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Marvelous scarab beetle (image from Wikimedia Commons)

1 September 2022

There are greater than 30,000 beetles in the Scarab family members ( Scarabaeidae), a lot of them energetic just in the evening.

Screenshot of Scarab beetles at

The Marvelous Scarab Beetle ( Chrysina gloriosa) envisioned at top was concealing below ground when gardening discovered it in its indigenous United States series of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas.

Covert treasures consist of Beyer’s scarab which I saw in southeastern Arizona in 2015, defined in this vintage short article: Like a Gem

Beyer’s Scarab Beetle (Chrysina beyeri) at Carr Canyon, Arizona, 30 July 2015 (image by Kate St. John)

In the eastern United States we have lovely scarab beetles in our very own yards.

Which scarab beetle is this? (image from Wikimedia Commons)

Yet we do not assume they’re lovely due to the fact that they consume our roses.

Japanese beetle (image from Wikimedia Commons)

Japanese beetles ( Popillia japonica) are scarabs.

( pictures from Wikimedia Commons, as well as Kate St. John, click the inscriptions to see the originals)

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