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Ring Viewing At Antrim Marina: Dual Whammy …

Ring Viewing At Antrim Marina: Dual Whammy …

Antrim Marina – Monday 19th December 2022

As a result of ailment, I stopped working to reach Antrim Marina on Monday fifth December as well as on Monday 12th December, which currently implies that I have actually lost out on 4 sees to the Marina this winter season. The initial of these 2 weeks happened in October (17th as well as 24th), because of an extreme kidney infection, which saw me off help 2 weeks also. On going back to function, I additionally fell victim to a cool for 2 weeks, though I had the ability to resolve that, yet continued to be in the house over the weekend breaks so regarding not make complex issues even more. This time around, I was struck with a dual whammy, as I was struck with both a tooth as well as throat infections at the exact same time. On Wednesday the 14th December, I will leave house for a fast see to Antrim Marina when an e-mail showed up from a Dermot Hughes.

Dermot, together with John O’Boyle were arranged to carry out an internet matter at Lough Beg, yet located themselves ‘misted out’, as well as as a result chose to take their lunch at Antrim Marina. With the cars and truck bordered by starving gulls, they quickly observed birds with colour-rings. An overall of 12 gulls were found with these rings as well as Dermot handed down the discoveries to me. This motivated me to continue to be in the house to refine the discoveries, entering them onto my primary Buzzing Analysis Spread sheet, my Antrim Marina Spread Sheet as well as Adam McClure’s Black-headed Gull Data source, which I have actually maintained upgraded because he quit on his previous Northern Ireland Research study. Having actually done all that, my following job was to develop a spread sheet for Dermot having their 12 discoveries as well as ultimately to send them all to the BTO. I after that chose to go to the Marina on Thursday rather, yet deviated for the even worse on Thursday as well as Friday.

The 12 gulls videotaped, were practically ‘average’ discoveries with the exemption of – 2FIJ , which was a fourth re-sighting because being ringed as an unsexed grownup, on the 10th January 2022. After being ringed, no regular discoveries were videotaped, yet the bird was initial re-sighted at the Marina by Suzanne Belshaw, on the 21st March 2022. I after that videotaped – 2FIJ , on the 8th & & 15th August 2022, yet the gull had actually not been seen once again previously.

My many thanks mosts likely to Dermot as well as John for their initiatives, which reveals that arbitrary sees from various other viewers can regurgitate some fascinating discoveries.

Colour Ringed Black-headed Gulls Tape-recorded at Antrim Marina on Monday 12th December 2022

by Dermot Hughes as well as John O’Boyle


With my issues having actually relieved over the weekend break, I went back to Antrim Marina on Monday 19th December 2022. The weather condition had actually boosted substantially, with temperature levels increasing right into dual numbers. There was thick cloud cover, that made it quite dark throughout the go to, with the periodic light shower of rainfall.

On my arrival, simply 21 Black-headed Gulls existed, as well as numbers swiftly enhanced to around 60 birds, which continued to be essentially the exact same total amount till I left. The initial gull videotaped was – 2FFF at 9:04. As a result of the absence of numbers, discoveries of colour-ringed gulls was a lengthy as well as extracted procedure, with my 20th as well as last discovery of – 2CSB , having actually been videotaped at 11:40. Today, I had actually watched for 44 colour-ringed Black-headed Gulls entirely that have actually been videotaped or ringed throughout this winter season, as a result today I had 24 absentees.

Colour Ringed Black-headed Gulls Tape-recorded at Antrim Marina on Monday 19th December 2022

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This ended up being yet one more inadequate proving by the gulls, which has actually been essentially a continuous function this winter season. I was really hoping on one more number of returnees, viewing as I have actually missed out on a number of sees. There are a number of gulls that were videotaped or ringed last winter season, which up until now have actually not returned this winter season. What’s also worse, several of my ‘crucial’ gulls which have actually returned this winter season, show up to have actually gone away in current weeks. These ‘crucial’ birds are such of – 2FDJ from Estonia, 2FDL from Sweden, as well as – 2FHV from Iceland. One gull on today’s listing of absentees – 2FIA , was seen by me at the Peoples Park in Ballymena on Friday past (16th), some 17 kilometres/ 10 miles (N).

Colour Ringed Black-headed Gulls Tape-recorded at Antrim Marina This Autumn/Winter yet Lacking Today


In spite of the reduced variety of gulls existing, they were most definitely attacking today. No question, the below absolutely no temperature levels over the last number of weeks was a significant aspect. As nobody showed up to feed the ducks, it was really simple to try to record one more gull or 2 to be ringed. Crouching amongst the swans to hand feed them, bread went down onto the ground was also appealing for several of the gulls. An overall of 7 Black-headed Gulls were captured, yet 3 of these were swiftly launched as they were currently ringed. When they swipe in for the bread amongst the swans, it is hard to see if they are ringed or otherwise. The 4 that were ringed, were an adolescent, a grown-up, as well as 2 2nd year birds because order. The adolescent, was just one of simply 3 that existed throughout today’s go to as well as plainly reveals that young people are refraining from doing also well.

The 4 that were captured, have actually been ringed – 2FIV , 2FIX , 2FJA as well as 2FJC After being ringed, I handled to find 2 of the 4 gulls to acquire pictures. Benefits understands where the various other 2 mosted likely to.

Black-headed Gull – 2FIV – Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 19 Dec 2022)

( Sounded as an Un-Sexed Juvenile at Antrim Marina, today – 19th December 2022)

Black-headed Gull – 2FJA – Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 19 Dec 2022)

( Sounded as an Un-Sexed second Fiscal Year Bird, at Antrim Marina, today – 19th December 2022)

Various Other Birds at Antrim Marina

On my arrival, simply a solitary grown-up Mute Swan existed on the slipway. An adolescent Mute Swan showed up from upriver at 9:35, quickly complied with by a 2nd at 9:40 from the exact same instructions. Both juveniles made their means to my cars and truck as well as quickly stuck themselves down for a snooze. Not difficult to inform, that they were 2 of the 4 cygnets that have actually been below because I started my regular sees back at the beginning of August. A couple of weeks earlier, among the cygnets had a poor leg injury as well as was hopping rather greatly. At one factor, I needed to raise this young person to put it back onto the waters side. I have actually not seen this young person because.

A 2nd grown-up Mute Swan showed up in from the Lough at 9:45, as well as a more 3 grownups can be found in from the Lough at 10:35. None of the swans were ringed.

Around 20 Mallards were additionally on the slipway on my arrival. By the time of my separation, the numbers had actually developed to the 50 mark, and also customarily most legs were looked for rings.

There was no indication of the resident Herring Gull, yet one did ultimately show up at 11:20. I understand this is a bird videotaped over current weeks, as it arrived on it’s typical placement on the archway next to the place where I park my cars and truck ignoring the brief concrete jetty.

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A grown-up Usual Gull got to 9:56, as well as was the just one to show up today.

Simply 2 Jackdaws showed up today. I do not understand what is happening with these birds, as numbers would certainly have been a whole lot greater in previous winters months.


From Cameron Moore

On Saturday 3rd December 2022, an e-mail showed up from Cameron Moore that resides in the town of Whitehead located on the coast of Belfast Lough, Region Antrim. Cameron would usually tape-record ringed gulls as well as terns rather often at Whitehead, as well as has actually mentioned that somehow, the variety of ringed birds videotaped at Whitehead, has actually handed over rather as contrasted to current years. One of the most remarkable decrease was that of Sandwich Terns, with much less birds travelling through this fall. It is popular, that throughout the summertime, some Sandwich Tern swarms were terribly impacted with serious situations of Bird Influenza.

Nonetheless, on the second December, a Danish Black-headed Gull went back to Whitehead, which is it’s favoured wintering website. (White) 5HA, was ringed as a man, on the 28th March 2015, at Gentofte Sø, an island near Copenhagen in Denmark. It’s initial ever before re-sighting was videotaped by Cameron, on the 26th November 2016, at Whitehead, as well as has actually gone back to Whitehead every winter season ever since. Prior to this summer season’s reproducing period, the last discovery was made by Ian Enlander, on the 12th March 2022.

I emailed the ringer, Kjeld Tommy Pedersen worrying Cameron’s most current discovery of (White) 5HA, yet yet no reply has actually loomed. If I keep in mind properly, I additionally emailed Kjeld last winter season also, with the exact same outcome.

Cameron’s most current discovery, is the 28th discovery document for many years at Whitehead. Without any updates from Kjeld, the only re-sighting of (White) 5HA back in Denmark, was videotaped on the 16th April 2018, when the gull was found back at Gentofte Sø.

The period because being ringed, is currently 7 years, 8 months as well as 4 days, as well as the range to Whitehead, is 1,160 kilometres/ 720 miles (W). My many thanks to Cameron for reporting the return of (White) 5HA, together with the picture.

Black-headed Gull – ( White) 5HA – Whitehead, Belfast Lough, Co. Antrim ( 02 Dec 2022)

( Sounded as a Man. on the 28th March 2015, at Gentofte Sø, Copenhagen, Denmark)

( Picture Thanks To Cameron Moore)


From Suzanne Belshaw

Suzanne Belshaw has actually additionally communicated worrying her most current discoveries made at Hillsborough Park Lake in Region Antrim. On the 28th November, as well as once again on the second December 2022, Suzanne videotaped a colour-ringed Black-headed Gull – 2P44 , which were initial discoveries of this bird in North Ireland. Recognizing it was a Scottish-rung gull, Suzanne emailed Iain Livingstone, that ultimately responded with the birds information.

2P44 , was ringed as a chick, on the 18th June 2019, at the Elvanfoot swarm in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. One previous re-sighting, was made on the 30th October 2019, when the after that adolescent was found by Jan Pole, at Gormanston Hair in Region Meath, in the Republic of Ireland.

The period because being ringed, is currently 3 years, 5 months as well as 15 days, as well as the range from Elvanfoot, is 188 kilometres/ 116 miles (WSW).

Black-headed Gull – 2P44 – Hillsborough Park Lake, Hillsborough, Co. Antrim ( 28 Nov 2022 & & 02 Dec 2022)

( Sounded as a Chick, on the 18th June 2019, at Elvanfoot, South Lanarkshire, Scotland)

( Picture Thanks To Suzanne Belshaw)

Whilst at Hillsborough Park Lake on the second December 2022, Suzanne additionally videotaped the resident Mute Swan – NLB NLB , was ringed at Hillsborough Park Lake, as a man, on the second March 2019, by Debbie Nelson as well as Aidan Crean. This most current discovery document, is the 8th for this swan generally at Hillsborough, as well as the period because being ringed, is currently 3 years as well as 9 months.


Once again, my many thanks mosts likely to Suzanne for these discoveries as well as pictures, as well as Suzanne has actually currently notified me that there are even more to find.

Mute Swan – NLB – Hillsborough Park Lake, Hillsborough, Co. Antrim ( 02 Dec 2022)

( Sounded as a Man, on the second March 2019, at Hillsborough Park Lake)

( Picture Thanks To Suzanne Belshaw)


The Peoples Park, Ballymena

In spite of being still rather unwell, on Friday 16th December 2022, I made a fast go to right into community to iron out a number of duties. On returning house, as I drove past the Peoples Park, I found Black-headed Gulls depending on the ice on the parks lake. A possibility not to be missed out on, I went back to the park after gathering my video camera from house. Concerning a quarter of the lake was iced up, with around 100 Black-headed Gulls whose legs can plainly be seen. Checking via these, 2 colour-rings were videotaped.

The initial, was that of – 2AXV , that is a wintertime site visitor to the park, yet at the exact same time, is a gull that is very difficult to ‘pin down’. The parks lake, can be a little bit of a trial and error, as differing varieties of Black-headed Gulls can be seen below throughout the cold weather. When numbers are rather high, it can be hard mosting likely to attempt as well as encourage the gulls to leave the water where their legs can be watched conveniently. They additionally favor to perch on the roofing system of the previous ‘Home Medical facility’, though also below, it can be hard to see every one of the legs.

2AXV , was ringed as a chick, on the 7th June 2016, at Marsh Lane Nature Book, in the West Midlands location of England. My initial discovery of the after that adolescent at the Peoples Park, was made on the 23rd October 2016, as well as ever since, 2AXV , has actually been re-sighted at the park at the very least as soon as every winter season because.

The period because being ringed, is currently 6 years, 6 months as well as 9 days, as well as the range from Marsh Lane to Ballymena, is 408 kilometres/ 254 miles (NW). On the BTO’s Online Buzzing Information, I discovered one document of – 2AXV having actually been videotaped back at Marsh Lane, this getting on the 11th April 2018.

Black-headed Gull – 2AXV – The Peoples Park, Ballymena, Co. Antrim ( 16 Dec 2022)

( Sounded as a Chick, on the 7th June 2016, at Marsh Lane Nature Book, West Midlands, England)

My 2nd Black-headed Gull was in fact one from my Antrim Marina Research – 2FIA 2FIA , was captured as well as ringed as an unsexed second Fiscal year Bird at the Marina, on the 15th November 2021. After being ringed, it was videotaped at the Marina on the 22nd November 2021 as well as once again on the sixth December 2021, as well as was after that found by myself on the 20th December 2021 below at the Peoples Park in Ballymena.

On the third January 2022, 2FIA was back at Antrim Marina, as well as it was consequently videotaped there throughout the summer season, besides the months of April as well as Might. The Peoples Park is located 17 kilometres/ 10 miles (N) from Antrim Marina, as well as the period because being ringed, is currently 1 year, 1 month as well as 1 day.

Black-headed Gull – 2FIA – The Peoples Park, Ballymena, Co. Antrim ( 16 Dec 2022)

( Sounded as an Un-Sexed second Winter Season Bird, on the 15th November 2021, at Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim)




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