Seeing Shorebirds in Costa Rica- 5 Advantages

A lot of birders do not go to Costa Rica to take a look at shorebirds. Their called on the birding top priority ladder is outmatched by endemics and also thousands of various other varieties not feasible at the residence spot. However, sandpipers and also plovers are constantly enjoyable to view and also if you obtain a possibility to do some shorebirding in Costa Rica, you’ll enjoy the adhering to advantages:

Great Deals Of Birds

Bird in Costa Rica in the best locations and also you could strike a wader prize. Hundreds of shorebirds move with and also wintertime in Costa Rica, a lot more than we handle to record. As I compose, I make sure that amazing groups of sandpipers and also plovers are relocating along both shores. Some birds quit, lots of fly on and also travel through Costa Rica’s little air room in much less than a day. Amongst those moving teams of birds, amongst the birds that quit to relax and also others that advance, a rarity or more can definitely exist.

Marbled Godwits, Surfbirds, and also Wilson’s Plovers

birding Costa Rica

Birders that aren’t from this side of the world will certainly obtain their fill of Western Hemisphere waders. Yellowlegs, Willets, “Hudsonian” Whimbrels, Western, Semipalmated, Least, and also Stilt Sandpipers, and also much more. Amongst several of the much more fascinating and also desired shorebirds are Marbled Godwit, Surfbird, and also Wilson’s Plover, great deal’s of Wilson’s Plovers!

Chomes is a great website for Wilson’s Plover.

Discover a Siberian Drifter

Just like various other locations that focus shorebirds, Costa Rica can likewise organize drifters from Siberia. Much, such shed shorebirds have actually taken the type of Ruff, Curlew Sandpiper, and also Pacific Golden-Plover yet provided Costa Rica’s setting on the Pacific Coastline flyway, even more are definitely feasible. I make sure a few of those varieties have actually been right here yet gone through hidden or undetected. 4 varieties of jobs are feasible, one of the most likely ones perhaps being Red-throated and also Little Jobs, the others being Little, Temminck’s, and also Long-toed Jobs. Sharp-tailed Sandpiper is likewise most likely (one was seen in Panama), and also Lesser Sand Plover and also Bar-tailed Godwit can likewise make a shock look.

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Yeah, genuine long odds yet all are lengthy range travelers that move with or as well comparable latitudes in southerly Asia and also all have actually taken place in Washington state or The golden state. Some have actually most likely made it to Costa Rica eventually, with any luck a couple of will certainly make it right here once more. It does not harmed to be prepared to identify them (and also is why these and also various other feasible drifters are consisted of on the Costa Rica Birds Guidebook application). Dividing winter-plumaged Red-necked and also Little Jobs from Semipalmated Sandpipers is an extraordinary difficulty. If you see any type of amusing looking Semis in Costa Rica, take a more detailed look and also take a great deal of photos.

A Lot More than Shorebirds

A befits the bird-heavy country of Costa Rica, among the various other advantages of viewing shorebirds is seeing great deals of various other birds as well. As one could anticipate, different other waterbirds will certainly likewise exist, commonly, birds like Roseate Spoonbill and also White Ibis. On the Pacific Coastline, there will certainly likewise be a reasonable option of completely dry woodland varieties and also mangrove birds consisting of possibilities at unusual varieties like Rufous-necked Wood-Rail, Mangrove Rail, and also Mangrove Hummingbird.

This Mangrove Hummingbird was seen at Mata de Limon.

Give Important Information on Wintering and also Traveler Types

Just like all birds, maintaining them around depends upon understanding the number of happen and also where they earn a living. Taking a day or more to concentrate on shorebirds, making cautious matters and after that submitting the information to eBird is a simple method to assist.

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It’s constantly worth it to view shorebirds. Along with assisting with eBird information, in Costa Rica, a scopeful of classy travelers from the much north can work as a relaxing break from the difficulties of woodland birding. Discover the very best places to see shorebirds in my Costa Rica bird searching for overview I wish you see a whole lot!

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