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6th to twelfth Dec– Another tornado strikes Lundy!

6th to twelfth Dec– Another tornado strikes Lundy!

6th December

Reduced cloud as well as rainfall to start the day earlier than durable westerlies left blue skies.

It was a fairly typical wintertime day on Lundy with just a couple of brand-new birds round. A Fieldfare as well as 26 Redwings had actually been with some 150 Starlings in Barton as well as Husbandry Area. 3 Goldcrests had actually been seen, along with one making its approach up Millcombe. A Skylark was seen South of Outdated Gentle as well as a Kestrel was quickly floating along with the Greater East Facet.

Birds had actually been nevertheless moving out mixed-up with a brief check creating 2,500 Kittiwakes

7th December

Durable gusts of over 60mph southern within the early morning with hefty rainfall. Winds remaining durable nevertheless becoming the north-west within the mid-day.

With extremely bad exposure as well as effective winds just a couple of birds had actually been taped. Titan gulls remained to gather together within the areas over the East Facet, with 40 Herring Gulls, 5 Lesser Black-backed Gulls as well as 3 Great Black-backed Gulls The one passerines seen had actually been a Goldfinch shielding in Millcombe as well as a Redwing as well as 2 Blackbirds in Barton Self-control.

8th December

Proceeded durable winds from the north as well as west nevertheless completely dry as well as clear.

A tiny flurry of movement was taped as we talk with a Pied Wagtail outdoors the Marisco Pub extremely initial point, as well as late early morning a Snow Pennant was briefly on the observe in entry of St Helen’s Church. Various passerines taped consisted of 6 Chaffinch, 10 Redwing as well as 3 Track Yeast Infection The selection of gulls in Husbandry Self-control has actually raised, along with 170 Herring Gulls as well as 4 Lesser Black-backed Gulls

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It was active off the East Facet with an angling vessel nestling from the durable winds. There have actually been 4 Shags as well as a Nice Northern Scuba Diver within the Goal Bay, with an extra 2 Shags out mixed-up. Round 1,000 Kittiwakes, 20 Gannets as well as 70 auks had actually been taped flying previous 400m offshore.

There are rather simply a couple of pipits within the damp areas in the stepping in time nevertheless with the durable winds it has actually been close to unbelievable to pay attention to them or obtain great sights or pictures! Lots of are more probable to be Rock Pipits which have actually relocated southern from added afield or belong of the indigenous reproduction residents moving far from the hard seas.

nine December

Last but not least some tranquil environment with a lot less wind as well as just some showers.

Another remarkable day of wintertime movement with a huge group of fifty Chaffinches in Millcombe within the early morning along with 9 Bramblings as well as a Siskin An added 15 Chaffinches flew southern over Rocket Post later. 4 Woodpigeons had actually been in addition in Millcombe. Furthermore of interest had actually been 3 Fieldfare as well as a Pied Wagtail which flew over the East Facet.

A Merlin provided remarkable sights due to the fact that it rested on the wall surface over Ackland’s Moor. Minority Rock as well as Field Pipits that had actually been rounded conserved a reduced account!

Merlin, Ackland’s Moor, 9Dec © Stuart Cossey
tenth December

The wind grabbed once again as we talk with 40mph gusts from the north-west.

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It was a fair bit quieter as we talk with only 6 Chaffinches in Millcombe. A set of Goldcrests had actually remained in Quarter Wall Surface Copse as well as there have actually been 10 Blackbirds as well as 3 Track Thrushes along with the Decline East Facet. Possibly one of the most eye-catching discovery was a huge man Gray Seal off Quarry Seaside with a 1m-long Skate in its mouth.

Gray Seal with a Skate off Quarry Seaside, 10 Dec © Stuart Cossey
A walk right to Pondsbury disclosed the womanly Reed Pennant remains to be sticking on despite the current extreme winds. There have actually been in addition 159 Herring Gulls in Husbandry Self-control in company with 6 Lesser Black-backed Gulls

eleventh December

The island was lined in a thick haze, exposure going down to only 20m within the mid-day.

Millcombe was peaceful extremely initial point with 2 Chaffinches as well as a Woodpigeon among the practical travelers. 2 Water Bed Rails had actually been listened to screeching from the thick plant life. Down on the Goal Bay, exposure boosted as well as a Nice Northern Scuba Diver was seen along with 5 Shags as well as 4 Oystercatchers

twelfth December

The haze raised as we talk as a result of a sensible wind being available in from the west.

This weekend break we tried to from RSPB Biosecurity Policeman Jacklyn. The Preservation Team as well as a few of the contrary islanders discovered added concerning what to do in instance of a rat discovery. On a check out right to the North End up as we talk she taped a Redshank on among lots of West Facet pool, as well as a Little Egret flying previous North Mild.

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Down within the Goal Bay the Nice Northern Scuba Diver was rounded for an extra day. A Merlin was in addition seen battle throughout the southerly surface of the island. There was a huge activity of Redwing off the island, with only 2 left in Barton Self-control.

Change by Stuart Cossey, Aide Warden



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