Ring Viewing At Antrim Marina: Torpedo Meds???

Right now of the year, I need to be out and also around checking out rings. I can not go anywhere on Sunday, yet on Saturday, I was with Peregrine fanatic Jim Wells. Since the Peregrine reproducing period has actually finished, Jim is currently examining websites where Peregrines previously embedded, simply to see if there are any type of indications in any way of line of work over the summer season. Below, with using my brand-new drone, we were saved a great deal of leg job when examining websites. I had the ability to fly within feet of the previous nest steps, trying to find droppings or indications of eliminates. Having the ability to take video clips of the trips, the resulting movie can be scrutinised on a bigger display back in your home. Jim was pleased by the outcomes, and also stated it was a ‘video game changer’ when examining high cliffs.

My once a week brows through to Antrim Marina have actually started, albeit, I oversleeped on Monday. On Saturday and also Sunday evening, I did not rest also well, as I was struggling with midge attacks, which triggered big scratchy bumps, having actually obtained these when out on Saturday.


Antrim Marina – Tuesday second August 2022

I was meant to start this winter months’s once a week brows through to Antrim Marina the other day, yet having actually switched off my alarm, I dropped off and also by the time I awakened once again, it was a trifle far too late to think about mosting likely to the Marina. No such troubles today, and also what a great go to this was.

Dry and also Sunny, though a little on the gusty side, this initial once a week go to created a wonderful haul of 27 colour-ringed Black-headed Gulls, that included 5 of the 15 birds that were captured and also ringed below last winter months. Total numbers at any moment were not excellent, and also never ever went beyond the 60 mark at any type of once, though the gulls themselves were plainly reoccuring. On my method to the Marina, I had actually discovered a multitude of gulls preying on the having fun areas of the close-by Antrim Online forum, and also whilst I went to the Marina, the gulls were likewise seen in excellent numbers around the Campers Park nearby.

One point that I discovered, was the truth that there were extremely couple of adolescent Black-headed Gulls around. Simply 5 children were seen at any type of once, which is unusual, considered that a big populace types on the close-by previous ‘Torpedo System’.

These days’s discoveries, the superior among these, was that of – 2CSL Not validated, this gull most likely types in Poland, having actually been found at Olsztyn, on the 29th March 2018, which stays as the only discovery away from Antrim Marina. 2CSL , was ringed at Antrim Marina, as an unsexed grownup, on the 24th December 2017. I last saw the bird that winter months, on the 19th March 2018, simply 10 days before it being seen in Poland.

Return and also separation days are as complies with:-

24th December 2017 – Ringed. Left after 19th March 2018.

29th March 2018 – Detected in Olsztyn, Poland.

20th August 2018 – Returned. Left after 11th March 2019.

19th August 2019 – Returned. Left after 13th March 2020.

25th October 2020 – Returned. 2021 Separation unknown because of ‘Covid Lockdown’.

18th October 2021 – Returned. Left after 21st March 2022.

Today’s discovery is without a doubt the earliest return day until now, yet of note are the late return days in 2020 and also 2021. The period considering that being ringed, is currently 4 years, 7 months and also 9 days.

Black-headed Gull – 2CSL – Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 02 Aug 2022)

( Sounded as an Un-Sexed grownup, on the 24th December 2017, at Antrim Marina)

One more 2 notable discoveries was that of – 2ABA and also – 2FFC Both of these gulls would certainly abscond for extended periods of time each winter months, yet specifically where they most likely to is unidentified, specifically as I have not stumble upon them at any type of various other websites around the community of Antrim.

2ABA , is just one of the earliest gulls to be ringed at Antrim Marina by Adam McClure. Sounded as a man, on the 28th December 2012, the period for this gull, is currently 9 years, 7 months and also 5 days. I think about – 2ABA , to be a winter season site visitor, yet yet, no reproduction period discoveries have actually been reported.

2FFC , was a gull that I ringed at Antrim Marina as an unsexed grownup, on the 30th November 2020. Ever since, 2FFC has actually just been taped below on 13 celebrations consisting of today’s discovery. Not much to function with, it appears most likely that –

2FFC might likewise be a winter season site visitor. The period considering that buzzing, is 1 year, 8 months and also 3 days. Black-headed Gull –

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2FFC – Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 02 Aug 2022)( Sounded as an Un-Sexed Grownup, on the 30th November 2020, at Antrim Marina) 2ACV and also 2ABN , have actually long been developed as winter months site visitors to Antrim Marina, with both being taped on today’s go to. In April 2016, 2ACV

was found on the RSPB’s Leighton Moss Book in Lancashire, England, so most likely it types there. This stays as the only discovery of – 2ACV beyond Northern Ireland.

Return and also Separation days for –


are as complies with:-

21st October 2013 – Ringed. Separation after 10th November 2013.

31st August 2014 – Returned. Separation after second April 2015.

23rd July 2015 – Detected at Sprucefield Shopping Center, Co. Down.(* )28th July 2015- Returned. Separation after 20th March 2016.

24th April 2016 – Detected at Leighton Moss, Lancashire, England.

28th July 2016 – Returned. Left after 26th February 2017.

third September 2017 – Returned. Left after 12th March 2018.

fifth August 2018 – Returned. Left after 25th March 2019.

19th August 2019 – Returned. Left after 16th March 2020.

second August 2020 – Returned. 2021 Separation unknown because of ‘Covid Lockdown’. 23rd August 2021 – Returned. Separation after 21st March 2022. 2ACV , was ringed as a juvenile/1st winter months bird, at Antrim Marina, on the 21st October 2013. Of note that winter months, was it’s very early separation day. Some juveniles often tend to roam around throughout their initial winter months, and also there was no question that –

2ACV was simply among those to do so. The period considering that being ringed, is currently 8 years, 9 months and also 12 days. 2ABN , was ringed at Antrim Marina, as a grown-up lady, on the 23rd January 2013. Lengthy developed as being a winter season site visitor to Antrim Marina, we had no concept regarding where this gull was reproducing, till previously this year. My last discovery went to the Marina, on the 28th February 2022. On the 15th March 2022, Ronan Owens reported –

2ABN at Peatlands Park in Co. Armagh, which is 36 kilometres/ 22 miles (SW) from Antrim Marina. Whether the gull reproduced because location is unidentified, though it can have taken a trip even more south-west, which would certainly have seen the gull getting to Area Monaghan in the Republic of Ireland. Return and also Separation days for –


are as complies with:-

23rd January 2013 – Ringed. Separation after 15th March 2013.

18th September 2013 – Returned. Separation after 21st February 2014.

26th September 2014 – Returned. Separation after 22nd March 2015.

9th August 2015 – Returned. Separation after 28th February 2016.

15th July 2016 – Returned. Separation after 12th February 2017.

8th June 2017 – Returned. Separation after fifth March 2018.

30th July 2018 – Returned. Separation after 11th March 2019.

19th August 2019 – Returned. Separation after second March 2020.

second August 2020 – Returned. Separation after 12th April 2021.

9th August 2021 – Returned. Separation after 28th February 2022.

15th March 2022 – Detected at Peatlands Park, Co. Armagh. Of note below, are the very early return days in 2016, 2017 and also 2018. The remarkably very early return in June 2017, might potentially be because of an unsuccessful reproduction effort. The period considering that being ringed, is currently 9 years, 6 months and also 10 days. It was excellent to document – 2AAA and also 2AAB today. They were the initial and also 3rd birds to be ringed, coming from Adam McClure’s previous Northern Ireland Black-headed Gull Research. In between them, was – 2ADJ , which has actually time out of mind died. 2AAA and also 2AAB , are all year citizens to Antrim. 2AAA was ringed on the 12th November 2012, as a man – the period considering that being ringed, is currently 9 years, 8 months and also 21 days.


, was ringed as an unsexed grownup, on the 11th December 2012 – the period considering that being ringed, is currently 9 years, 7 months and also 22 days. Colour Ringed Black-headed Gulls Videotaped at Antrim Marina on Tuesday second August 2022 2FFF 2FIH 2FDK 2FHP 2ABA 2FFX 2FIA


2FHX Over the coming weeks, I will certainly discuss the various other gulls, plus those of various other returnees. In the meantime, below are a couple of even more images taken throughout today’s go to. Black-headed Gull –


– Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 02 Aug 20220( Sounded as an Un-Sexed grownup, on the 17th December 2017, at Antrim Marina) Black-headed Gull –

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– Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 02 Aug 2022)( Sounded as an Un-Sexed Grownup, on the 23rd November 2020, at Antrim Marina) Black-headed Gull –


– Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 02 Aug 2022)( Sounded as an Un-Sexed Grownup, on the 21st December 2020, at Antrim Marina) Black-headed Gull –


– Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 02 Aug 2022)

( Sounded as an Un-Sexed second Winter Season Bird, on the 8th November 2021, at Antrim Marina)

Various Other Birds Videotaped at Antrim Marina

The Mute Swans are typically the initial birds that I keep an eye out for on each see to Antrim Marina, as I would certainly capitalize on their numbers when attempting to capture and also colour-ring Black-headed Gulls. Today, all seabird buzzing tasks within North Ireland are still put on hold because of ‘Bird Influenza’, yet this does not quit me checking out the swan numbers for prospective buzzing – simply behavior I intend. Today, there was simply the one set of Mute Swans, together with 4 tool sized cygnets. It mosts likely to reveal, that the cygnets are currently relying on individuals, as 2 of the 4 were fairly pleased to take brownish bread from my hand, along with both of their moms and dads.

Mute Swan Couple With 4 Cygnets, Antrim Marina (02 Aug 2022)

Mallard numbers were pretty good with about 60 to 70 birds existing. A number of close to complete grown up chicks were kept in mind amongst the birds. Customarily, many were looked for rings.

Prior to trying to find colour-ringed Black-headed Gulls, I had a glimpse round for various other gull varieties. Existing on my arrival, were 2 Typical Gulls – a grown-up, plus an adolescent. A 2nd grown-up reached 11:50, and also 3 grownups existed at 2:49, together with the adolescent which continued to be on website throughout my go to.

2 grown-up Herring Gulls were likewise existing throughout my go to, though one had a damaged left wing and also remained on the lengthy jetty. It made no effort to relocate away as I approached it, and also conveniently approved some bread thrown away to it. Broaching the lengthy jetty, a brand-new entrance has actually been set up, so accessibility to the entire jetty has actually currently been halved. I indicated to take images of eviction and also to examine it even more, yet I neglected, so I’ll attempt to mind this on my following go to.

An adolescent Herring Gull got here onto the slipway at 12:08, and also this young person offered me fairly of a shock. I was resting laterally in my vehicle with my legs on the ground and also the bird comfortably strolled right over to me. I supplied it some bread, and also it gradually bordered as much as me and also took it from my hand. I had not anticipated that to occur. A brief time later on, a family members showed up with bread to feed to the ducks, and also the gull after that ran over to a girl, that likewise tossed down some bread. I was truly stunned at exactly how trusting this young gull was, and also it likewise continued to be throughout my go to today.

A solitary Lesser Black-backed Gull. was most likely the very same bird which would certainly reoccur relatively often. An emphasize these days’s go to, was the arrival of an adolescent Mediterranean Gull at 12:01. This young person moved the Marina among the Black-headed Gulls, and also it also, had no concern of individuals having to do with. A couple of weeks back, Suzanne Belshaw had actually informed me to the truth that Mediterranean Gulls had actually been captured on a ‘Online Electronic camera’, at the close-by previous ‘Torpedo System’. I have actually no concept whether Medication Gulls really reproduced on the system, if they have actually done so, this might potentially address the concern of where my young Medication Gull has actually originated from. The online video from the ‘Torpedo System’, can be seen on YouTube, and also has a ‘Play Checklist’, that covers everyday throughout the summertime. It would certainly take weeks to watch the entire reproduction period, to see whether the Meds did reproduce there. I’ll include a web link (


), and also if any person places nesting Medication Gulls, please allow me recognize, providing the day and also time when recorded. Ought to it be validated that Mediterranean Gulls have actually reproduced on the ‘Torpedo System’, after that this will certainly be a brand-new reproducing website for the varieties below in North Ireland.

Juvenile Mediterranean Gull, Antrim Marina (02 Aug 2022)

From David Nixon David Nixon emailed me, worrying his discovery of a colour-ringed Black-headed Gull which he found on the 29th July 2022. David resides in Dundrum in Area Down, yet took place to be at the Sprucefield Shopping Center near Lisburn, when he found – 250B David’s video camera is ‘in health center’ as he placed it, having actually dropped it. His insurance provider urged that the video camera can be fixed, so it has actually been sent out to the producer to see what they can do with it. David sent me a greatly chopped picture of –

250B , which was a very first discovery for him, though he assumed I would certainly currently have information on this bird. Just how right he was, as he has actually currently damaged Suzanne Belshaw’s syndicate on discoveries for this bird. Suzanne herself had actually reported the return of – 250B to Sprucefield Shopping center, simply 4 days before David’s discovery. A make up –

250B , can be checked out in my previous blog post. My many thanks mosts likely to David for this most recent discovery document. Black-headed Gull –


– Sprucefield Shopping Center, Co. Down ( 29 Jul 2022)

( Sounded as a Chick, on the sixth June 2008, at Lough Mask, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland)

( Cellphone Picture Thanks To David Nixon) *******************************************************

From Jim Wells Additionally on the 29th July 2022, I got a text from Jim Wells, that found a colour-ringed Herring Gull at Bangor Harbour in Area Down. He reported the gull as – ONW or potentially as –

DNW , and also mentioned that the ring remained in inadequate problem. Instantly, I understood this was a bird from the Copeland Islands in Area Down, and also is really sounded –

0N: W Jim himself had actually reported the very same gull at Bangor Harbour on the 30th June 2022, having properly reported it’s appropriate code on that celebration.

0N: W

, was ringed on Huge Copeland Island on the 23rd May 2014. Besides Jim’s 2 discoveries, there are 2 earlier discoveries. The initial was simply provided as Bangor, Co. Down on the 8th February 2020, and also the 2nd, was made by Suzanne Belshaw at Bangor Harbour, on the 29th August 2020 (picture listed below).

Bangor Harbour, is simply 8 kilometres/ 4 miles (W) from Huge Copeland Island, and also the period considering that being ringed, is currently 8 years, 2 months and also 6 days. Absolutely nothing magnificent concerning this bird, at the very least even more time has actually been included to it’s durability. My many thanks mosts likely to Jim for his discovery record, and also to Suzanne Belshaw for the addition of her picture. Herring Gull –

0N: W

– Bangor Harbour, Bangor, Co. Down ( 29 Aug 2020)

( Sounded as an Un-Sexed Grownup, on the 23rd Might 2014, on Huge Copeland Island, Co. Down)

( Picture Thanks To Suzanne Belshaw) *******************************************************

From John Smyth using Declan Clarke Myself, and also a couple of others, were duplicated in to an e-mail sent out to Mark Fitzpatrick that is the buzzing organizer for the gulls ringed on the Calf bone of Male, Island of Male. The e-mail worried a colour-ringed Herring Gull, which arrived on the watercraft of Lobster Angler John Smyth. John took a picture of –

T9WY , and also appropriately sent out the information to Declan Clarke that after that handed down the discovery.

T9WY , is a gull that was currently on my spread sheet, so I responded with the information that I had. We have actually not spoken with Mark on the Island of Male considering that very early June, so he is maybe extremely active calling this year’s gull chicks on the Calf bone.


, was ringed as a chick, on the 30th June 2020, on the Calf bone of Male. The initial re-sighting was made by an unidentified viewer on the 12th October 2020, when the after that adolescent was found at Dunmore East in Area Wexford, Republic of Ireland. On the 10th April 2022, Declan taped the gull at Ardglass Harbour in Area Down.

This most recent discovery made by John, was simply off the Area Down shore at Coney Island Bay, which is a brief range far from Ardglass. The range from the Calf bone of Male, is 57 kilometres/ 35 miles (WNW), and also the period considering that being ringed, is currently 2 years, 1 month and also 1 day. My many thanks to Declan for communicating John’s discovery, and also to John for the photo taken with his cellphone. Herring Gull –


– Mixed-up, Coney Island Bay, Co. Down (31 Jul 2022)

( Sounded as a Chick, on the 30th June 2020, on The Calf bone of Male, Island of Male)

( Picture Thanks To John Smyth)(*) *******************************************************(*)

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