Tawny Owl Luna’s Unfortunate Loss Has a Delighted Ending

This is the tale of a wild tawny owl called Luna that’s eggs fall short to hatch out as well as it has an extremely pleased finishing.

Lunas Tale

The tale starts in January as Luna as well as her friend Bombing plane search for someplace to nest. This owl pair are a recognized set as well as embedded right here at my residence in North Yorkshire in 2015, when their eggs regretfully stopped working.

Beech Stump

Beech stump is an owl box I made (from an old beech stump) several years earlier as well as as a matter of fact this is where Luna matured. Actually, Luna is herself a promoted owl as well as back in 2017 I positioned her in this box with a wild tawny owl set that increased her as their very own.

Nest Revamp

However because Bombing Plane & & Luna were right here, I have actually made some improvements as well as the owl set appear shocked at just how it has actually transformed. They appear to like it as well as it isn’t long prior to Luna starts scratching out a hollow right into the sawdust. This will certainly provide for an egg.

Combating Off Competitors

The freshly brought back nest has actually stood out of a couple of various other birds as well as well as Luna as well as Bombing plane need to see off barn owl Gylfie prior to they can settle to making it their residence. Pay attention to them contact us to each other.

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Tawny owls make their nests in openings in trees, as well as both male as well as women scuff out the hollows the eggs will certainly being in. Luna likewise appears to such as to include her very own touches as well as I see her selecting off littles bark as well as making residence enhancements.

Egg Installing

By mid-May, Luna lays her very first egg. Also as she rests brooding it a jackdaw as well as after that a kestrel land at after that entry. Luna remains tranquility. Tawny owls lay eggs every 2 to 3 days … as well as despite disruption from jackdaws outside … 64 hrs later on she’s laid a 2nd egg. And after that a 3rd, 64 hrs afterwards. Her clutch of 3 is currently full.


Tawny owls nurture their eggs for about 1 month and also as Luna silently broods the clutch Bombing plane decreases in with normal food distributions.

After That Disaster Strikes And Also Luna Is Trapped

However a month later on, despite Luna’s consistent brooding there are no indicators of hatching as well as it comes to be clear that yet once again Luna’s eggs have actually stopped working to hatch out. To make issues worse, the jackdaws have actually returned … this time around, beginning to bring nesting product right into the entry. Within hrs, the nest entry contains sticks. As well as Luna is caught within.


On the other hand, I obtain a phone call regarding 2 owl chicks discovered on the ground at a neighboring ranch. They have actually dropped from their nest in a straw pile … as well as the bundles will be relocated. Without heat as well as food these chicks can die in an issue of hrs.

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Owlets Obtain Intensive Treatment

I need to act promptly to maintain these chicks to life. There’s no option yet to save them. Back at base, the chicks are fed. It’s never ever wonderful to take a pet out of the wild, yet this actually was the only alternative.

And Also A Strategy Hatched Out To Position Them With Luna

Luna is the excellent foster mom for these 2. She’s still getting ready for those eggs to hatch out, so she has plenty of mother’s hormonal agents.

However Initial I Need To Launch Her

On The Other Hand, in the nest, Luna is still caught. If I do not eliminate the sticks she will certainly pass away. To stop her harming herself, I eliminate the rear of the nest. As well as with her gone, the nest can be removed.

Luna Satisfies Her New Chicks

I could not have actually expected a far better end result. Luna enters as well as envelopes both chicks, brooding them immediately. It’s nearly as though she was anticipating them.

Following Time

Maintain seeing my network for the following phase in this tale, as the chicks satisfy foster owl father Bombing plane as well as prepare yourself for their very first trips.

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