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Team Fave: Birds Option Tool Fly-Thru Feeder

Team Fave: Birds Option Tool Fly-Thru Feeder

Periodically, we such as to sign in with our team at the various All Seasons Wild Bird Shop areas to see what their preferred items remain in their very own yards. This month, we bring you the fave of Gail Conley, a Sales Partner at the White Bear Lake place

Gail’s selection is the Birds Option Tool Fly-Thru Feeder. (Note: this feeder is not presently– since January 2023– offered to acquire on our internet site, yet the majority of our shops maintain it in supply on website. Call any one of our areas prior to you see to look for accessibility.)

This feeder:

  • Draws in numerous birds and also welcomes bigger birds such as Grieving Doves and also Blue Jays an area to perch on the brink or rest within. Numerous birds are able to gather together at the exact same time.
  • Is partially made from recycled plastic which offers one more life to plastic items that would usually wind up in a land fill.
  • Has a seed tray with drain openings to maintain seed completely dry.

Exactly how Gail establishes the feeder in her feeding terminal:

” I have it placed on a post system which is aesthetically stunning. Post systems permit you the possibility to have a selection of feeder designs on a solitary post. I desired my feeders in one place and also opted for the adhering to Erva configuration: whirlwind base, 60 ″ post with a 14 ″ expansion covered with the 3 arm post top and also a domed baffle I after that included one more 9 ″ post expansion where I placed my Birds Option Fly-Thru feeder on the top. On this post configuration I have the ability to have the adhering to feeder designs, fly-thru, peanut feeder, tube feeder and also tray feeder. Not just do I reach appreciate this appealing configuration in my landscape design, additionally the selection of birds I have the ability to draw in.”

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Gail really hopes everybody can take pleasure in the numerous birds she has actually seen utilizing this feeder!



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