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Because Western Curruca iberiae and also Eastern Subalpine Warblers C.cantillans were divided, the recognition of vagrant subalpine warblers has actually come under closer examination than ever– and also lots of out-of-range birds have actually confirmed to be some-thing of a migraine for birders and also rarities boards alike! Cabrera Island, Balearic Islands, Spain, is a wonderful location to research migrant subalpine warblers, and also any one of the 4 taxa (Western Subalpine Warbler, Eastern Subalpine Warbler subspecies cantillans and also albistriata, and also Moltoni’s Warbler C. subalpina) can be observed side-by-side. It is not unusual to locate birds below in springtime where the recognition as Western or Eastern is not clearcut. Functions such as main forecast, throat colour and also the size of the moustachial red stripe typically do not pair up. The quill shades and also comparison in between the throat and also bust can alter significantly depending on the light various other watching angle. I purposely do not provide any type of responses regarding what the birds in the above pictures– plainly, there is still function to be done on the recognition of subalpine warblers far from their reproducing premises. It is a really remarkable topic, and also a wonderful difficulty.

Daniel López Velasco, Spain; email [email protected]

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