Ring Viewing At Antrim Marina: Marathon Mid-day …

I have actually taken the week off job as a vacation, with the purposes of doing some severely required operate in the yard, a little birdwatching, and also a couple of even more trips with my brand-new drone. I have actually made a number of lengthy range trips with the drone, I’m still discovering of all its functions and also abilities. Like every little thing else, it requires time to recognize what makes the drone such a beneficial tranquility of set.

The horticulture includes power-hosing the backyard, which requires to be done at the very least two times a year, as a result of the develop of algae, lichens, mosses and also tiny plants. The bushes required reducing momentarily time, the boundaries weeded and also the yard cut for the umpteenth time.

Did not go anywhere on Saturday, however Sunday became a marathon at the Myroe Degrees in Region Londonderry. It’s been a while because I was last right here, however with over 1,000 Usual Gulls, there needed to be a colour-ring or more.

I did not go out once more till Thursday, where for an adjustment of views, I avoided to Region Down. A total amount of 10 colour-ringed gulls were videotaped, 4 brand-new to North Ireland, plus initially discoveries for me of gulls formerly videotaped right here by others. These birds will certainly be left till my following article, as I am awaiting respond to e-mails.


Antrim Marina – Monday fifth September 2022

Today’s browse through to Antrim Marina, is my 6th once a week see over this autumn/winter period. As I am off job all today, I selected a later arrival time and also obtained right here around 11:30. After what had actually been among my worst once a week sees last Monday, I was wishing for a bigger variety of gulls today, and also the later arrival time could assist. It was a good completely dry day with 50/50 blue skies and also cloud with simply the faintest of winds. Prior to I left at 3pm, the wind had actually collected rate, and also it ended up being cloudier. Not long right into today’s see, a truck got here, which I understood was a power-washing group. The vehicle driver, that viewed me capturing and also sounding gulls in the past, was understanding and also made a decision to return later on so as I can execute my ring analysis in tranquility. As I was evacuating, they got here back, and also I should provide a large thanks to the people.

On my arrival, around 100 Black-headed Gulls were currently on website, a total amount which continued to be fixed throughout my see, though once more, birds were plainly reoccuring. From following 11:30 till 1:30 pm, I videotaped 22 colour-ringed Black-headed Gulls, with the last 2 birds of the day being videotaped at 2:22 & & 2:24 pm, providing me a last total amount of 24 ring discoveries. Up till today, 33 colour-ringed Black-headed Gulls had actually been videotaped right here this winter months, however a lot more are still to return.

On my return residence, I can not initially, make my tallies build up, as I had actually videotaped 24 colour-rings, however had 10 absentees, so one additional bird had actually shown up. Browsing the codes, I can not construct out that the additional bird was, however after getting in the codes onto my Antrim Marina Spread sheet, the suspect was – 2CSR , that currently comes to be the 34th bird to have actually been videotaped right here because I started this winter months’s sees.

2CSR , was ringed right here on the 24th December 2017, as a 2nd fiscal year bird. I’m not definitely certain regarding it’s household condition, as I have one reproducing period discovery, made right here at the Marina back in Might 2021. I’m leaning in the direction of the suggestion, that – 2CSR is a non-resident, and also possibly reproducing somewhere else in North Ireland. Customarily, I am relying upon reproducing period discoveries from various other viewers.

Broaching resident birds, I have actually seen that – 2ABK has actually not been videotaped because I started my winter months once a week sees. Sounded as a grown-up lady, right here at Antrim Marina, on the 23rd January 2013, throughout the years, it has actually been videotaped on many celebrations at the Marina throughout the reproducing period and also is classified as a year-round local. On one solitary celebration, the gull wandered off far from Antrim Marina, when it was photographed at Kinnego Marina at the southerly end of Lough Neagh, on the 17th March 2020, however was videotaped back at Antrim Marina on the third Might 2020.

Throughout arbitrary check outs to Antrim Marina this summertime, 2ABK existed on the 28th Might 2022, which was its last discovery. It was really unusual, that – 2ABK was not videotaped throughout my once a week sees, so I’m currently believing the bird has actually died eventually throughout the reproducing period. The following couple of weeks will certainly validate this regardless.

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I’m unsure whether I discussed my ‘one legged – left legged’ Black-headed Gull, which has actually been videotaped back over current weeks. This bird shown up right here last winter months, and also throughout my once a week sees, would certainly introduce its arrival by floating close to the home window of my vehicle. It understands me well currently, as I toss little bits of bread right into the air for it to capture. Because of having simply one leg, it does refrain from doing also well in competitors with the various other gulls when individuals toss bread onto the ground. Today, it obtained its fill.

Colour Ringed Black-headed Gulls Taped at Antrim Marina on Monday fifth September 2022


Colour Ringed Black-headed Gulls Taped at Antrim Marina This Autumn/Winter however Missing Today


Various Other Birds at Antrim Marina

The Mute Swan family members with their 4 cygnets existed throughout my see. One pair that viewed me feeding the cygnets with brownish bread were truly enthralled by exactly how accommodating the swans were. The woman assumed the cygnets looked so good and also snuggly, so I went back to my vehicle to obtain some even more bread. Handing a number of pieces to the woman, I informed her that she remained in no injury, and also whilst feeding the cygnets, she can stroke them. She can not think that she had the ability to pet them, and also it truly made her day. She stated that she would certainly return once more with some brownish bread, she truly appreciated the experience.

Around 60 Mallards existed on my arrival, however numbers had actually gone down somewhat prior to my separation. Customarily, a lot of legs were looked for rings.

One Lesser Black-backed Gull existed on my arrival, and also it as well continued to be throughout my see. A 2nd grownup showed up around 2:30 however was rapidly chased after off by the very first bird. No grown-up Herring or Usual Gulls were seen on today’s see, however a 2nd year Herring Gull came to 12:40, and also was still on the brief concrete jetty when I left.

3 Jackdaws were the only various other birds to be videotaped right here today.


Myroe Degrees – Sunday fourth September 2022

For an adjustment in views today, I made a decision to go to the Myroe Degrees near Limavady in Region Londonderry. When I considered it, I do not assume I went anywhere near it last winter months, though it is a preferred wintering location for Whooper Swans, Brent Geese, gulls and also waders. It is a color early for returning swans and also geese however ought to still benefit gulls and also waders. As soon as I had actually completed at Myroe, I would certainly after that proceed to Coleraine and also Portrush on the north shore of Antrim. Well, that was the strategy, once I reached Myroe, my see became a ‘Marathon Mid-day’.

I have actually never ever seen the similarity it right here, however there was more than 1,000 Usual Gulls, so amongst that great deal certainly there needed to be a colour-ring or more to be located. The 2nd 2 most many types were Black-headed Gulls and also Oystercatchers, though numbers were much less than 150 for both types. Some Lesser Black-backed Gulls, Herring Gulls and also at the very least 2 Mediterranean Gulls were additionally existing.

The location of the Myroe Degrees is really difficult for ‘Ring Checking out’. A harsh dust and also crushed rock track rungs along the seawall, dividing the areas from Lough Foyle. In between the track and also the areas, a vast tidal network, currently offers a rather affordable range from myself to the closest of the birds. The areas themselves are substantial and also run inland from the network. To provide some suggestion regarding the size of these areas, it would certainly be feasible to suit at the very least 3 great sized football pitches back-to-back in each.

With over a 1,000 gulls and also waders topped the size of the areas, I required some quantity of good luck to locate and also review rings amongst the closest of the birds. A larger trouble still, was that the bulk were relaxing on the yard, so I needed to hold your horses and also required several of these birds to rise and also stir.

By the end of the mid-day, I had actually handled to locate 7 colour-ringed birds entirely, that included 5 Oystercatchers, whose mix of colour-rings and also codes, were rather simple to record. A Black-headed Gull and also a Typical Gull, whose ring codes were recorded, were ‘Large Discoveries’ for me directly.

In long previous check outs to the degrees, I have actually seen Black-headed Gulls with Orange Darvics on greater than one celebration, however they were constantly as well far to record the codes. This moment, I had a bird that got on the borderline regarding whether I can record it or otherwise. On scoping the gull, I can not review the ring, so I after that complied with the bird with my electronic camera which has a much better reach. The elevation of the yard was not aiding, and also worst still the gull was strolling in the direction of a huge pool of water – and also in it went.

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The delay was currently on, I changed to the telescope once more, and also viewed the gull alcohol consumption and also showering. After an amount of time, which appeared like permanently, my target left and also began to groom itself. This moment, I recorded sufficient on the ring to recognize it was – 2BCC , a bird that I understood was a very first spotting for me and also came from Adam’s previous Northern Ireland job.

On returning residence and also inspecting my Ring Analysis Spread Sheet, I was pleased to see that this bird had actually been ringed as a chick in Region Donegal. Back in 2016, Adam was welcomed by the Embankment Shore Buzzing Team in organization with the Irish Parks and also Wild Animals Solution, to sound Black-headed Gulls at Inch Island. The lake has nesting Sandwich Terns, and also the Embankment Shore RG., concentrates on the buzzing of their chicks, while Adam and also myself colour-ringed Black-headed Gull chicks. A total amount of 122 Black-headed chicks were ringed over 2 sees, made on the 8th & & 22nd June 2016.

Really few of these have actually ever before been re-sighted, however that is not as a result of an absence of making it through birds. I put this entirely in the absence of birdwatchers in the Londonderry location that can reviewing rings. In succeeding check outs to Inch Island, I have actually scoped grown-up Black-headed Gulls with Orange Darvics back on their natal island, however these are simply beyond electronic camera array from the coast of the lake.

2BCC , was ringed as a chick, on the 8th June 2016. This very first re-sighting comes 6 years, 2 months and also 27 days because being ringed. The range from Inch Island to the Myroe Degrees, is about 28 kilometres/ 17 miles (ENE).

Black-headed Gull – 2BCC – Myroe Degrees, Lough Foyle, Co. Londonderry ( 04 Sep 2022)

( Sounded as a Chick, on the 8th June 2016, at Inch Island, Co. Donegal, Republic of Ireland)

Usual Gulls are my preferred types of gull, and also I started my very own colour-ringing job of this types on Rathlin Island in 2017. Whilst out seeking ringed birds, I’m constantly excited to locate my very own birds populated around the coastlines throughout the cold weather. With over 1,000 Usual Gulls right here today, there needed to go to the very least 1 or 2 with colour-rings. Having actually shown up on the degrees quickly after 1pm, I took place to tape 5 Oystercatchers with colour-rings, plus the Black-headed Gull pointed out over, and also was waiting on my very first Usual Gull ring.

Throughout the mid-day, simply one Usual Gull was identified with a ring – a steel that was means as well way out to be checked out. With 6pm having actually reoccured, I was starting to obtain very burnt out with a lot scoping and also appetite was additionally starting to overcome me. I made a decision to continue to be till 7pm and also would certainly after that go to residence. At 6:12, I after that identified a gull standing in a swimming pool of water, and also the top of a Darvic can be seen. Focusing with my electronic camera, the gull started to relocate, and also having actually taken many ineffective pictures, I at some point recorded the code – 2AJL

Usual Gull with Colour Ring – Myroe Degrees, Lough Foyle, Co. Londonderry ( 04 Sep 2022)

Although I did not identify the code, I assumed that this was most likely to be a Copeland bird, as a lot of the Usual Gulls ringed on that particular island, were ringed with the – 2A ** or 2H ** collection of codes. On getting to residence, I ran the code – 2AJL with my Ring Analysis Spread sheet, to locate that I had in fact ringed it as a chick on Rathlin Island.

The colour-rings that I utilize on the Usual Gulls, were offered to me by Shane Wolsey, that quit on his Copeland Common Gull job in 2014. Because getting these rings, I utilized the staying – 2A ** collection on Rathlin, complied with by the – 2B ** collection, and also I’m currently on the – 2C ** collection there. The staying – 2H ** collection are still booked for usage on The Copeland Islands.

2AJL , was ringed as a chick, on the 17th June 2017, at Rue Factor Lighthouse on the southerly pointer of Rathlin Island. The goal of my Rathlin job, is to see the number of of the chicks endure and also go back to the island to incorporate right into the general reproducing populace. This discovery of – 2AJL , is it’s very first because being ringed, with the period being 5 years, 2 months and also 18 days. 2AJL , would certainly have gotten to maturation and also should have reproduced for the very first time in 2020, so where has it reproduced over these last 2 summertimes?, will it ever before go back to Rathlin? Maybe feasible, that it is reproducing on Rathlin, as I can not get approval to go to both sub-colonies at Portawillan or Portcastle.

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I was truly delighted with this discovery, and also happy my persistence repaid. The range from Rathlin Island to the Myroe Degrees, is about 55 kilometres/ 34 miles (SW) however would certainly be much longer complying with a seaside course instead of a straight line course.

Usual Gull – 2AJL – Myroe Degrees, Lough Foyle, Co. Londonderry ( 04 Sep 2022)

( Sounded as a Chick, on the 17th June 2017, at Rue Factor, Rathlin Island, Co. Antrim)

Of the 5 colour-ringed Oystercatchers document, 3 were from Iceland, consisting of one that I have actually videotaped right here in the past, and also the staying 2 come from a North Ireland job coming from Kendrew Colhoun.

Emailing Boddi, that is the buzzing organizer for Icelandic Waders, he sent me PDF Declare all 3 birds.

Orange/White – White (TA), was ringed as an unsexed reproduction grownup, on Kirkjubólsvöllur Fairway, simply north-west of the Resources Reykjavik, on the first June 2018. It was very first videotaped in North Ireland on the 19th December 2020, when I identified the bird right here on the Myroe Degrees. In July 2021, it was videotaped back on the Kirkjubólsvöllur Golf Links in Iceland, and after that went back to the Myroe Degrees, where this moment, my ex-ringing instructor John Clarke, identified the bird on the 23rd September 2021. Boddi specified, that not all Icelandic summertime discoveries have actually reached him yet, so it is not recognized if the bird reproduced there throughout the summertime of 2022. The period because being ringed, is currently 4 years, 3 months and also 3 days, and also the range to the Myroe Degrees, is 1,326 kilometres/ 823 miles (SE).

Oystercatcher – OW-W( TA) – Myroe Degrees, Lough Foyle, Co. Londonderry ( 04 Sep 2022)

( Sounded as an Un-Sexed Reproduction Grownup, on the first June 2018, at Kirkjubólsvöllur (golf links), SW Iceland)

Lime/Lime – White (CC), was ringed as an unsexed reproduction grownup, on the 19 Might 2020, at Kiðafell in south-west Iceland, and also was ultimately videotaped there in both 2020 & & 2021. It’s very first ever before spotting in Northern Ireland, was videotaped right here at Myroe, by my brand-new buzzing instructor Richard Donaghey on the 28th February 2022. Throughout the previous summertime, there went to the very least one discovery of the bird back on it’s reproducing premises throughout Might 2022. This discovery today, takes the period to 2 years, 3 months and also 16 days because being ringed, and also the range to Myroe is about 1,310 kilometres/ 814 miles (SE).

Oystercatcher – LL-W( CC) – Myroe Degrees, Lough Foyle, Co. Londonderry)

( Sounded as an Un-Sexed Reproduction Grownup, on the 19th Might 2020, at Kiðafell, SW Iceland)

White/Green – White (XE), was ringed as an unsexed grownup, on the 21st June 2021, in the Selfoss location in southerly Iceland. The birds very first re-sighting was made by Richard Donaghey, right here on the Myroe Degrees, on the 28th February 2022. In late March, and also once more in very early April 2022, the bird was seen back in Iceland, feeding upon the Svarfhólsvöllur Fairway simply to the north of Selfoss. The period because being ringed, is currently 1 year, 2 months and also 2 week, and also the range from Selfoss is about 1,254 kilometres/ 779 miles (SE).

Oystercatcher – WG-W( XE) – Myroe Degrees, Lough Foyle, Co. Londonderry ( 04 Sep 2022)

( Sounded as an Un-Sexed Grownup, on the 21st June 2021, at Selfoss, S Iceland)

The last 2 Oystercatchers comes from a North Ireland job coming from Kendrew Colhoun. I sent out an e-mail to Kendrew worrying these 2 discoveries, and also yet, there has actually been no reply. I have actually sent both birds to the BTO by their colour-marks just, so with any luck the Oystercatchers get on the system.

Each bird, has a solitary Red ring over the left knee, and also a ‘White Flag’ with a 3 letter code over the ideal knee. The steel ring is fitted onto the reduced left leg.

Oystercatcher – R-W( ETT) – Myroe Degrees, Lough Foyle, Co. Londonderry ( 04 Sep 2022)

( Waiting On the Buzzing Facts)

Oystercatcher – R-W( EUE) – Myroe Degrees, Lough Foyle, Co. Londonderry)

( Waiting On the Buzzing Facts )


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