Teniente System, Lower Rio Grande Valley NWR, 7-23-22

Last Saturday I directed north to examine the neighborhood bodies of water in eastern Hidalgo Area. There was some excellent mudflat problems at the Sugar Residence Fish Pond and also Delta Lake with great deals of birds however absolutely nothing uncommon. By twelve noon I had actually made it as much as the Teniente System of the Lower Rio Grande Valley NWR north of TX 186 to look into the butterflies. It was quite completely dry with couple of blossoms and also couple of butterflies however the birding was remarkably excellent. My whistled immitation of Northern Pygmy-Owl was actually pulling in the birds, specifically the young people. Bird of the day was this shock Bell’s Vireo, a Willacy Area initially for me. We begin obtaining a couple of migrant passerines in July however we’re ideal on the side of the variety of Bell’s Vireo so this might well be a summering bird.

Some birds were certainly travelers such as this Black-and-white Warbler. The temperature levels in the 90s was actually offering the autofocus on my old lens some troubles. This is all I can obtain.

Orchard Oriole is additionally a traveler.

I saw 4 Blue-gray Gnatcatchers and also assumed they may be travelers till I listened to one vocal singing. They are quite unusual summer season homeowners in the reduced RGV.

Summertime Tanager is an additional varieties at the southerly end of its reproducing array. This shabby young person is respectable proof of neighborhood reproduction. A man was not as well far.

Least Flycatchers were obvioulsy travelers. I located 3 of them.

This freshly fledged Typical Ground-Dove remained in a tuft I have actually never ever seen prior to.

Young Brown-crested Flycatchers were looking quite old. They reacted actually well to the pygmy-owl calls. A lot so that I presume they hear them on a regular basis up there.

Right here’s a young Pyrrhuloxia feeding on irritable pear tunas.

At this moment it was obtaining actually warm so it was time to head house.

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