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Ring Viewing At Antrim Marina: Scottish Link …

Ring Viewing At Antrim Marina: Scottish Link …

After a phenomenal week, when over 20 ring discoveries were reported to me, today has actually seen extremely little task. I have actually not consisted of all discoveries in this blog post, as some discoveries were made in the Republic of Ireland, which worried gulls that had actually formerly been taped in North Ireland.

Derek Polley, that is a volunteer warden at the RSPB’s Home window on Wild animals Book in Belfast, has actually sent me countless Black-tailed Godwit discoveries, for birds which were in fact ringed on the book, on the 21st April 2021. Derek, like numerous various other onlookers, report their discoveries to me, where consequently, I send their discoveries to the BTO. There has actually been some concerns concerning the Godwits, as the buzzing information had actually not been sent to the BTO by the ringers themselves. Recuperations have actually started to stream, so certainly the BTO had actually pushed for the buzzing information.

Throughout the earlier component of today, I found that the links for BTO Recoveries, was not functioning, so I avoided sending out in discovery entries. Whatever the factor for this, I rejoice to see that it up and also running once again. With the winter at Antrim Marina having actually finished, I have actually have actually started to send discoveries of the Black-headed Gulls, by the last discovery for each and every month throughout the wintertime (August to March). It would certainly be excessive to send every once a week discovery for each and every person.

I’m still no more ahead in acquiring approvals to go to Huge Copeland Island in Region Down. Below, I am attempting to more Shane Wolsey’s previous Typical Gull Job, by reviewing rings and also calling brand-new chicks. At the min, it’s not looking excellent, whether I can reach the island this summer season. If anybody has a call number or e-mail address for Ryan McCulla, please email me at [email protected]


From Graham McElwaine

On Tuesday 5th April 2022, an e-mail got here with me from Graham McElwaine. Previously in the day, Graham took a trip up from Region To Toomebridge in Region Antrim, to carry out which he believes will certainly be his last Whooper Swan matter of the wintertime. As he goes through the community of Antrim, he called by my research study website at Antrim Marina for a fast see to look at the gulls there.

Graham taped 6 colour-ringed Black-headed Gulls, 5 of which came from my job, with the 6th becoming an initial discovery in North Ireland.

My birds were:-

2FHX – Sounded on the 8th November 2021, at Antrim Marina, as an un-sexed second fiscal year bird.

2AAB – Sounded on the 11th December 2012, at Antrim Marina, as an un-sexed grownup.

2ABK – Sounded on the 23rd January 2013, at Antrim Marina, as a grown-up lady.

2FDK – Sounded on the 18th November 2019, at Antrim Marina, as an un-sexed grownup.

2FFL – Sounded on the 14th December 2020, at Antrim Marina, as a first wintertime bird.

2AAB and also 2ABK , are recognized to be all year locals at Antrim Marina, though – 2ABK was as soon as taped at Kinnego Marina (27 kilometres/ 16 miles (SSW)) in March 2020, yet was consequently taped back at Antrim Marina by May 2020.

I am still constructing accounts for the 3 with blue Darvics, yet it is looking ever before much more most likely, that – 2FDK is additionally going to be a year round local. When it comes to Graham’s discovery of – 2005 , I looked into the cr-birding internet site, to discover that the gull came from a Gillian Dinsmore, and also properly sent out an e-mail to her worrying Graham’s discovery. Eventually, it occurred to me, that Adam released an article on his blog site worrying Gillian, and also her buzzing tasks in south-west Scotland ( reviewed below). This was back in 2015, and also I had actually declined Gillian ever since. I examined Gillian’s Facebook Account ( read

), and also discovered that no more entrances were uploaded considering that Might 2015. I as a result thought for whatever factor, Gillian’s tasks never ever went any type of better, so I after that sent Graham’s discovery of – 2005 to the BTO, by the birds colour-marks just, and also maintained my fingers went across that Gillian had actually sent her buzzing information prior to vanishing off the scene. To my alleviation, and also I make sure, Graham’s too, we both obtained a buzzing recuperation from the BTO. With a steel number analysis – EY94851

, 2005 was ringed as an un-sexed grownup, on the 15th March 2015, at Stranraer Harbour in Dumfries & & Galloway, in south-west Scotland. The range from Stranraer to Antrim Marina, was provided as 80 kilometres/ 49 miles (WSW), and also the period considering that being ringed, was currently 7 years, and also 21 days. The BTO never ever launches the complete re-sighting backgrounds for birds reported to them, other than, must they show up on the’ BTO’s Online Buzzing News’. Having stated that, lately, I have actually been in touch with a Brian Henderson, that has actually reported the discoveries of 2 North Ireland Black-headed Gulls, which he has actually been enjoying on the East Pier at Stranraer Harbour – these being – 2CBL && 2BRS ( see my previous blog post). I sent out an e-mail to Brian, asking if he had ever before discovered – 2005

at Stranraer. In his reply, he has actually taped the gull over 100 times in Stranraer, and also had actually surrendered on sending his discoveries to Gillian, as he obtained no replies. Brian has actually additionally taped –

2005 nesting in the past at close-by Cairnryan, and also assumed it was odd that the gull had actually unexpectedly gone across the Irish Sea to show up below in North Ireland. My many thanks to Graham McElwaine for these viewing records at Antrim Marina, and also to Brian Henderson for equipping me with the added details. The range in between Dumfries & & Galloway to Northern Ireland, is yet a plain ‘flap of the wings’, as much as I’m mindful, this is the initial Black-headed Gull or also Typical Gull, from either of Gillian’s previous tasks, to have actually ever before been taped below.

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Black-headed Gull –


– Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 05 Apr 2022)( Sounded as an Un-Sexed Grownup, on the 15th March 2015, at Stranraer Harbour, Dumfries & & Galloway, Scotland)( Image Thanks To Graham McElwaine)

******************************************************* From Suzanne Belshaw

A number of e-mails have actually shown up with me lately from Suzanne Belshaw, having a checklist of her most recent ring discoveries. On the second April 2022, Suzanne visited the Islandhill parking area, positioned on the north side of Strangford Lough, and also below she re-sighted a colour-ringed Herring Gull which is popular below. 0P: W

, was ringed as an un-sexed grownup, on the 23rd Might 2014, on Huge Copeland Island in Region Down. Islandhill, exists 17 kilometres/ 10 miles (SW) from Huge Copeland Island, yet the gull has yet to be taped back at the calling website. This most recent discovery by Suzanne, is currently the 15th document for the bird on my Key Ring Analysis Spread Sheet, with all discoveries, bar the initial 2 having actually been made below at Islandhill. On the 25th October 2015, Graham McElwaine taped – 0P: W

, at Knockinelder Bay on the Region Down shore, and also on the 7th February 2016, I identified the gull at Whitehouse Shallows, on the north edges of Belfast. The period considering that being ringed, is currently 7 years, 7 months and also 10 days.

Herring Gull –

0P: W – Islandhill, Strangford Lough, Co. Down ( 02 Apr 2022)( Sounded as an Un-Sexed Grownup, on the 23rd Might 2014, on Huge Copeland Island, Co. Down)( Image Thanks To Suzanne Belshaw)

On the fourth April 2022, Suzanne went to the Sprucefield Mall in Region Down, where, in among the parking lot, she identified adolescent Black-headed Gull – 2HPL I sent Suzanne’s discovery by means of my Devil Buzzing Account, and also we both obtained the recuperation information. The gull had actually been ringed as a chick, on the 15th June 2021, at Marsh Lane Nature Book, in the West Midlands location of England. This was the initial re-sighting for the bird considering that being ringed, having actually taken a trip 371 kilometres/ 230 miles (NW), to get to the Sprucefield Mall which has a McDonalds Electrical outlet. These electrical outlets imitates a ‘magnet’ for young gulls looking a very easy dish. The period considering that buzzing, was 9 months and also 20 days.

Juvenile Black-headed Gull –

2HPL – Sprucefield Mall, Co. Down ( 04 Apr 2022)( Sounded as a Chick, on the 15th June 2021, at Marsh Lane Nature Book, West Midlands, England)

( Image Thanks To Suzanne Belshaw) On the fifth April 2020, Suzanne saw Kinnego Marina on the southerly side of Lough Neagh, prior to going on to the lake at close-by Lurgan Park. At Kinnego Marina, 3 Black-headed Gulls from Adam’s previous Northern Ireland Black-headed Gull Research study were taped, which in the past were routinely taped at the website. A 4th normal – 2BPV , has actually not been taped below considering that the 30th December 2019, and also it currently looks significantly most likely, that this gull has actually currently died. The 3 continuing to be gulls are – 2BPN ,

2BPS &&

2BPT , none of which have actually ever before been taped somewhere else. If absolutely nothing else, these discoveries include a great deal even more days onto the long lives of these birds. 2BPN

, was ringed below as a grown-up lady, on the 29th October 2014. Suzanne’s most recent discovery, is the 75th document for the bird, the period considering that being ringed, is currently 7 years, 5 months and also 7 days.

Black-headed Gull –

2BPN – Kinnego Marina, Lough Neagh, Co. Armagh ( 05 Apr 2022)( Sounded as a Grownup Women, on the 29th October 2014, at Kinnego Marina)

( Image Thanks To Suzanne Belshaw) The image that Suzanne took of –

2BPS , did disappoint the ring also plainly, so was not included below. The bird was ringed at Kinnego, as a grown-up lady, on the 31st October 2014. This most recent discovery document, is the 65th for the gull, and also takes the period, to 7 years, 5 months and also 5 days. 2BPT

, was additionally ringed below as a grown-up lady, on the 31st October 2014. This is it’s 75th discovery document too, and also the period considering that being ringed, is currently 7 years, 5 months and also 5 days.

Black-headed Gull –


– Kinnego Marina, Lough Neagh, Co. Armagh ( 05 Apr 2022)

( Sounded as a Grownup Women, on the 31st October 2014, at Kinnego Marina)( Image Thanks To Suzanne Belshaw) Throughout Suzanne’s previous see to Kinnego Marina, on the 18th March 2022, she taped a metal-rung adolescent Black-headed Gull from Lithuania. There was no reference of the young person throughout Suzanne’s most recent browse through, so the bird aims to have actually carried on. Off duty Kinnego Marina, Suzanne drove the brief range to Lurgan Park Lake. Fairly high varieties of Black-headed Gulls constant the park and also it’s lake, together with smaller sized varieties of various other gull types. This consequently, gives numerous ring discoveries that include colour-rings and also steels just, and also consists of a handful of rather normal re-sightings at the lake.

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None of those gulls were identified today, yet Suzanne found a brand-new adolescent Black-headed Gull – 2Y52

The young person came from the North West Black-headed Gull Research study, based in England, and also Suzanne sent her discovery onto their brand-new internet site for reporting ring discoveries. When sent, Suzanne was equipped with the birds calling and also re-sighting background, and also as it ended up, this was an initial re-sighting considering that being ringed.

2Y52 , was ringed as a chick, on the 21st June 2021, at Martin Mere, in Lancashire, England. The internet site did not consist of the birds steel number, neither the range and also instructions of traveling. I went onto Google Maps, and also exercised the range as being about 244 kilometres/ 151 miles (NW), from Martin Mere. According to the job leads, they after that send discoveries to the BTO, yet as for I recognize, Suzanne has yet to obtain a main recuperation from the BTO, which informs me that her discovery did not include her name as the finder, neither the finders email address. On an individual note, I swiftly relocated far from the main internet site, as I was not pleased with the absence of information, though little. For the functions of my Key Ring Analysis Spread sheet, the incorporation of the steel number aids to maintain North Ireland discoveries of birds from various other tasks indexed with each other, and also the incorporation of ranges are additionally of worth. Fortunately, via various other pictures that Suzanne sent out of –

2Y52 , the steel number shows up to check out – EA68165 I went into that steel number onto my BTO Satanic Force Buzzing Account, which plainly reveals that a Black-headed Gull chick with that said number, had actually been ringed on the 21st June 2021, yet no discoveries have yet to be sent.

I dropped ‘nasty’ of the job leads, when I chose to send one more among their gulls straight to the BTO. Having actually sent David Nixon’s discovery of – 2Y35 straight to the BTO, I after that obtained an e-mail from the job leads, whining regarding the discovery not being reported to them straight on their brand-new internet site. I provided my factors, and also recommended that they must modify their internet site to consist of the steel number and also distance/direction.

Juvenile Black-headed Gull –

2Y52 – Lurgan Park Lake, Lurgan, Co. Armagh (05 Apr 2022)( Sounded as a Chick, on the 12th June 2021, at WWT Martin Mere, Lancashire, England)( Image Thanks To Suzanne Belshaw) On the 7th April 2022, Suzanne saw Sandy Bay, at Larne in Region Antrim. Below she taped Black-headed Gull –

2ABT 2ABT , was just one of the earliest Black-headed Gulls to be ringed coming from Adam’s type Northern Ireland Research study. The gull was ringed as a man, on the 24th January 2013, at Luke’s Factor in Ballyholme, Region Down. This most recent discovery by Suzanne, is the bird’s 26th discovery record to go onto my spread sheet. Throughout the years considering that being ringed, we understand recognize that –

2ABT wintertimes at Ballyholme, and also throughout the reproducing period, is usually taped below at Sandy Bay. Not extremely much from Sandy Bay, a huge Black-headed Gull reproducing nest is positioned on Larne Lough, this being the RSPB’s Blue Circle Island Book, so it promises that – 2ABT

nests on the island.

The last discovery of – 2ABT , was made at Luke’s Factor by George Gordon, on the third October 2021. It’s wonderful to recognize the bird is still going solid. The range from Luke’s Indicate Sandy Bay, is a plain 23 kilometres/ 14 miles (NNW), and also the period, is currently 9 years, 2 months and also 2 week.

My many thanks mosts likely to Suzanne one more time, for these viewing records, together with the pictures.

Black-headed Gull –


– Sandy Bay, Larne, Co. Antrim ( 07 Apr 2022)( Sounded as a Man, on the 24th January 2013, at Luke’s Factor, Ballyholme, Co. Down)( Image Thanks To Suzanne Belshaw)


From David Nixon On the sixth April 2022, David Nixon saw the high trend roost at the South Inner Bay of Dundrum in Region Down. The roost is positioned next to the highway in between Dundrum and also Newcastle, and also can conveniently be watched from the tough shoulder next to the sea wall surface. The website is favoured by numerous types of gulls and also waders. Whilst examining via the birds, he identified a premature Herring Gull – B01:D , yet when he mosted likely to take an image of the bird, and also having actually taken a couple of pictures, he unexpectedly knew that he was taking photos of one more Herring Gull, an adolescent sounded – J22: M

Regardless of undergoing the gulls once again, he can not transfer – B01:D Just recently, I sent an upgraded duplicate of a Huge Gull Sightings Spread Sheet, which was created from my Key Ring Analysis Spread sheet, and also has all North Ireland discoveries for Wonderful Black-backed Gulls and also Herring Gulls. On returning house, and also examining the spread sheet, David found that –

B01:D was a re-sighting, whereas, J22: M

was a brand-new discovery below in North Ireland. Mark Fitzpatrick from the Island of Guy, replied to David’s e-mail to state that – J22: M

, had actually been ringed as a chick, on the 26th June 2021, and also this was the initial discovery of the young person considering that being ringed. The range from the Calf bone of Guy, to the South Inner Bay at Dundrum, is 71 kilometres/ 44 miles (WNW), and also the period considering that being ringed, was 9 months and also 11 days.

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Juvenile Herring Gull –

J22: M – Dundrum Inner Bay (South), Strangford Lough, Co. Down (06 Apr 2022)( Sounded as a Chick, on the 26th June 2021, on the Calf bone of Guy, Island of Guy)( Image Thanks To David Nixon)

David’s discovery of –

B01:D , is the 4th document of the Herring Gull in Northern Ireland, with all discoveries having actually been made at the high trend roost below at the South Inner Bay of Dundrum. The bird was ringed as a chick, on the fourth July 2019, on Ireland’s Eye Island in Region Dublin. The 3 previous discoveries at this roost, were made in September 2020, March 2021 and also July 2021. The range from Ireland’s Eye Island to Dundrum, is 96 kilometres/ 59 miles (N), and also the period considering that being ringed, is currently 2 years, 9 months and also 2 days. My many thanks as constantly mosts likely to David for the discovery records and also image. It can be tough sometimes to zoom right into a a great deal of gulls trying to find a specific ringed bird, though it is a little a reward when one more one is gotten.


From Ric Else

Up up until in 2014, Ric Else and also Hazel Watson, had actually helped the RSPB on Rathlin Island, and also via their birdwatching initiatives, had actually created a collection of Rathlin Island Bird News. Last summer season, they operated at an uploading in England, yet have actually currently gone back to Rathlin Island. Ric has actually verified, that they will certainly stay on the island this summer season, which is excellent information for me.

Throughout the summer season of 2017, I started an Usual Gull colour-ring job on the island. With around 100 sets nesting on the eastern shore and also south factor on the island, I have actually been colour-ringing chicks. I am intending to tape-record the survival prices of birds which go back to the island, and also incorporate right into the general reproducing populace. Beyond the reproducing period, I am counting on various other birdwatchers to find the gulls at their wintering premises, anywhere they might be. With Ric and also Hazel residing on the island, they are both cognizant of my job, and also usually send out discoveries of my birds. With this years reproducing period ready to begin, Ric has actually reported returning gulls to their swarms. We are still in mid April, I will certainly start my brows through to the island rather quickly, as nest structure will certainly currently be in complete swing. This summer season, I’m anticipating a variety of initial re-sightings, as chicks ringed in 2019, must currently go back to either possibility for nest-sites or potentially to reproduce. 2019 was an excellent reproduction year with several chicks having actually been ringed. Throughout 2020 and also 2021, the gulls have actually had extremely inadequate reproducing periods, the factors for which are unidentified. Thus far this year, Ric has actually taped the return of 5 gulls, to which I have actually included their PDF Documents:-
2BBC – taped on the 12th March 2022 – ( PDF).
2APT – taped on the 12th March 2022 – ( PDF).
2BBK – taped on the 8th April 2022 – ( PDF).
2BKJ – taped on the 9th April 2022 – ( PDF).

2BAX – taped on the 12th April 2022 – ( PDF).

The re-sighting of Typical Gull – 2BBK , was truly pleasing to obtain. On the second Might 2021, I got on among my Ring Checking out journeys on Rathlin and also at some point reached the Rue Factor Lighthouse. On scoping via the gulls trying to find rings, I identified among my birds distant near the coast, which was plainly having a hard time to complimentary itself from angling line.

Have actually taken a couple of pictures initially, I strolled to the gull which attempted to fly off, yet was really caught. It seemed the gull – 2BBK , had actually potentially ingested a baited fish hook, with the rest of the angling line knotted around a huge hefty little algae. Having actually captured the gull, I can not release the line from it’s beak, and also being a cigarette smoker, I shed the line as near the beak as feasible. On launching the gull, it flew off in the direction of the Smugglers Cottages and also arrived at a rock. Hereafter, I never ever saw the gull once again on the island, and also assumed it might have passed away.

Typical Gull – 2BBK – Captured on Angling Line at Rue Factor, Rathlin Island (02 Might 2021)

Nonetheless, on the 20th June 2021, having actually shown up back at Ballycastle Harbour, after a day of calling chicks on the island, I identified a variety of gulls on the roofing system of the Ferryboat Terminal. Focusing with my video camera, I could not think it when I photographed – 2BBK , to life and also well. Having actually been released, it promises that the gull later on handled to spew what it had actually consumed, hence handling to dispose of the line.

Typical Gull –

2BBK (*)- Rathlin Island Ferryboat Incurable (roofing system), Ballycastle, Co. Antrim (20 Jun 2021)(*) My many thanks to Ric and also Hazel for their assistance and also discovery records.(*) *******************************************************(*)



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