The recently and also an Oslo and also Maridalen tick!

It has actually gone an entire week because my last article and also also
We are at residence summer season vacation feelings are still running solid in the household.
I have actually been suitable in some birding and also butterflying, commonly in mix with
Monster strolling. My major emphasis has actually gotten on keeping track of a limited and also late reproduction
bird that I have actually located and also there will certainly be a different article on this amazing locate
later on however, for currently below is the remainder of the recently’s activity.

The week needs to be referred to as great for the
plain reality that it consisted of an Oslo and also Maridalen tick! On Thursday I was
waiting to grab Jr Jr from Tusenfryd, a theme park near to Oslo when a.
message came with from Knut Waagan that he had actually located a Black Tern at.
Maridalsvannet (yet an additional amazing locate from Knut). Naturally I started to.
panic a little bit and also sent out frenzied messages to little girl that truly she ought to rush.
up (a little bit tough for her to recognize as this opposed the message I.
had actually sent out simply mins previously …). Well, all advantages involve those that wait.
and also upon my ultimate arrival at Maridalsvannet the bird revealed quickly. It.
was feeding over a level lake under really harmful storm cloud and also need to have.
shown up throughout a rainstorm previously in the day. If I had actually simply remained and also waited.
patiently in one location after that I would certainly have seen it truly well however rather I pencil.
my time chasing it in the auto from one location to an additional wishing I would certainly reach.
see it truly well however being outmaneuvered by the bird which altered instructions.
whilst I was driving and also going back to where I had actually simply been … Anyways, it was a.
great bird
I additionally listened to a Kingfisher and also.
with good luck this will certainly end up being a normal function once again this fall.

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Passerine movement is tipping up with Whinchats,.
Yellow Wagtail and also Red-backed Shrike showing up on the areas and also raptors have.
come to be a little bit much more noticeable with specifically Ospreys revealing (as much as 3 commonly singing.
birds). A Detected Crake has actually been seen at Fornebu and also I invested a very long time.
trying to find this mid-day which led to a 3 2nd glance as it.
came briefly out of the reeded that is it short-term residence– benefits understands just how.
lots of birds we never ever see.

The climate has actually been a little bit variable and also I have not.
seen way too many butterflies however the other day a canine strolling journey to Fornebu provided me a.
great Swallowtail and also 4 various Brownish Hairstreaks.

1cy Black Tern (svartterne) – my very first in Oslo

young Red-backed Shrike (tornskate)

the traditional Maridalen picture

a Whitethroat (tornsanger) that plainly had young close-by

Yellow Wagtail (gulerle) and also Whinchats (buskskvett) in Maridalen

Osprey (fiskeørn)

a various Osprey (see tail plumes)
this male Roe Deer was so concentrated on spreading his aroma that he did not discover me

adolescent Typical Sandpiper (strandsnipe) still with some downy plumes on its neck. It is remarkable just how the reproducing waders clear out as quickly as they can and also there are simply a handful left currently

a Cormorant (storkarv) presenting with a branch – will they reproduce in Oslo quickly?

young Goshawk (hønsehauk) although the plumes being molted on the back recommend this is a 2cy and also it is possibly the young man that effectively (and also remarkably) reproduced in Maridalen this year
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the young Ruff (brushane) remained 3 days in Maridalen

4 varieties of wader at Fornebu whilst awaiting the Identified Crake

Typical Snipe (enkeltbekkasin), Greenshank (gluttsnipe) and also Environment-friendly Sandpiper (skogsnipe)

women Brownish Hairstreak (slåpetornstjertvinge)

Swallowtail (svalestjert)

Brimstone (sitronsommerfugl) that attempts to appear like a fallen leave

breeding Typical Blues (tiriltungeblåvinge)

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