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Ring Seeing At Antrim Marina: Where Are The Gulls …

Ring Seeing At Antrim Marina: Where Are The Gulls …

Antrim Marina – Monday 21st November 2022

Having actually experienced an inadequate revealing from the Black-headed Gulls on last Monday’s regular go to, today was equally as poor. It drizzled throughout the go to, as well as needing to stay in the automobile to attempt as well as maintain completely dry, despite just how I placed my automobile, the rainfall still procured in with the open home window. On my arrival, simply 19 Black-headed Gulls existed, as well as the very first colour-ring read was that of – 2FIL at 9:15. A lot more Black-headed Gulls showed up within no time at all in any way, as well as by 10:12, the ring of – 2BRA , was the 18th to be reviewed. Now, at the very least 60 Black-headed Gulls existed, yet after that numbers begun to leave. From this factor, just a more 6 colour-rings read, providing an overall of 24 for the go to.

Of 41 colour-rings to keep an eye out for, this implied I had 17 absentees today, as well as say goodbye to returnees were videotaped. It was actually uninteresting, because of the absence of birds existing, and also as the rainfall started to drop also larger around 12:30, I made a decision to leave for house. I took a picture of the gulls existing as I was leaving, with specifically all birds standing regarding the parking area, these numbering around 40 completely.

Black-headed Gulls Spread Around Parking Lot on my Separation

Colour Ringed Black-headed Gulls Tape-recorded at Antrim Marina on Monday 21st November 2022


Colour Ringed Black-headed Gulls Tape-recorded at Antrim Marina This Autumn/Winter yet Lacking Today


Various Other Birds at Antrim Marina

On car parking near the slipway at the Marina, I discovered straightaway that there were just 2 cygnets existing together with their moms and dads. Just recently, among the cygnets would certainly wander off far from the household team, yet would certainly re-join them later on in the early morning. Of both children existing, one together with it’s mom stalked my automobile searching for a feed of bread. Ultimately, the 2nd young person left the river to make it’s method over, yet this set was hopping really greatly, needing to flap it’s wings to maintain it’s equilibrium. This stuck down next to my automobile, yet eventually, I needed to raise the bird as well as area it back onto the water for it’s very own security.

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Quickly prior to I left, a 3rd young person showed up. Now, a male with his canine came close to the slipway, as well as though the canine got on a lead, he enabled the canine to challenge the 3 ‘hissing’ cygnets. Once more, we have a pet dog proprietor, that coldly neglects the requirement to maintain canines far from wild animals. It would certainly not shock me in the least, if the hurt cygnet, was the outcome of being chased after by a pet dog.

Around 11am, a grown-up Mute Swan swam in from Lough Neagh, just to be chased after off by the resident set. I believe that this might coincide bird that took care of ahead onto the slipway recently.

Mallard numbers remain to be stunning reduced. 17 were depended on my arrival, as well as at the time of my separation, just 12 birds continued to be. Once more, for this moment of the year, upwards of a hundred ducks ought to generally exist.

One grown-up Typical Gull existed throughout today’s go to, as well as a 2nd grown-up come to 10:55, complied with by an adolescent at 11:03. Still no indication of the Scottish metal-rung bird. The resident Herring Gull came to 10:45 as well as was still existing when I left.

Simply 2 Jackdaws as well as a male Pied Wagtail, were the only various other types kept in mind today. What is happening with the birds at Antrim Marina – I have actually never ever understood it to be so inadequate right here.


From Lindsay Hodges

Lindsay Hodges has actually communicated once again with a number of ring discoveries at Ballyholme as well as one at Kinnegar Coastline. Lindsay has actually lately relocated right into the Ballyholme location, so I presume, that I will certainly listen to a great deal extra from him in the future.

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In my previous message, I reported on 2 Black-headed Gull discoveries made by Lindsay at Ballyholme, as well as in my reply, I mentioned that an additional routine that can be located at Ballyholme is – 2ABT No quicker stated, when on the 18th November 2022, Lindsay identified – 2ABT at Luke’s Factor in Ballyholme, together with his 2nd discovery of the Polish Black-headed Gull – TRX9

2ABT , has a lengthy background of discoveries, with this one being the 30th overall. The gull was ringed as a man at Ballyholme on the 24th January 2013. Throughout the winter season considering that being ringed, the gull has actually usually been videotaped wintering at Ballyholme, yet in the summer season the bird has actually been videotaped on numerous events at Sandy Bay in Larne, Co. Antrim. It was believed that – 2ABT might well be nesting on the RSPB’s Blue Circle Island Book on Larne Lough. On the third July 2022, I photographed – 2ABT on the coast before Glynn train terminal, which is as close as you can reach the island without using a watercraft. The period considering that being ringed, is currently 9 years, 9 months as well as 25 days.

Black-headed Gull – 2ABT – Luke’s Factor, Ballyholme, Co. Down ( 18 Nov 2022)

( Called as a Man, on the 24th January 2013, at Luke’s Factor, Ballyholme, Co. Down)

( Picture Thanks To Lindsay Hodges)

As stated over, the 2nd Black-headed Gull was the Polish – TRX9 See my previous message for this birds account ( read).

Black-headed Gull – TRX9 – Luke’s Factor, Ballyholme, Co. Down ( 18 Nov 2022)

( Called as a Chick, on the fifth June 2019, on Ptasia Wyspa Island, Lake Rynskie, Ryn, Poland)

( Picture Thanks To Lindsay Hodges)

Whilst on my tea-break at the workplace on the evening of the 22nd November 2022, I obtained an additional e-mail from Lindsay, this moment having a discovery of a Bar-tailed Godwit which was identified previously that day. I acknowledged the bird as one which was lately identified by Suzanne Belshaw at the RSPB’s Home window on Wild animals Book in Belfast, located close to David’s discovery on Kinnegar Coastline on Belfast Lough.

By the time that I appeared on the complying with day, David’s discovery had actually currently been arranged. David had actually sent out a duplicate of his image to his bro that benefits the RSPB in England, that recommended that the Godwit was from Norway. The Norwegians were after that gotten in touch with, as well as a reply promptly complied with.

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The bird, ringed with an ordinary ‘red’ ring on the left shin, as well as a ‘yellow flag’ engraved with the letters ‘PVE’ on the appropriate shin, was ringed as an unsexed adolescent, on the 21st August 2022, at the Revtangen Ornithological Terminal on the south-west coastline of Norway. The range was offered as 829 kilometres/ 515 miles (WSW), as well as the period considering that being ringed, was 3 months as well as 1 day. Suzanne’s discovery of this bird, was made on the 14th September 2022.

My many thanks once again mosts likely to Lindsay for these discoveries, together with the images.

Bar-tailed Godwit – R-Yf( PVE) – Kinnegar Coastline, Belfast Lough, Co. Down (22 Nov 2022)

( Called as an Un-Sexed Juvenile, on the 21st August 2022, at Revtangen, Rogaland, Norway)

( Picture Thanks To Lindsay Hodges)


From David Knight

David Knight emailed me worrying an adolescent Typical Gull that he identified on the 19th November 2022 at Bessbrook Fish pond in Bessbrook, Co. Armagh. The bird birthed a White Darvic engraved – JU434. Understanding this was from Norway, I sent the bird onto the real-time ‘Norwegian Buzzing Data Source’, as well as promptly acquired the buzzing information.

It was ringed as a chick, on the 7th July 2022, at Sortland in north Norway. David’s discovery was the very first for this young gull, having actually taken a trip a tremendous 1,965 kilometres/ 1,220 miles (SW). The period considering that being ringed, was 4 months as well as 12 days.

My many thanks to David for reporting this discovery to me, as well as for permitting me to include this to my blog site together with the image. This is David’s 2nd payment, having actually reported a Herring Gull at the exact same website back in February 2022.

Juvenile Common Gull – ( White) JU434 – Bessbrook Fish pond, Bessbrook, Co. Armagh (19 Nov 2022)

( Called as a Chick, on the 7th July 2022, at Sortland, Nordland, Norway)

( Picture Thanks To David Knight)




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