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Ring Watching At Antrim Marina: Dutch Sannie …

Ring Watching At Antrim Marina: Dutch Sannie …

One more late mounted today, is partly as a result a flurry of emails worrying my latest Godwit explorations. I have really gotten information for 3 of my 6 explorations, nonetheless these loss strategy under the usual for regular humming recoveries. This does not stun me, considering that the 3 birds kept in mind, had really been positively ringed by a ringer with whom I have really had purchases with earlier than. He’s properly moneyed to start appearing projects, nonetheless simply can not see the end results of such tasks. Color-ring explorations are being reported, as well as additionally it appears that certainly the administration facet for these projects are practically non existing. 2 weeks in the past, I spent the center of 2 cold humans resources making an initiative to {picture} the Godwits as well as additionally their rings, as well as additionally what for!!! Also even worse nonetheless, is that these rings are subscribed to a different ringer, that has really taken ‘flak’, as he put it, by the Worldwide Wader Research Study Group. I have really discovered formerly, this ringer does what he wants, when he wants, regardless of best therapies.

Todays, weekly probably to to Antrim Marina, will perhaps be made tomorrow morning (Sunday), or of my presently regular Monday morning check outs. Idea concerning amongst my Scottish phone calls continues to be in Northern Eire for a number of days, as well as additionally he’ll worry please me on the Marina. Again in February, he tape-recorded – 2CJT , at Lochwinnock in Renfrewshire. 2CJT , is a Black-headed Gull, which I take into consideration to be an all year home owner on the Marina, so advantages recognizes why it eliminated to Scotland, apart from dragged throughout by returning birds from landmass Europe. Suching as to be described as by his initials ‘GB’, he’s wanting to see – 2CJT on it is house floor covering. 2CJT , is usually amongst various really initially to be watched every week, nonetheless last Monday, the gull was late obtaining below, being the fifteenth of the 21 birds tape-recorded. I am preferring forwards to placing an additional face to a record.


Antrim Marina – Monday thirteenth September 2021

Once I got to Antrim Marina today, just 7 Black-headed Gulls had really been existing, prepared down on the top of the long term picket jetty. As I used to be increasing my telescope from the boot of my vehicle, extra gulls flew in, as well as additionally truly promptly in any type of type of respect, numbers had really reached round 60 birds. On in today day’s probably to, I used to be watching out for 30 colour-ringed people, having really tape-recorded an additional returnee recently, together with recording as well as additionally appearing an additional 3 Black-headed Gulls – 1 grownup, as well as additionally a variety of juveniles.

General numbers slowly increased to round 100 birds by 10:30, after which period, the entire started to decreased. No new returnees had really been tape-recorded in today day, which was not aided, as most of the birds often put down on the roofing system treatment of the portal centre. By the variable of my splitting up at noontime, 21 colour-rings had really been discover, with 9 birds beforehand tape-recorded, being missing out on in today day.

It was a smartly light morning, as well as additionally although some gulls had really been ‘assaulting’, I can not catch any type of type of extra so concerning consist of in my whole. A great deal of those had really been juveniles which had really been simply depriving, with older birds keeping their variety. One Black-headed Gull, was simply a brand-new customer right below, having really a significantly transformed left leg. This grown-up truly did not take out, as well as additionally with self-confidence chomped away on the bread that I used to be maintaining in my hand. I used to be tempted to catch it, as well as additionally match a colour-ring specifically, nonetheless tailored my suggestions considering that it has sufficient to tension around.

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Of the 3 birds caught as well as additionally ringed recently, teen 2FHJ & & & grownup 2FHH , had really been tape-recorded in today day. The third, teen 2FHF truly did not show up, nonetheless preferably it is more than likely to be tape-recorded over the listed here number of weeks. 6 of the 18 gulls which I caught as well as additionally ringed last winter season, had really been never ever seen once more after being ringed, as well as additionally have actually not been reported in various other areas. 2 of these had really been adults, which can properly have really been passing approach of when caught, as well as additionally it is more than likely to be amazing to see if they put in a look this winter season. The in contrast 4 had really been teen birds. Juveniles are recognized to wander extensively, so it’s sensible that they also had really been just passing approach of, although some can have died, as spherical two-thirds do not withstand their really initial winter season in life.

3 others that had really been ringed last winter season, had really been tape-recorded on both facet of the second ‘Covid Lockdown’, nonetheless have actually not been tape-recorded thus far this winter season. The remaining to be 9 birds are being tape-recorded often thus far.

Underneath is a in today day’s picture of – 2FHH , which was ringed right listed below recently.

Black-headed Gull – 2FHH – Antrim Marina, Antrim City, Co. Antrim (13 Sep 2021)

( Seemed as an Un-Sexed Miss, on the sixth September 2021, at Antrim Marina)

Color Ringed Black-headed Gulls Taped at Antrim Marina on Moday thirteenth September 2021


Black-headed Gulls Recorded This Autumn/Winter nonetheless Doing not have Currently


Throughout in today day’s probably to, I seen a sign that I had really not seen earlier than – Please Do Not Feed The Gulls. The signal declares it influences their well being as well as additionally advises them to nest much from their pure atmosphere. Well being sensible, bread as a matter of fact helps to protect them energetic through the winter season, specifically when pure meals is tough to locate back by, although this isn’t the feature which the aboriginal council are attempting to place throughout.

The second level, is the choice of nesting website made by the gulls. Whether they’re, or otherwise fed, Black-headed Gulls will whatsoever times be existing at Antrim Marina, as well as additionally this assertion made by the council has left me analyzing – acted of collections nest on the roofing system treatment of the ‘Entry Centre’ through the summertime time? Going once more to when the ‘Entry Centre’ was under development, I acknowledged in my blog site, that the degree roofing system covering could exceptionally well be a considerable error. Regionally, the Black-headed Gulls nest on the neighboring ‘previous’ Torpedo System, an internet site used to have a look at Torpedo’s throughout World Issue 2. The degree roofing system covering of the ‘Entry Centre’ gives a really perfect nesting website, severe sufficient as well as additionally shielded sufficient from awesomes. In various other areas rounded Antrim, gulls are presently roof-nesting on the Tesco Storage Space Center on the Kilbegs Industrial House, as well as additionally on a run-down structure behind the city’s Aldi Supermarket.

A tilted roofing would absolutely have actually been a much much better concept, as well as additionally for me, it can have made ‘Ring Analyzing’ rarely less complicated. I additionally require to feed the gulls in an effort to catch as well as additionally call people so concerning consist of in my objective. At occasions, as quickly as I can not catch them, by feeding the gulls I can protect them ‘wonderful’ as well as additionally complete their positive self-image to strategy intently. On Thursday sixteenth September 2021, I got an e-mail from Kate McAllister, that would absolutely probably to Antrim Marina occasionally. Earlier within the day, Kate tape-recorded 6 colour-ringed Black-headed Gulls, 2 of which had really been missing out on throughout my probably to 3 days formerly – 2AAA & & & 2FFP(* )Kate’s explorations of – 2FFP, together with-(* )2FFL , had really been firsts for her straight. My numerous thanks probably to Kate for these. Arbitrary check outs such as this are superb, as an observer can report a ringed chicken which could exceptionally well be passing approach of in between my routine check outs, as well as additionally would absolutely in any type of type of different other circumstances be lost out on. Discoveries made by Kate McAllister on Thursday sixteenth September 2021

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2ABK 2AAK 2AAA 2FFL 2FFP Black-headed Gulls –

2AAA && & 2FFP – Antrim Marina, Antrim City, Co. Antrim (16 Sep 2021)( Each Seemed as Adults, on the twelfth November 2012, as well as additionally on the twenty really initially December 2020, at Antrim Marina)

( Picture Many Thanks To Kate McAllister)

Different Birds at Antrim Marina

Having really been educated of a collection of Mute Swans that had 2 cygnets, I tape-recorded them for the vital time on my earlier probably to, as well as additionally in today day they had really jumped on the slipway as quickly as I turned up. At 9:50, the in contrast family members, which usually sees 6 cygnets together with their mommy, swam in from the Lough. The vital collection together with their 2 children made a rash hotel up-river.

With all 6 cygnets on the slipway, I used them as decoys to try to catch a number of Black-headed Gulls, nonetheless had no excellent luck. At 11:15, the family members headed once more out onto the Lough. Both together with their 2 cygnets gotten right below once more down-river at 11:40.

Simply 2 Mallards had really been existing as quickly as I got here today, with numbers promptly enhancing to round 80 birds. As regular, a great deal of had really been tried to find rings.

Oddly sufficient, no different kinds of gull turned up in today day, as well as additionally the one different kinds to be tape-recorded had really been 8 Jackdaws, a collection of Magpies as well as additionally a grownup Hooded Crow.


Saturday eleventh September 2021

With an additional late begin in today day, I prevented to Belfast, mosting likely to Whitehouse Shallows (2 times), Kinnegar Coastline as well as additionally the Dargan mudflats. Despite looking into great deals of of legs, specifically 2 colour-ringed birds had really been seen.

The vital one was a teenage Sandwich Tern. Having really scoped the far-off chicken, I had issues making an initiative to {picture} the ring. The young person was within the centre of a pack which consistently stired, as well as additionally I maintained going down the chicken. Looking to utilizing my telescope on various events, I lastly gotten a clear view to take an image of the ring. Wanting on minority images taken, I had really tape-recorded the code – (White) J2.V.

On returning house, I went onto the

cr-birding internet site, to seek the objective consisted of. I used to be enjoyed uncover that my teen ‘Sannie’ had really been ringed within the Netherlands. Not specifically that, the code which I had really tape-recorded, was revealed as an instance within the objective recap – https://cr-birding.org/node/2210 I despatched an e-mail to the take care of provided, nonetheless truly did not obtain a reply. In the future through the week, I determined to send my exploration making use of the BTO, as a result they eventually talked to Ruben Fijn, that promptly replied to create the humming information. (White) J2.V, was ringed as a chick, on the tenth June 2021, at Slijkplaat Island, which exists just to the south-west of Rotterdam. After being ringed, it was tape-recorded regionally on 4 events as long as the sixteenth July 2021, earlier than disclosing right listed below on Kinnegar Coastline.

I prepare on an offical repair service from the BTO, nonetheless I approximate the space as being rounded 736 kilometres/ 457 miles (NW), from Slijkplaat in a straight line, although it’s remarkably not most likely that the chicken has really flown over the British Landmass. The dimension since being ringed, was 3 months as well as additionally 1 day. A satisfying exploration, as well as additionally properly well worth the campaign put in making an initiative to obtain the ring code.

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Sandwich Tern – (White) J2.V – Kinnegar Coastline, Belfast Lough, Co. Down (11 Sep 2021)

( Seemed as a Chick, on the tenth June 2021, at Slijkplaat within the Netherlands)

My second ring exploration, was presently the third Northern Eire document of a Scottish-rung Black-headed Gull – (White) 2BDN. (White) 2BDN, was ringed as a chick, on the third June 2018, on the Broad Rules flock located within the Moorfoot Hills, within the Borders Place of Scotland.

The vital exploration of – (White) 2BDN, was made by Suzanne Belshaw, on the twenty third July 2019, on the Sprucefield Obtaining Centre vehicle park just outdoors of Lisburn in Area Antrim. The

picture taken by Suzanne, simply reveals the remaining to be teen plumes on the gull. The second exploration was made by me, on the 2nd February 2020, as quickly as I acquired best below throughout the chicken at Whitehouse Shallows, which is rarely a brief variety much from my exploration in today day on the mudflats at Dargan.

The gull desired that reported once more in Scotland on the sixteenth July 2021, when a William Barber found the chicken at Seton Burn in East Lothian.

Currently’s exploration is the fourth document overall quantity, as well as additionally the space from Broad Rules, is 221 kilometres/ 137 miles (WSW), with the dimension since humming, being 3 years, 3 months as well as additionally 8 days.

On Sunday twelfth September, I covered the coast from Larne to Carrickfergus. I checked variety of gulls as well as additionally waders, specifically at Glynn, not a singular ring was tape-recorded.

Black-headed Gull – (White) 2BDN – Dargan Mudflats, Belfast Lough, Belfast (11 Sep 2021)

( Seemed as a Chick, on the third June 2018, at Broad Rules, Moorfoot Hills, Borders Place, Scotland)


From David Nixon

David Nixon has really touched worrying 2 Herring Gull explorations which he made on the l lth September 2021. The vital chicken was a teenage appeared –

K09: M Mark Fitzpatrick, that’s the humming co-ordinator for the Island of Person birds, reacted with the small print for every single gulls. K09: M

, was ringed as a chick, on the third July 2021, on the Calf bone of Person. David’s exploration was a primary since being ringed, with the dimension being, 2 months as well as additionally 8 days. The BTO gave the space as being 71 kilometres/ 44 miles (WNW). David was not able to get an image, considering that the chicken figured out to take down.
No picture worry about the second Herring Gull, appeared –

T7UH The gull was ringed as a chick, on the really initial July 2012, on the Calf bone of Person. The 3 earlier re-sightings, had really all been made on the Calf bone, in July 2017, July 2018, as well as additionally on the twenty sixth May 2019. The dimension since being ringed, is presently 9 years, 2 months as well as additionally 10 days, with the space being the comparable as that of K09: M over. My numerous thanks, as whatsoever times probably to David, for these finding analyses, together with the picture.

Herring Gull –

T7UH – Dundrum Internal Bay, Dundrum, Co. Down (11 Sep 2021)( Seemed as a )

( Picture Many Thanks To David Nixon)




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