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Scenes from Duck Opening|Outdoors My Residence Home Window

Scenes from Duck Opening|Outdoors My Residence Home Window

A team of gulls takes off as a towboat passes, Duck Opening, 17 Feb 2022 (picture by Jim McCollum)

26 February 2022

Regardless of Pittsburgh’s over cast skies, winter can be magnificent along with the Monongahela River. Jim McCollum usually decreases in Duck Opening to take its numerous frame of mind.

Ring-billed gulls probably to Pittsburgh in winter in addition to on activity to their nesting properties on the Nice Lakes in addition to Canada. In February grownup ring-bills festinate in recreating quill.

Ring-billed gull on a log bet by the river, Duck Opening, 18 Feb 2022 (picture by Jim McCollum)

This month Pittsburgh had a selection of huge rains occasions: 1.02 ″ on 3 Feb, 1.60 ″ on 17 Feb, in addition to 0.56 ″ on 22 Feb (plus an inch on the evening of 24-25 Feb). When the flooding waters decreased today they left a meaningless advantage on the remnant mud financial institutions which never ever had a bbq workdesk.

A “advantage” from the river is moved on the mud financial institutions, Duck Opening, 24 Feb 2022 (picture by Jim McCollum)

Along with gulls Duck Opening has mosting likely to geese in winter, in addition to consistent mergansers ( Mergus merganser).

Common mergansers at Duck Opening, 31 Dec 2021 (picture by Jim McCollum)

And also Likewise there most likely to all time geese at Duck Opening, the global mallards ( Anas platyrhynchos).

Male mallard come to nonetheless water at Duck Opening, 30 Dec 2021 (picture by Jim McCollum)

p.s. Duck Opening (click web link for location) jumps on the finish of Previous Browns Hill Roadway in addition to throughout the river from Homestead, close to the Homestead Grey’s Bridge (beforehand referred to as the Homestead Excessive Stage Bridge).

( images by Jim McCollum)

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