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Ring Enjoying At Antrim Marina: Disadvantage Redshank …

Ring Enjoying At Antrim Marina: Disadvantage Redshank …

Shade Ringed Black-headed Gulls Taped at Antrim Marina on Monday 7th February 2022


Amongst the several absentees promptly, was – 2ACV Before currently, this hen was discovered at a reproducing nest on the RSPB’s Leighton Moss Nature Get in Lancashire, England. Though – 2ACV was not present promptly, the hen commonly remains till late March or very early April earlier than moving on.

Another absentee, is – 2AFD Recently, this gull which was ringed at Antrim Marina, has become an unusual consumer to the positioning. Before currently – 2AFD has actually been discovered in Riga, Latvia, before the beginning of the reproducing period, nevertheless within the last number of years, I discovered that – 2AFD currently chooses to winter months on the auto park of Antrim City’s – Ft Technique. This winter months, 2AFD stunned me significantly, nevertheless stating his arrival once more in Antrim, having actually been discovered on the twenty 2nd November 2021 on the Marina. I after that videotaped the hen on the Ft Technique auto park on Xmas Day, which was taken on by a third discovery of the winter months, on the tenth January 2022, once more at Antrim Marina.

As I really did not have to return house for a couple of hrs rest, off duty the Marina, I took a look at a variety of internet sites in Antrim City, nevertheless entirely videotaped one ring, which was – 2AFD , at Ft Technique. One of the most current ever before day that I videotaped – 2AFD in Antrim took place on the twenty 2nd March 2015, as well as 13 day’s later on, on the fourth April 2015, 2AFD was discovered in Latvia for the key time. The gull was furthermore discovered in Latvia the following year in April 2016.

2AFD , was ringed at Antrim Marina as an grownup man, on the twelfth February 2014, as well as the duration since promptly’s discovery, is currently 7 years, 11 months as well as 26 days. I will be wishing for an added number of discoveries earlier than the gull leaves, which can see it damage the 8 year mark.

Black-headed Gull – 2AFD – Ft Technique Automotive Park, Antrim City, Co. Antrim ( 07 Feb 2022)

30 Mallards have actually been present, as well as numbers gradually built as long as throughout the 60 mark by the factor I left. General, the complete was above in present weeks, nevertheless nevertheless well under what can be expected for this time around of the winter months. Assessing the reduced numbers, I am currently wondering about if the fragile winter months, might be affecting the total amounts. As quickly as one more time, the majority of legs have actually been inspected, nevertheless nevertheless no rings.

2 grownup Herring Gulls have actually gotten on the prolonged timber jetty once I got here. One was my common resident hen, as well as the 2nd, was vulnerable to be a womanly with a little, extremely slim head. A third grownup gotten to 1:13, nevertheless was swiftly chased after off by the resident hen.

Just a solitary grownup Constant Gull was present on my arrival, nevertheless with functioning so tough with the Black-headed Gulls, I overlooked the moment of added arrivals, although at circumstances a variety of Constant Gulls might quite possibly be listened to when chasing after the Black-headed’s for his/her dishes. Merely earlier than my separation, I made a head depend of birds present, with merely 5 grownups. As common, numbers are well down, as well as for this time around of year, I could expect 12 to fifteen no much less than. No signal of the tiny metal-rung womanly from Scotland. 5 discoveries have actually been created this hen this winter months, having actually gotten here once more on the sixteenth August 2021 (earliest ever before return), as well as last seen on the 3rd January 2022. Before currently, I have actually videotaped this through to early/mid March, so with any luck I’ll report it one more time over the list below couple of weeks.

Various varieties videotaped, have actually been 6 Jackdaws, 1 set of Pied Wagtails as well as a male Gray Wagtail. The Ravens which have actually been listened to within the forest promptly turn around of the Marina in present weeks, have actually currently relocated to the forest added upriver. Though not seen, I could hear them from the Marina.

Suzanne Belshaw has actually touched one more time, pertaining to 2 colour-ringed birds, as well as a most likely to which she made to Antrim Marina. I do not understand why, nevertheless her genuine e-mail has actually vanished, so I am in fact delighted that I had actually downloaded and install the pictures as well as included the discoveries onto my crucial Ring Examining Spread sheet.

On the twenty 7th January 2022, Suzanne saw the lake at Lurgan Park in Region Armagh. While there, she had actually intended to determine 2 Black-headed Gulls which she videotaped on the twelfth January 2022. Each birds have actually been initial re-sightings this winter months, having actually been videotaped wintering right below over earlier winter seasons. One was a colour-ringed gull from Poland, while the 2nd, was a metal-rung hen from Elvanfoot in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. Though neither gull was re-sighted, she discovered another colour-ringed Black-headed Gull, which stemmed from the Elvanfoot nest.

The gull, colour-ringed – 2P97 , was a key discovery for Suzanne, nevertheless has actually been videotaped in North Eire on one various occasion. That discovery was made by David Nixon, when he videotaped the key ever before re-sighting of – 2P97 at Corbet Lough in Region Down, on the initial December 2020. Corbet Lough, is merely 16 kilometres/ 10 miles (SE) from Lurgan Park.

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2P97 , was ringed as a chick, on the 18th June 2019, at Elvanfoot, as well as the duration since Suzanne’s latest discovery, is 2 years, 7 months as well as 9 days. The room from the nest to Lurgan Park, is 202 kilometres/ 125 miles (WSW), which coincidently was the similar range to Corbet Lough. I despatched an e-mail to Iain Livingstone in Scotland, nevertheless as yet, no reply has actually been gotten. I do understand Iain has actually been weak of late, nevertheless he’ll respond in some undefined time in the future. Having actually sent Suzanne’s discovery through my Satanic force account, it appears that these are the one 2 discoveries of – 2P97 to day.

Black-headed Gull – 2P97 – Lurgan Park Lake, Lurgan, Co. Armagh (27 Jan 2022)

( Sounded as a Chick, on the 18th June 2019, at Elvanfoot, South Lanarkshire, Scotland)

( Picture Thanks To Suzanne Belshaw)

Suzanne’s discovery of a colour-ringed Redshank, went to perpetuity mosting likely to cause some problems. Sounded with 2 shade rings – a simple Yellow ring on the very best Shin, as well as a White ringed, inscribed with the letters – HCA, on the left Shin, Suzanne has actually videotaped this hen two times at Tyrella Beach in Region Down. Her initial experience was made on the 9th November 2021. An extensive range picture, virtually disclosed the letters on the ring, nevertheless whether the ordinary ring was Yellow or Orange, could not be made a decision. I do understand that ‘illumination scenarios’ might trigger problems making an effort to verify these shades. Suzanne experienced the hen momentarily time at Tyrella, on the initial February 2022, when she remained in a setting to get greater pictures.

I had an excellent idea that the ringer might be, as well as when I replicated him right into my respond to Suzanne, as expected, there was no returned. I furthermore sent the discovery to the BTO, nevertheless they would certainly no calling details for the hen. The BTO have actually given that called the Worldwide Wader Study Team, to try to locate the objective lead.

As I claim, I have actually an excellent idea that the ringer is, as well as having actually furthermore replicated in fellow Ring Viewers – Graham McElwaine, he furthermore presumed that it came from the ringer in inquiry. Graham, took place to claim that he also, has actually discovered this comparable Redshank. He videotaped the hen on the Within Bay at Dundrum in Region Down, on the thirtieth July 2021, as well as one more time on the 8th September 2021. David Nixon, furthermore discovered the Redshank on the Within Bay, on the l lth September 2021. Graham furthermore validated that the ordinary colour-ring was Yellow as well as never ever Orange.

In the meantime, it will likely be a prepared sporting activity to see whether or otherwise, we are mosting likely to ever before get the bottom lines for this hen. Directly, I find it unfortunate, that someone representing Suzanne makes each initiative to departure as well as record rings, as well as will certainly obtain absolutely nothing once more in return. I have actually specified this earlier than, why ring in any kind of regard, if a ringer can not or is not mosting likely to respond to discoveries. Among several scenarios of obtaining a colour-ringing objective, is to respond inside a budget friendly location of time.

Redshank – ( White) HCA – Yellow – Tyrella Beach, Co. Down ( 01 Feb 2022)

( Ready for Buzzing Details)

( Picture Thanks To Suzanne Belshaw)

On Saturday twenty 2nd January 2022, Suzanne saw Antrim Marina to report a few of my colour-ringed Black-headed Gulls. She videotaped 10 rings completely, that included 7 with Blue Darvics. These birds with heaven Darvics, have actually been captured as well as ringed on the Marina additional recently, so it’s mosting likely to take a while to create up accounts for these birds – whether they’re year round homeowners or merely winter months visitors.

2AAB , is a year round local, having actually been videotaped in monthly of the year.

2AAN , I could consider, is a winter season consumer, as well as has never been videotaped on the Marina during the reproducing period months of April, Might or June. The gull has actually been videotaped once more in very early July, which could suggest that it nests someplace locally, nevertheless out the nearby ‘Torpedo System’. Having actually been ringed on the Marina in 2012, as was – 2AAB , I am nevertheless prepared on a key reproduction period discovery for – 2AAN

2CSL , was ringed on the Marina in 2017, as well as was discovered in Olsztyn, Poland, in March 2018. No question this gull is a winter season consumer.

Shade Ringed Black-headed Gulls Taped by Suzanne Belshaw at Antrim Marina on Saturday twenty 2nd January 2022


Suzanne touched one more time on the Wednesday 9th February 2022, asking if I had actually seen this Oystercatcher (see picture) recently, which she had actually discovered previously that day at Whitehouse Shallows. I responded to claim that I had actually videotaped the hen’s go back to Whitehouse Shallows, on the twenty 9th August 2021, nevertheless for some objective, I had actually not seen it one more time no matter a variety of sees having actually been made to the Shallows. I had actually absolutely gone to Whitehouse Shallows 4 days earlier than (Sunday 6th February (find out under)), nevertheless as quickly as one more time there was no signal of it.

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With Suzanne’s discovery, it behaves to understand the hen stays to be with. The Oystercatcher was colour-ringed as a reproducing grownup once more in 2015, in southerly Iceland. Originally, it birthed 2 colour-rings on it remains leg – Unskilled over White, nevertheless after time the Unskilled ring slid inside the White ring, so most likely it is nevertheless there. The right leg had an Unskilled Flag (extended ring), over a Black ring, nevertheless the Oystercatcher handled to release the Flag. The shed of Flag’s by these Icelandic Oystercatchers had actually been relatively a concern, so a colour-coded ring was gone for a later phase. Until now as I do understand, the shades made use of are White or Gray, engraved with 2 letters, on the very best leg, with 2 colour-rings on the left leg.

Having actually been ringed in the summer of 2015, GW-GfN, initially showed up at Whitehouse Shallows, on the 6th September 2015, as well as has actually been videotaped once more on the Shallows each winter months given that. The room from Mjóanef the location the hen was ringed, to Whitehouse Shallows, is 1,294 kilometres/ 804 miles (SE), as well as the duration given that being ringed, is currently 6 years, 8 months as well as 4 days.

One More Time, my many thanks heads out to Suzanne for her discoveries as well as pictures.

Oystercatcher – GW-WfN – Whitehouse Shallows, Belfast Lough, Co. Antrim (09 Feb 2022)

( Sounded as an Un-Sexed Reproduction Grown-up, on the 5th June 2015, at Mjóanef, Southern Iceland)

( Picture Thanks To Suzanne Belshaw)


Sunday 6th February 2022

Right this minute was not one of the most efficient of day’s to leave birding. Throughout the day, there have actually been some hefty showers of rainfall, as well as a fairly tough wind was dealt with. Also the trend was not in my favour, as extreme trend was anticipated as going to 14:??. I prefer to leave Ring Examining, due to the fact that the trend declines, when birds show up to feed as well as similarly to clean at freshwater resources. Furthermore on the program promptly, was to accomplish up with another birdwatcher come ringer, David Sterling. I had actually identified to give up calling with smaller sized ring dimensions, as an outcome of my ever before aggravating closed differ creative as well as prescient. Despite having my glasses on, I can not find out the engravings on these rings. Having experienced my brand-new Buzzing Train – Richard Donaghey, he advised that I should go across on the smaller sized dimensions to David. David as well as I chose to accomplish up at Kilroot Power Terminal merely outdoors of Carrickfergus.

I had calculated the day, to start at Kilroot after that make my fashion southwards checking out a great deal of internet sites on my method to Millisle in Region Down. On obtaining up on Sunday early morning, I customized my initial initial internet site as well as mosted likely to Glynn Train Terminal, that’s system ignores the coast on Larne Lough. My objective varieties have actually been Constant Gulls, as well as there relatively a great deal of them, merely overtaking varieties of various gull varieties. Having actually scoped every point visible, 2 ringed Constant Gulls have actually been discovered. One was ringed with entirely a metal ring, which was unreadable due to the range, while the 2nd hen birthed a Blue Darvic, as well as was vulnerable to be from my Rathlin Island objective. Though the trend was inbound, I nevertheless wished to walk out onto the foreshore, to slice down the void for my digicam. Merely as I got to an useful area, a great deal of the gulls flew as well as circled around round over the lock. Attempting through my field glasses, Purple-breasted Mergansers have actually been diving like loopy, so there need to have been a shoal of fish there. As every hen resurfaced, the Constant Gulls stroked down plainly making an effort to swipe from them. Continuing to be on internet site for a wonderful freezing hr as well as a fifty percent, I never did transfer the colour-ringed hen.

Moving on, I made use of to be mosting likely to make a quick discontinue at Whitehead, earlier than mosting likely to Kilroot. I had no earlier started to repel, when the paradises opened up. I currently identified merely to drive on Kilroot. A fast ruptured of textual material messages discovered David getting here merely after I had actually parked up. The rainfall had actually merely quit, when David brought up behind me. Jointly we strolled together with all-time low of the seawall to check out the remote gulls. I made use of to be looking for 2 colour-ringed Black-headed Gulls, nevertheless discovered neither. On walking once more, the sea was now breaching all-time low of the sea wall surface. Once again at our cars, we had a brief conversation while the rings have actually been traded. David after that headed once more house, whereas I continued my journeys.

On passing the auto park at Carrickfergus Harbour, I observed a great deal of Black-headed Gulls populated around under. I turned in to look for 2 colour-ringed birds especially, these being – 2ADB && 2ADD I have actually made a variety of makes an effort to report these gulls this winter months, with out success. Right this minute was no entirely various, which gives to my understanding that each birds have not any kind of passed away.

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Moving on one more time, I after that visited Whitehouse Shallows. Right right here, I made use of to be keeping an eye out one more time for a Polish colour-ringed Black-headed Gull – (White) T56W, as well as a 2nd re-sighting this winter months, of an Icelandic colour-ringed Oystercatcher. Having actually attempted over a loads circumstances for the Black-headed Gull, I currently securely visualize it has actually furthermore passed away. Supplanted Poland in June 2012, (White) T56W, had actually been videotaped right below each winter months, given that initially being discovered online website in January 2015.

I videotaped the return of the Icelandic Oystercatcher – GW-GfN, on the twenty 9th August 2021, as well as promptly, I really did not get a 2nd re-sighting. I made use of to be beginning to question whether this hen lived, nevertheless on Wednesday the 9th February 2022, I got an e-mail from Suzanne Belshaw, to claim that she had actually videotaped the Oystercatcher previously that day on the Shallows. I made use of to be happy to pay attention to of the discovery, as commonly this hen can be videotaped on the majority of sees. Scoping through all the contrary gulls as well as waders, just one metal-rung Black-headed Gull was discovered – one more time, no usage to me due to the range in between us.

I after that directly to Kinnegar Beach, on the Region Down facet of Belfast Lough. Now, the trend was nearing it is highest degree, so my factor to consider went onto the fish pond, which is divided from the seaside by a road causing an armed forces camp. A freshwater river runs through the fish pond, leaving towards the sea. Right right here, there have actually been tons of birds relaxing until the trend as quickly as one more time recedes. Oystercatchers as well as Black-headed Gulls have actually been aplenty. A great selection of Bar-tailed Godwits have actually been seen, as have actually been smaller sized varieties of Knot, Dunlin as well as Redshank.

Again, scoping through every point, just one metal was discovered, as well as this got on among several Bar-tails. Focusing with my digicam, I made use of to be frustratingly near catching details on the ring. Some figures have actually been captured, nevertheless these merely could not be find out. Had actually that hen been 20 to 30 toes nearer, I could require had greater good luck. It can have been a crucial ‘capture’, if I could have captured that a person.

Now time was hopping on, so I drove directly to Millisle, on the external Ards Peninsular in Region Down. Right right here I had great sights of feeding Turnstones as well as Purple Sandpipers, with varieties of round 80 as well as 20, plus a hand-full of Dunlins. I have actually never find out a ringed Turnstone or Purple Sandpiper, nevertheless unfortunately non of those have actually been ringed. I made use of to be parked next to the seawall, as well as these birds have actually been merely toes away under me feeding through the algae. Had a metal ring been discovered, I could have ‘toenailed’ it.

Round 100 gulls have actually been populated throughout the auto park as I got here, nevertheless I required to wait up until they cleared up, as an aged pair have actually been feeding them with enormous amounts of benefits recognizes what – regardless of it was, it had not been bread. Millisle contended perpetuity been normally referred to as a ‘hotspot’ for Constant Gulls, nevertheless promptly, there have actually been the very best whole of Herring Gulls which I have actually ever before seen right below, with several juveniles among them.

In search of rings, I did inevitably identify a Yellow Darvic on a Constant Gull. I promptly recognized that this might be, as well as taking a variety of pictures, I made use of to be proper, it was – 2BBC On my crucial Ring Examining Spread sheet – 2BBC , has among the essential extensive listing of re-sightings for a Constant Gull, as well as promptly’s discovery is currently the forty 4th record general. The gull was ringed as a chick, on the twenty 3rd June 2009, on Substantial Copeland Island, situated around 5 miles to the north from Millisle. Because initial being discovered at Millisle during the winter months of 2010/2011, it has actually been videotaped right below no much less than as quickly as each winter months preventing 2014/2015. The duration given that being ringed, is currently 12 years, 7 months as well as 2 week.

Though I do not problem tape-recording Brent Geese nowadays, I could not aid nevertheless find I colour-ringed hen in a group of 21 feeding on the yard next to the play park. This hen had a lime ring engraved with the letter ‘ D ‘ on it appertains leg, as well as a Yellow ring on it remains leg engraved with the amount ‘ 4 ‘. I can not send this discovery, as I have actually gotten no respond to the previous couple of Brent discoveries that I had actually reported. Now the sunlight was beginning to discolor, so I made the prolonged drive once more towards house. Not one of the most efficient of days for examining rings, nevertheless one point goes to perpetuity greater than absolutely nothing.

Constant Gull – 2BBC – Millisle, Drumfad Bay, Co. Down ( 06 Feb 2022)

( Sounded as a Chick, on the twenty 3rd June 2009, on Substantial Copeland Island, Co. Down)




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