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Ring Viewing At Antrim Marina: On The Move Again …

Ring Viewing At Antrim Marina: On The Move Again …

Antrim Marina – Monday 31st October 2022

Having actually needed to delay my last 2 Monday check outs to Antrim Marina because of an extremely poor kidney infection, I was looking forwards to my go to today. With the institutions being off for Halloween, it was an extremely fast journey from Ballymena to the Marina. I got here right before 9am, the weather being over cast with a light wind.

I watched for 38 colour-ringed Black-headed Gulls, which have actually been taped below because the start of August, among which, was captured as well as ringed this wintertime. The initial ring checked out at 9am, was that of – 2AAN which was ringed below as a grown-up woman back in December 2012. Entirely, I review 30 colour-rings throughout today’s go to, with 22 having actually read by 10am.

Around 80 Black-headed Gulls existed when I got here, with a max overall of 120 existing as the early morning endured. Throughout each go to, the codes which have actually been taped this wintertime are pre-written, so I just need to include the moment for each and every bird detected throughout my existing go to. At 9:10, I taped – 2FFL , which was out the checklist, so I instantaneously recognized this gull was an additional returnee.

2FFL , was captured as well as ringed below at the Marina, as a juvenile/1st wintertime bird, on the 14th December 2020. It was ultimately taped with to the 26th April 2021. On resuming my regular check outs in August 2021, 2FFL was taped on the 9th August 2021, with to the fifth April 2022. Viewing as I have not taped this bird previously, I remain questioning, could this gull be of international beginning?

Black-headed Gull – 2FFL – Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 31 Oct 2022)

( Sounded as a Juvenile/1st Winter Season Bird, on the 14th December 2020, at Antrim Marina)

Customarily, a few of the gulls were plainly reoccuring, for that reason the optimum overall of 120 birds, would certainly have been a lot greater if all had actually continued to be. I kept in mind that there was no indication of the one-legged (left leg) BHG, as well as I was pleased to see that little ‘Runty’ is still active as well as well. As quickly as I parked my cars and truck in my typical place, ‘Runty’ was extremely fast to reach the door for a feed of bread. I have actually missed out on 2 check outs, it has actually not neglected me.

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Amongst today’s discoveries was – 2CSK This gull was taped throughout my initial go to for this autumn/winter period at the beginning of August, yet has actually been lacking below up until today. I did nonetheless, place – 2CSK , on the 19th August 2022, at the Joint One Shopping Center on the borders of Antrim Community.

The 9th gull to be taped today, was – 2AAA This gull was the extremely initial bird to be colour-ringed below at Antrim Marina, coming from Adam McClure’s previous Northern Ireland Black-headed Gull Research Study. Sounded as a man, the period since today, is 9 years, 11 months as well as 19 days. Considering that those very early day’s of Adam’s task, several people have actually because passed away, yet – 2AAA is currently near to coming to be the initial gull to go beyond the ten years mark.

Colour Ringed Black-headed Gulls Taped at Antrim Marina on Monday 31st October 2022


Likewise amongst today’s re-sightings was – 2FHJ It was initial taped back at the Marina on the 22nd August 2022, with it’s last look having actually being taped on the 26th September 2022. This gull was captured as well as ringed below as a juvenile/1st wintertime bird, on the sixth September 2021. The period because being ringed, is currently 1 year, 1 month as well as 25 days.

Black-headed Gull – 2FHJ – Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 31 Oct 2022)

( Sounded as a Juvenile/1st Winter Season Bird, on the sixth September 2021, at Antrim Marina)

Amongst today’s absentees is – 2CSL Much this autumn/winter period,


has actually just been taped on the one event at the Marina – (Second August 2022). I dropped in with this gull at Antrim’s KFC electrical outlet on the 8th September 2022, yet have actually not seen it because. This bird was ringed at Antrim Marina as an unsexed grownup, on the 24th December 2017, as well as on the 29th March 2018, it was detected in Olsztyn in Poland. In Antrim, it has actually been taped on 84 celebrations because being ringed, so I’m really hoping absolutely nothing has actually taken place to this bird. Colour Ringed Black-headed Gulls Taped at Antrim Marina This Autumn/Winter, yet Missing Today 2AAB 2CSL 2CSX 2FDX 2FFT 2FHV 2FIA
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Each Monday see to the Marina usually lasts for 4 hrs – approximately 9am to 1pm. On arrival, the majority of my time is made use of to tape the colour-rings on the Black-headed Gulls, yet later on, when most rings have actually read, I would certainly after that attempt to capture a couple of brand-new birds to include in my task. Exactly how effective I would certainly be, depends upon various other site visitors to the Marina. With making use of the swans, I would certainly tempt the gulls by going down bread at the feet of the swans, and also as the gulls attempt to nip in to order the bread, I would certainly order a bird as well as take it back to my cars and truck to be ringed. Nonetheless, on the majority of celebrations, individuals show up to feed the ducks on bread, as well as occasionally the gulls would certainly obtain even more of their share, making them more challenging to capture. By now of the year, the gulls are locating it more challenging to acquire health food as well as would certainly for that reason make it much easier to capture them. Today, regardless of numerous feeds by site visitors, I did handle to capture 2 2nd fiscal year birds. As they would certainly have hatched out throughout 2021, at the very least these gulls are of recognized age. I simulate to sound a variety of juveniles each wintertime, though some could not endure with to the springtime. Complete grownups can not be matured, by sounding them, they are seasoned birds as well as for that reason most likely to be taped below for a number of years, though a couple of could simply take place to be passing with on path to their wintering websites when recorded. Black-headed Gull –


– Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 31 Oct 2022)( Sounded as an Un-Sexed second Fiscal Year Bird, on the 31st October 2022, at Antrim Marina) Black-headed Gull –


– Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 31 Oct 2022)( Sounded as an Un-Sexed second Fiscal Year Bird, on the 31st October 2022, at Antrim Marina) With today’s returnee, plus both recently ringed birds, I will certainly currently watch for 41 colour-ringed Black-headed Gulls on following Monday’s go to. Since we are getting in the month of November, I’ll be particularly seeking an additional 2 returnees.

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2AFD , which was ringed below at the Marina in February 2014, is understood to see the Latvian resources of Riga (2015 & & 2016). Having actually been taped back at Antrim last wintertime, it’s last discovery remained in Riga, on the 27th March 2022. The 2nd bird that I’m particularly eager to tape it’s return is – 2FDL The last discovery of this bird went to a nesting swarm at Råstasjön Nature Get, on the borders of Stockholm, on the third April 2022.


was captured as well as ringed at the Marina, as an unsexed grownup in November 2019. It was last taped that wintertime on the 20th January 2020 as well as never ever showed up whatsoever in 2021. The gull came back below on the 31st January 2022, as well as was taped momentarily time on the 7th February 2022, prior to being detected in Sweden. With these buzzing as well as discovery days, this gull can return any time from November to January, yet I’m actually wishing it will certainly finish the circle from the Marina to Sweden as well as back to the Marina.

Various other birds at Antrim Marina

The initial point that I observed on car park close to the slipway at the Marina, was the Mute Swan family members as well as they were missing out on a cygnet, being afraid the most awful, the fourth cygnet associated the remainder of it’s family members at 10:24. A harsh matter of the Mallards, provided me an overall of around 50 birds on my arrival, with numbers climbing somewhat to a max of around 70 to 75 birds. Still no rings on these birds.

The resident grown-up Herring Gull existed throughout my go to, as well as an adolescent made a quick look at 11am. Typical Gull numbers are still extremely reduced, with one grown-up showing up at 10:20, with a 2nd grown-up showing up at 11:48. Still no indication of the little Scottish metal-rung bird, which initially showed up below as an adolescent in February 2014, as well as has actually been taped every wintertime because. Last wintertime, this gull made it’s earliest ever before return, having actually been taped on the 16th August 2021. My last discovery of this gull was made on the third January 2022.

4 Hooded Crows, 1 Rook as well as 6 Jackdaws were kept in mind today, along with a set of Pied Wagtails.(*) *******************************************************(*)



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