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Tanagers Galore in Ecuador!|Outdoors My Home Window

Tanagers Galore in Ecuador!|Outdoors My Home Window

3 February 2023, Fly Ecuador: Day 6, birding in Mindo as well as the NW Andes

I utilized to believe hummingbirds ( Trochilidae) were one of the most various bird family members on our WINGS journey in Ecuador till I took a look at the tanagers.

Tanagers ( Thraupidae) are the 2nd biggest family members of birds as well as a Neotropical specialized. Almost 40% of Thraupidae

varieties stay in Ecuador; 20% of the family members gets on our trip list. Chart based upon Thraupidae details, an post on Ecuadoran tanagers as well as the

WINGS list Thraupidae subscription is frequently in change as DNA examinations relocate birds in as well as out of the family members annually. Some varieties names no more match their family members There’s a tanager called a “cardinal” as well as participants of the Cardinal family members Cardinalidae called “tanagers.” To make issues even worse some family members aren’t called “tanagers” in any way, consisting of honeycreepers, conebills, flowerpiercers as well as

saltators To bring some order out of the mayhem I took a look at vibrant [photo] Thraupidae

  1. on our trip list whose names consist of “tanager” as well as chose 17 of the very best for the slide show. Below they remain in order with web links to their eBird summaries as well as on Wikimedia Commons. Beryl-spangled tanager ([photo] Tangara nigroviridis
  2. ) Black-chinned hill tanager ([photo]
  3. Anisognathus notabilis) Blue-and-black tanager ([photo]
  4. Tangara vassorii) Blue-capped tanager ([photo] Thraupis cyanocephala
  5. ) Black-capped tanager ([photo]
  6. Tangara heinei) Blue-necked tanager ([photo]
  7. Tangara cyanicollis) Blue-winged hill tanager ([photo]
  8. Anisognathus somptuosus) Fawn-breasted tanager ([photo]
  9. Pipraeidea melanonota) Flame-faced tanager ([photo]
  10. Tangara parzudakii) Sparkling eco-friendly tanager ([photo]
  11. Chlorochrysa phoenicotis) Golden tanager ([photo]
  12. Tangara arthus) Golden-naped tanager ([photo]
  13. Tangara ruficervix) Grass-green tanager ([photo]
  14. Chlorornis riefferii) Guira tanager ([photo]
  15. Hemithraupis guira) Hooded hill tanager ([photo]
  16. Buthraupis montana) Scarlet-bellied hill tanager ([photo]
  17. Anisognathus igniventris) Ingest tanager ([photo]
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Tersina viridis) NOTES:

The biggest family members of birds in the world are the Tyrant flycatchers Tyrannidae The red-crested cardinal is a Thraupidae Tanager as well as the

scarlet tanager is a Cardinalidae

Cardinal.(*)((*) images from Wikimedia Commons; click the web links over to see the originals(*))(*)



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