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Antrim Marina – Monday 7th November 2022

When I left from my house in Ballymena to drive to Antrim Marina, is was drizzling fairly progressively, however luckily on my arrival it had actually quit. It was over cast as well as gusty throughout my see, with a projection of even more rainfall as well as more powerful winds later on in the day.

Simply 18 Black-headed Gulls were relied on my arrival quickly after 9am, with – 2ABN being the very first ring to be reviewed at 9:10. Numbers rapidly accumulated, with 16 colour-rings having actually read by 10:01. The optimum variety of BHGs was approximated to be around the 100 mark, which for this time around of the year, is still fairly reduced. A few of the colour-ringed gulls were plainly reoccuring, so total numbers would certainly have been a little greater.

I got here with a checklist of 41 colour-ringed gulls to keep an eye out for, that included 3 birds that have actually been captured as well as ringed this winter season. No even more returnees were taped today, as well as completely 24 colour-rings read by the time that I left following 12:30. Ever before enlarging cloud made it look fairly dark by now. 2FFL , which was a returnee taped last Monday, was taped once again today. Of both gulls that were captured as well as ringed last Monday ( 2FIL && 2FIN ), just 2FIL was seen today.

Colour Ringed Black-headed Gulls Videotaped at Antrim Marina on Monday 7th November 2022


With 17 absentees, I was not specifically delighted with my see today. In current days around my house community of Ballymena, I have actually observed huge groups of Black-headed Gull feeding in turf areas. I’m currently asking yourself if the quantity of rains that has actually tipped over the recently or two, might maybe be making it less complicated for the gulls to discover food. If this is additionally the situation around Antrim, it would certainly discuss why I had numerous missing out on gulls.

When I arrived today, little ‘runty’ was strolling along the parking lot near the in/out obstacle, as well as I needed to laugh to myself, when the gull saw me car parking in my common place, those little legs operated at full throttle as it strolled back throughout the parking lot to my automobile. I provided the gull it’s fill of brownish bread as well as I’m actually delighted to see that it has actually made it through up until now.

I discussed that the one-legged Black-headed Gull has actually not been seen just recently, however at 9:15, whilst ‘runty’ was obtaining it’s feed, the one legged gull began floating before me searching for a feed also. Later on, prior to I left, I made one more effort to capture one more gull or 2 for buzzing. Because of a couple of individuals having actually gotten here to feed the ducks, they were not eager to find near me whilst I fed the swans, wishing to make a catch while doing so.

As I complete this article on Friday mid-day (11th November), the information considered that last evening saw a document heat for November in Northern Ireland. Possibly a couple of icy evenings would certainly aid to enhance the number gulls checking out the Marina.

Colour Ringed Black-headed Gulls Videotaped at Antrim Marina This Autumn/Winter however Missing Today


Various Other Birds at Antrim Marina

On car parking at my common place close to the brief concrete jetty, extremely couple of birds existed. Besides the 18 Black-headed Gulls, the Mute Swan family members with the 4 cygnets as well as simply 20 Mallards were counted. Throughout the early morning, one of the most recognizable non occasion, was the absence of Mallards getting here. A more matter prior to I left around 12:30, once again provided an overall of 20 birds. What’s taking place below?, as numbers must be getting to anywhere from 60 to 100+ ducks right now of the year.

With the exception of a brief job upriver, the Swan family members existed throughout my see. Once again, for this time around of the year, extra Mute Swans would typically exist. Possibly, over the last number of months, various other swans have actually gotten here just to be gone after off by the resident set. With one short regular see, what does take place below worrying the swans, can not be accessed appropriately.

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The very first grown-up Usual Gull reached 9:30, adhered to by 2 various other grownups at 9:50 as well as 11:40. All 3 were still existing when I left, as well as there is still no indicator of the Scottish metal-rung bird. The resident grown-up Herring Gull reached 9:50, with a 2nd grownup, a women reaching 11:25. An adolescent Herring Gull showed up at 11:55, as well as evaluating by it’s response, this bird has actually not been below prior to. It was maintaining it’s range from individuals as well as ultimately made a decision to park itself on the roofing system of the Portal Centre.

A set of Hooded Crows, 6 Jackdaws as well as a solitary Pied Wagtail, were the only various other types kept in mind today.


From Luke Geraty

Just recently, I got an e-mail from my ‘Ring Reviewing’ equivalent in Dublin – Graham Prole, that rerouted an e-mail from a Luke Geraty. Whilst checking out the Grangecastle Service Park in the City of Dublin on the fifth November 2022, Luke found 2 colour-ringed gulls, one an adolescent Lesser Black-backed Gull coming from the Island of Male – G74: M , with the 2nd bird being a Black-headed Gull – 2CJF , which comes from Adam McClure’s previous Northern Ireland Research, which I currently reply to.

Simply for passion, Mark Fitzpatrick, that is the buzzing planner for Manx ringed gulls responded to Luke worrying – G74: M The bird was ringed as a chick, on the fourth July 2022, on the Calf bone of Male, Island of Male. Luke’s discovery was the very first for this gull, coming 4 months as well as 1 day because being ringed. The range is about 134 kilometres/ 83 miles (SW).

2CJF , was ringed as a chick, on the third July 2016. at the RSPB’s Blue Circle Island Book on Larne Lough, Co. Antrim. The very first re-sighting was made by myself, on the 26th August 2018, when I found – 2CJF , on the coast of Kinnegar Coastline located on the Co. Downside of Belfast Lough. From March 2019 to September 2021, the gull was taped on Kinnegar Coastline, or at the close-by RSPB Home window on Wild Animals Book where it embedded on nesting system 2 (9 discoveries in total amount).

The bird’s wintering website was unidentified till December 2021, when it was found by Graham Prole at the Grangecastle Service Park in the City of Dublin. The gull was still at business Park on the 19th January 2022 when taped by Tom Carroll. On the 24th February 2022, 2CJF was back on Belfast Lough, having actually been found by Ronnie Doggart back on Kinnegar Coastline. Throughout the previous summertime, I made a number of efforts to document – 2CJF , back on the RSPB WoW Book or on the Kinnegar Coast with no good luck.

This most recent discovery made by Luke at the Grangecastle Service Park, was dazzling to obtain, as it currently confirms the gull is still active as well as well, as well as additionally includes much time onto the bird’s long life. The period because being ringed, is currently 6 years, 4 months as well as 2 days, as well as the range from Larne Lough to the City of Dublin, is 171 kilometres/ 106 miles (SSW). My many thanks mosts likely to Luke for his discovery as well as for his authorization to enable me to report on the discovery together with the picture.

Black-headed Gull – 2CJF – Grangecastle Service Park, Dublin City, Republic of Ireland (05 Nov 2022)

( Called as a Chick, on the third July 2016, at RSPB Blue Circle Island NR, Larne Lough, Co. Antrim)

( Picture Thanks To Luke Geraty)


Sunday sixth November 2022

Having actually continued to be in your home over the previous 3 weekend breaks as a result of being ill, I was looking forwards to venturing out this weekend break, however wound up heading out on Sunday just. I made a decision to check out websites around Belfast, however heading, I called right into the community of Antrim to look into a couple of websites. In Antrim, I taped 2 re-sightings, as well as in Belfast, I had no good luck till I got to the Connswater Mudflats, where I had 3 re-sightings.

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The very first of 2 Black-headed Gulls to be discovered in Antrim, was my 3rd document discovery of – EA65722 , at the KFC parking lot. It was ringed as a chick, on the 26th June 2021, at Marlingford Hall in Norfolk, England. My discoveries for this gull are the just one up until now, having actually formerly taped the gull at the KFC parking lot, on the 14th as well as 19th August 2022. The period because being ringed, is currently 1 year, 4 months as well as 11 days, as well as the range from Norfolk to Antrim, is 536 kilometres/ 333 miles (WNW). It shows up that – EA65722 will certainly stay in Antrim over the coming winter season.

Black-headed Gull – EA65722 – Antrim KFC, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 06 Nov 2022)

( Called as a Chick, on the 26th June 2021, at Marlingford Hall, Norfolk, England)

On getting to Antrim’s Baptist Church, I was stunned to tape the Polish-rung Black-headed Gull – (White) TY43. A routine winter season site visitor to the church, I made a decision that the gull had actually passed away, as last winter season, it was taped on simply the one event – 30th October 2021. Also, over the previous summertime, I examined a variety of events on the ‘Online Polish Buzzing Data Source’, to see if the gull had actually gone back to Poland, however there were no access.

( White) TY43, had actually been ringed as an unsexed second Fiscal year Bird, on the 9th February 2012, in the Olsztyn location in Poland. The very first re-sighting, was made by Adam McClure, on the 29th October 2013, when he found the gull at Antrim Marina. From after that, this gull went unrecorded below in North Ireland, till the 16th October 2017, when I dropped in with (White) TY43, below at the Baptist Church, which is currently it’s favoured wintering website. Given that 2017, I have actually currently taped the gull every winter season at the church. Back in Poland, the gull has actually been taped back in the Olsztyn location in 2015, 2017, 2018 as well as 2019.

The period because being ringed, is currently ten years, 8 months as well as 28 days, as well as the range to Antrim, is 1,725 kilometres/ 1,071 miles (W), from Olsztyn. Having actually currently made a number of gos to this winter season to the church this winter season, I actually did not anticipate this discovery.

Black-headed Gull – ( White) TY43 – Antrim Baptist Church, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim (06 Nov 2022)

( Called as an Un-Sexed second Schedule Bird, on the 9th February 2012, at Olsztyn, Poland)

In Belfast, I was a trifle annoyed without any ring discoveries till I got to the Connswater Mudflats on Belfast Harbour Industrial Estate. Right here, I re-sighted 2 Black-headed Gulls coming from Adam McClure’s previous NI Research, with both birds being routine winter season site visitors to the location. On these exact same mudflats, in the past, I have actually taped colour-ringed Black-headed Gulls from Norway, Poland, Germany, Holland as well as Denmark.

The very first of Adam’s Black-headed Gulls to be taped today, was – 2AJV 2AJV , was ringed as a chick, on the 19th June 2014, at the WWT Castle Espie Marsh Centre in Region Down. As an adolescent, it was very first re-sighted on the 30th October 2014, by Scott O’Hara, at the Connswater Shopping center parking lot, which is rather near the mudflats below, as well as the close-by Victoria Park. From 2015, with the exemption of 2017 as well as 2019, 2AJV , has actually been taped wintering mostly on the mudflats, however sometimes taped at Victoria Park. The only summertime discovery, was made on the 25th Might 2019, when the gull was found back at it’s natal swarm at Castle Espie.

The period because being ringed, is currently 8 years, 4 months as well as 18 days, as well as the range from Castle Espie to the Connswater Mudflats, is 16 kilometres/ 9 miles (NW).

Black-headed Gull – 2AJV – Connswater Mudflats, Belfast Harbour Industrial Estate (06 Nov 2022)

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( Called as a Chick, on the 19th June 2014, at WWT Castle Espie Marsh Centre, Co. Down)

The secondly of Adam’s Black-headed Gulls was – 2AKJ 2AKJ , was ringed as a chick at Castle Espie, on the 15th June 2015. The very first re-sighting was made by myself on the fourth September 2016, when I found the gull at Belfast’s Victoria Park. My following experience was made on Xmas Day 2018, whilst feeding the gulls with bread at the parking lot on Connswater Roadway. This parking lot offers to conveniently access both the Connswater Mudflats as well as Victoria Park. Throughout the winter seasons of 2019/2020 as well as 2020/2021, I taped – 2AKJ on the Connswater Mudflats.

The following collection of discoveries were made in the summertime of 2021, as well as once again throughout this previous summertime, when the gull was found back at it’s natal swarm at Castle Espie. I attempted to find –

2AKJ last winter season around Connswater as well as Victoria Park, I fell short to find the bird. This winter season, I dropped in with the gull at Victoria Park on the 27th August, with today’s discovery being the 2nd for this winter season. The period because being ringed is currently 7 years, 4 months as well as 22 days, as well as the range from Castle Espie, is 16 kilometres/ 9 miles (NW). Black-headed Gull –


– Connswater Mudflats, Belfast Harbour Industrial Estate (06 Nov 2022)

( Called as a Chick, on the 15th June 2015, at WWT Castle Espie Marsh Centre, Co. Down)

On the mudflats, the variety of Black-headed Gulls existing, was the biggest I have actually seen below, perhaps pressing in the direction of the 200 mark. As it was fairly late right into the mid-day, a growing number of gulls progressively got here. This led me right into extending my see, as well as having actually currently protected Adam’s 2 gulls, a young pair quit to ask if there was anything unique. They were fairly interested, when I clarified that I was searching for colour-coded rings on the gulls. I also mentioned regarding a colour-ringed Scottish Oystercatcher which I was wishing to document, however I incorrectly stated if obtained, the bird would certainly be something like 18 years old. After a lengthy conversation, they continued on their means as well as were not level of view, when a tiny group of Oystercatchers got here. Scoping with them, there was my Scottish bird, which fast strolled to the fresh water electrical outlet to wash. The waiting video game had actually currently begun, as well as I was a little bit stressed, as the light was starting to go. Ultimately, the bird left the river as well as I handled to catch the code. On the left leg, a simple red ring was positioned over the steel ring, as well as on the appropriate leg, the red coded ring read – Y1 – (R-R( Y1). R-R( Y1), was initially ringed with a steel ring just ( FA73649 ), as an unsexed grownup, on the 29th March 1996, on the River Spey in Newtonmore, in the Highlands Area of Scotland. The bird was captured on the 17th March 2018 at the exact same place, as well as was provided a brand-new steel ring (


), along with having actually the colour-rings fitted. Ever since, all discoveries of this bird has actually been taped by myself.

I initially found – R-R( Y1), on the 11th August 2019, on Kinnegar Coastline, which is just a few mins repel from the Connswater Mudflats. Additional discoveries have actually all been made on the mudflats – February 2020, November 2020 as well as February 2022. My most recent discovery, in fact takes the period, to 26 years, 7 months as well as 8 days because the initial buzzing day (sorry people if your analysis this, as you entrusted to a card for my blog site). The range from Newtonmore, is 295 kilometres/ 183 miles (SSW).

Oystercatcher – R-R( Y1) – Connswater Mudflats, Belfast Harbour Estate, Belfast (06 Nov 2022)

( Called as an Un-Sexed Grownup, on the 29th March 1996, at Newtonmore, Highland Area, Scotland)(*) *******************************************************(*)

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