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The 5 BEST Bird Feeders For Cardinals (That Operate In 2022)

The 5 BEST Bird Feeders For Cardinals (That Operate In 2022)

What are the most effective bird feeders for cardinals?

It’s an usual concern asked by both knowledgeable and also newbie bird viewers.

Yet why?

Well, in my point of view, it’s since the North Cardinal is among one of the most sensational birds you will certainly locate in your lawn. On top of that, it’s perhaps one of the most prominent bird belonging to The United States and Canada.

And also directly, cardinals have a REALLY crucial duty at our home.

They are my child’s favored birds! ( See video clip listed below)

Today, I am mosting likely to share 5 bird feeders that draw in cardinals the most effective in my lawn.

After that at the end, I will certainly offer 5 suggestions for feeding North Cardinals! (Click the web link to leap directly there)

This is among the most effective general feeders in my yard! North Cardinals feed upon it daily and also like touchdown on the perches to obtain some food.

best feeders for cardinals

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  • This huge receptacle bird feeder is the focal point of my yard feeding location. It is where I placed my basic bird seed mix (sunflower, peanut items, safflower, and also white millet) that is created to draw in as lots of varieties as feasible, along with Northern Cardinals.
  • It holds a great deal of seeds; approximately 12 extra pounds (5.5 kg) if filled up to the leading!
  • Cardinals were eating this feeder within the very first hr of hanging it up. View the video clip listed below to see North Cardinals eating the Outright II!
  • It is “ squirrel immune.” The feeder is created to shut if there is excessive weight on the feeding sets down (such as a squirrel). Much, it’s functioning, and also the squirrels have actually not figured it out.
  • Really durable– the body is constructed from steel, and also it must last a very long time. There is likewise no opportunity that squirrels or raccoons will certainly have the ability to eat with it. * I have actually possessed my Outright II for virtually 5 years, and also it’s still going solid. *
  • My Outright II is hanging easily, yet it can likewise be installed to a post. Nonetheless, m ake certain to utilize a durable one since the feeder is hefty when filled with seed!
  • Super very easy to fill up. The leading cover unlocks conveniently to open up.
  • The seed is well secured from the rainfall. I have actually had no worry with mold and mildew or seed clumping as a result of wetness or moisture.

Best Cardinal Feeders

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  • This feeder is flexible and also has lots of functions in my yard. North Cardinals like it since it offers them with a large, open location to land and also feed. The huge tray provides a lot of room to really feel comfy.
  • The dome over the feeding tray assists to maintain rainfall and also snow off the seed. And also the water that does obtain onto the seeds will certainly recede though the tiny openings in the tray.
  • This principal feeder is created of durable and also resilient polycarbonate plastic. It is extremely hard, durable, and also immune to fracturing or damaging. No concerns if this inadvertently is up to the ground.
  • The Dorothy’s Cardinal Feeder is made by Droll Yankees, that have a superb track record for high quality bird items. Made in America (as are all their items!) and also backed by their Life Time Service Warranty, which covers any kind of malfunctioning component or any kind of damages triggered by squirrels.


  • Given that it is made from clear plastic, this principal bird feeder is not one of the most ornamental or visually pleasing in my lawn. Nonetheless, this is not something that I appreciate since it functions well and also draws in cardinals.
  • The plastic tray does not hold much food. I need to re-fill this feeder daily.

tray feeder for northern cardinals

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Did you recognize that North Cardinals likewise appreciate eating the ground?

As a result of this truth, I advise providing a location to consume listed below your feeders. I utilize a wood tray feeder and also it is among the most effective feeders for North Cardinals that I possess!

Look Into the LIVE sight of my tray feeder for a possibility to see a primary now.


  • This is a superb, multi-purpose tray feeder and also a favored for cardinals. Simply spread their favored foods, like sunflower seeds, ahead! I typically place deals with and also food on the tray for various other birds, such as entire peanuts, corn bits, fruit, and also mealworms.
  • It’s strong and also well created– made from cedar and also screwed with each other well. Certainly, you can get more affordable system feeders, yet you normally “ALWAYS obtain what you spend for!”
  • The steel display base offers exceptional drain. Your birdseed and also food will certainly never ever be being in standing water.
  • The tray can be made use of in 3 methods. It can be put on the ground, hung with a cable, or installed to a post. Presently, I have this feeder remaining on the ground below my feeders, as you can see in the video clip over.

I likewise have it installed to my feeder post to provide birds a huge location to land and also feed!

best tray feeder

  • The steel display base is detachable and also slides right out. This makes the feeder extremely simple to tidy!
  • It allows and also can hold great deals of birds at once. (16.4 x 13.2 x 2.4 inches or 41.6 x 33.6 x 6.0 centimeters)

woodlink hopper

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  • This basic, open style permits lots of cardinals to feed easily simultaneously and also from both sides.
  • The bird feeder is very easy to fill up many thanks to the pivoted roof covering. It holds concerning 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg) of seed.
  • It’s constructed from 90% recycled plastic, so it will certainly never ever rot or crumble.
  • The feeder has a mesh display base that offers exceptional drain
  • It’s not fancy, yet it functions, which is why it is just one of the most effective principal bird feeders offered!

aspects tube bird feeder

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Generally, tube feeders are not suitable for North Cardinals. They normally have a difficult time utilizing the perches since they are also tiny and also they have a difficult time transforming their heads to get to the food ports.

aspects tube feeder and tray

To change this tube feeder right into one that cardinals and also various other bigger birds will certainly utilize, you are mosting likely to require to get a tray that affixes safely near the bottom.

  • 12-inch tray— Suitable with the Facets hanging tube feeder included above.

Right here is a video of my bird feeding terminal You can see a primary feeding from the tray of television feeder in the back.

North Cardinals appreciate touchdown and also locating all the sunflower seeds that have actually splashed from the feeding ports over. Whenever I fill this tube feeder, I normally toss a handful of food straight on the tray so my cardinals have something to consume instantly.

In between the 6 feeding ports and also affixed tray, this feeder is not just fantastic for cardinals yet, as a whole, is among my favored bird feeders and also draws in a wide array of varieties.

Last But Not Least, it’s extremely solid, resilient, and also holds a fair bit of bird food.

Very suggested!

5 Tips for Feeding Cardinals At Your Feeders!

Pointer # 1. Load your feeders with their favored foods.

The bird feeder is unimportant if cardinals dislike the food within. Visualize that you are a vegan and also the most effective steakhouse in the world is alongside your home, your still never ever mosting likely to go!

So what sorts of food should you place in your principal feeders?

A. Sunflower Seeds

types of bird seed - black-oil sunflower

Cardinals LOVE sunflower seeds and also will conveniently consume the 3 various selections that you typically see in the shop.

Black oil sunflower seed: These are smaller sized sunflower seeds with a black covering. It’s a favored seed to utilize in your feeders for cardinals as a result of its low-cost cost and also attract a wide array of bird varieties.

Gray/Black removed sunflower seed: These are huge sunflower seeds that human beings likewise consume. Given that the coverings are bigger than black oil sunflower, not as lots of birds can split the seeds open. Yet cardinals have no worry! An excellent selection if you wish to victimize various other birds.

Sunflower kernels/chips: This sunflower seed has actually had the covering got rid of, and also simply the bit is left. Sunflower bits draw in one of the most comprehensive range of birds to your principal feeder since lots of birds like sunflower seeds yet can not split the covering. Bits and also chips are a lot a lot more costly than black oil sunflower and also candy striped sunflower seed.

B. Safflower

safflower seed - best bird food

Expanded from the yearly safflower plant, safflower seed is a prominent enhancement to lots of sorts of birdseed blends. It’s a wonderful food to utilize since cardinals like it and also consume right stuff up!

Yet right here’s the most effective component!

Several various other birds do not such as safflower seeds and also will certainly leave them alone in your feede r Especially, blackbirds (European Starlings!) and also squirrels typically do not consume safflower, that are 2 of one of the most famous harasses that appear at yard feeders.

best food for cardinal bird feeders

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So if your objective is to draw in as lots of cardinals as feasible and also restrict the variety of various other bird varieties, after that safflower is a superb selection.

C. Shelled Peanuts

peanut food for birds

Cardinals are likewise brought in to peanuts, as long as they are currently out of their covering.

Peanuts are a superb resource of healthy protein and also fat and also can assist cardinals obtain some additional nourishment throughout a difficult winter months.

Yet like sunflower, lots of various other birds LOVE shelled peanuts also– Jays, crows, woodpeckers, nuthatches, blackbirds, titmice, chickadees, doves, juncos, and also much more!

Pointer # 2. Despite the fact that cardinals prevail, they are reluctant.

Attempt to maintain your principal bird feeders far from home windows with a great deal of motion. I have actually seen the further my feeders obtain from my home; the much more cardinals appear to show up!

Discover a peaceful area in your lawn to put your feeders, ideally with trees and also brush close by for them to land and also conceal. Lot of times, cardinals will certainly socialize near a feeder yet remain concealed up until they prepare to consume. This is specifically evident after fresh snow. We have actually counted as lots of as 15 cardinals within close distance to our feeders!

Pointer # 3. Cardinals appreciate eating the ground.

Isn’t this paradoxical? I’m composing a post speaking about various principal bird feeders yet these birds likewise like eating the ground.

best bird feeders for cardinals

When I load my feeders, I typically toss a handful of black oil sunflower seed on the ground also. I wish that spreading out sunflower seeds on the ground will certainly draw in also the shyest cardinals to my lawn.

Pointer # 4. The very early Northern C ardinal obtains the sunflower seeds!

Make certain your feeders are complete every early morning prior to daybreak. Cardinals are very early risers and also will certainly be amongst the very first birds to check out everyday (and also a few of the last to leave at night).

Pointer # 5. Do not worry if the cardinals do not consume safflower seed today.

If you attempt to load a feeder with ONLY

safflower seed

, your cardinals might not touch it at. It’s not that they do not like it, yet they most likely have actually never ever had it in the past. My referral is to blend safflower right into sunflower seed. Cardinals will unavoidably consume some safflower and also recognize that it’s delicious and also edible and also need to quickly check out a bird feeder simply filled with safflower.

Verdict– The Most Effective Bird Feeders for Cardinals Having your yard bird feeders filled with lovely red Northern Cardinals need to not be also made complex.

Simply comply with the referrals in this post: 1. Pick a tried and tested principal bird feeder. 2. Usage food that cardinals can not stand up to:

Sunflower, safflower

, and also peanuts.


Evaluation the various other suggestions supplied to maximize your yard for North Cardinals. Following Actions If this post was important, please think about doing among the adhering to 3 points: 1. If you make a decision to buy among the principal bird feeders noted above, please utilize among the associate connects supplied

At no charge to you, I would certainly obtain a tiny percent from that merchant. This allows me recognize that you discovered this post useful and also covers the expenses to run Bird Seeing HQ I would certainly likewise be permanently thankful.


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3. Make use of the remarks listed below to maintain the discussion going. I would certainly like to hear your ideas and also feedbacks: (*) What bird feeders for cardinals have you had one of the most success utilizing? (*) Please share your ideal suggestions and also methods for feeding North Cardinals!(*)

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