most current 12 years.

The response is combined. There was a lot more snow in winter months when I was a youngster (optimum winter months overall and also highest possible minimum), yet both the highest possible and also cheapest snowfall each month both happened in the current past– as a matter of fact in the exact same winter months of 2020-21. Summary When I Was a Youngster Inches Inches
The Last 12 Winters Max Wintertime Total Amount Wintertime 1960-61 76.0 63.4
Wintertime 2013-14 Minutes Wintertime Total Amount Wintertime 1968-69 30.4 22.4
Wintertime 2019-20 Max Month-to-month Overall Jan 1966 24.6 27.5
Jan 2021 Minutes Month-to-month Overall Mar 1961 1.4 0.1
Mar 2021 (exact same year as max) Snow in Might? Approximately 3.1 inches

No snow embeds May

The wild swings in snowfall nowadays mirror the wild swings in temperature level.

Keep in mind exactly how bitter cool it was just 11 days back? Check out the temperature level swing after that (Xmas Eve 2022) and also currently (3 January 2023)!

So the response is Yes & & No. Yes, there was a lot more snow in Pittsburgh when I was a youngster. No, the snow is much deeper today on unusual events. Interested concerning snowfall in Pittsburgh? Take a look at the historic information at NWS Pittsburgh and also the Rainfall to Snow Calculator

right here.

The period is 12 years due to the fact that Imoved to Pittsburgh when I was 6 years of ages.( image by Kate St. John, maps and also information from the

National Climate Solution(*))(*)

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