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I was out once again with Peregrine lover Jim Wells on Saturday sixth August, assisting him to examine a number of limited nest websites which are seldom utilized nowadays. Jim has actually been inspecting North Ireland Peregrine nest websites considering that 1977. With many chicks having actually fledged by June, all previous websites are after that inspected to see if there has actually been any kind of indicators of line of work. With the help of my brand-new drone, we had the ability to acquire clear video footage of the high cliffs, to search for indicators of eliminates, droppings and so on. At one website, we flew the drone approximately a nest walk that had actually been utilized this summer season. Without any indication of the grownups or the 3 chicks, I had the ability to acquire a close sight of the nest walk which is not quickly seen from below, as well as a good website it was as well.

On Sunday, I covered the coastline from Whitehead, making my means northwards to Cushendall. Tons of legs were inspected, regrettably not a solitary ring was identified.

Since Jim has actually completed inspecting Peregrine websites, my emphasis currently returns completely on the job of ‘Ring Reviewing’. There will certainly be countless returnees to find, in addition to birds lately ringed as chicks. With Antrim Marina on the move too, I’m wishing that the suspension of sounding tasks will certainly be raised at some time in the future. Buzzing has actually been put on hold in Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, as well as much more lately in Wales because of ‘Bird Influenza’.


Antrim Marina – Monday 8th August 2022

Recently saw the start of my regular brows through to Antrim Marina, as I have actually been examining a wintering populace of Black-headed Gulls there. I started the research study, to run along with Adam McClure’s North Ireland Black-headed Gull Research study, which ranged from November 2012, up until June 2018. Adam needed to surrender on his task because of function as well as household dedications. I came to be included with the task in September 2013, when I review colour-rings at Antrim Marina for the very first time. After that, I chose to go to Antrim Marina when weekly, beginning from the initial weekend break in August, up until the last weekend break in March yearly. In spite of Adam surrendering his research study, I chose to proceed with mine, specifically as I had actually re-trained to be a ringer myself.

This wintertime, is currently my 10th wintertime total analysis rings as well as when feasible, I attempt to capture brand-new birds for my research study. Recently, I oversleeped on Monday early morning, yet undertook my initial check out for this fall as well as winter on Tuesday second August. A sensibly great total amount of 27 colour-rings read, these being the standard for this wintertime’s brows through.

The problems for today, saw a cozy, tranquil day, yet unlike recently, extremely couple of gulls showed up. Getting here after 9am, simply 4 Black-headed Gulls existed at the Marina, as well as minutes later on they were gone. It was extremely peaceful as well as there was also an absence of individuals, whereas, you ‘d typically see a great number of pedestrians – a burial ground would possibly have actually been active.

As the early morning endured, the gulls did show up, as did even more individuals. After the preliminary 4 Black-headed Gulls had actually flown, I needed to wait up until 10:20, prior to a tiny team of gulls showed up. Among these had a Blue Darvic, as well as having actually reviewed the code with my field glasses, I rushed to get my electronic camera. Having actually reviewed – 2FHV , I immediately understood this bird had actually returned from Iceland.

2FHV , was the 9th of 15 Black-headed Gulls that I captured as well as ringed below last wintertime. I captured it on the 8th November 2021, as well as ringed it as an un-sexed grownup. It was videotaped throughout the complying with 2 brows through (15th & & 22nd November 2021), and afterwards the gull went missing out on for some time. Graham McElwaine saw Antrim Marina on the 24th February 2022, as well as – 2FHV , was just one of 9 colour-rings that he reviewed that day. This was the last I came across the bird up until a rerouted e-mail showed up from Iceland. This e-mail had actually originally been sent out to Paul Roper of The Thames Gull Team in England.

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Aevar Petersen, reported the discovery of – 2FHV , in support of Ólafur Larsen, that had actually identified as well as photographed the bird. It was seen at Akureyri in north Iceland, on the 26th June 2022, as well as I was educated of a 2nd discovery at Akureyri, on the 8th July 2022, by the Icelandic Gallery. Akureyri, is 1,381 kilometres/ 858 miles (NNW) from Antrim Marina. I was truly delighted to see the return of – 2FHV today. The period considering that being ringed, is precisely 9 months.

Black-headed Gull – 2FHV – Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 08 Aug 2022)

( Called as an Un-Sexed Grownup, on the 8th November 2021, at Antrim Marina)

This tiny team of gulls did not remain long, as well as this pattern of reoccuring, was duplicated all early morning. At no time, existed anymore than 30 to 35 Black-headed Gulls, though some birds did make return brows through. The most effective team of the early morning showed up following, as well as included a couple of colour-rings. The alongside read at 10:41, was that of – 2FIJ , which I understood was a 2nd returning bird, though in my very own mind I was uncertain of it’s background below.

On returning house, I consulted my spread sheet, to discover that this was the last of the 15 gulls to be ringed below last wintertime. It was ringed, as an unsexed grownup, on the 10th January 2022. After being ringed, it was just videotaped when at the Marina, which got on the 21st March 2022, when identified by Suzanne Belshaw throughout among her unusual brows through below. The period is currently 6 months as well as 29 days considering that this gull was ringed.

Black-headed Gull – 2FIJ – Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 08 Aug 2022)

( Called as an Un-Sexed Grownup, on the 10th January 2022, at Antrim Marina)

Entirely, 15 colour-rings were videotaped throughout today’s check out, with 3 of these having actually not been videotaped recently. The 3rd was that of – 2ABS Among the earliest of the Black-headed Gulls to be ringed below by Adam, I rather certain that this bird is an all the time local to Antrim Marina. Throughout the years, there has actually been a variety of reproducing period discoveries at the Marina, which recommends that this gull is most likely to reproduce on the close-by previous ‘Torpedo System’. 2ABS , was ringed below as a grown-up woman, on the 23rd January 2013. The majority of reproducing period discoveries have actually happened in the month of June, which would certainly refer the timing of having chicks. The period considering that being ringed, is currently 9 years, 6 months as well as 16 days.

Of the 15 Black-headed Gulls captured as well as ringed below last wintertime, 7 of them were juvenile/1st wintertime birds. The just one of those 7 children to have actually been videotaped back until now, is – 2FHP 2FHP , was ringed below on the 8th November 2021. It was consequently videotaped throughout many weeks for the rest of the wintertime, with the last discovery having actually been made on the 21st March 2022. My last regular check out for the 2021/2022 winter was made on the 28th March 2022. Extremely couple of summer season brows through were taken on at the Marina, yet I did document – 2FHP , on the 28th May 2022.

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Having actually resumed my regular wintertime brows through, 2FHP was videotaped recently, in addition to today. The period for this bird, is currently 9 months precisely. Below is an image proving – 2FHP handled the 15th November 2021, as well as the one taken today.

Black-headed Gull – 2FHP – Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 08 Aug 20220

( Called as a Juvenile/1st Winter Months Bird, on the 8th November 2021, at Antrim Marina)

The 3 extra discoveries today, takes my general total amount to thirty colour-ringed Black-headed Gulls videotaped until now throughout this autumn/winter period, with 2 brows through having actually been made. One gull that I am specifically curious about, is – 2CSX This gull was last videotaped below at Antrim Marina, on the 19th September 2021. Afterwards day, it might have mosted likely to the previous Belfast Water supply, where it is understood to regular throughout the cold weather, prior to going back to Antrim Marina before the start of the reproducing period. The gull fell short to return to the Marina last springtime, so a concern mark currently hangs over it’s head, whether it is still active. The gull was ringed as an adolescent at Antrim Marina in December 2018, as well as it is for that reason still a rather young bird.

Colour Ringed Black-headed Gulls Videotaped at Antrim Marina on Monday 8th August 2022


Black-headed Gulls Videotaped at Antrim Marina This Autumn/Winter, yet Lacking Today


Various Other Birds at Antrim Marina

Together with the absence of Black-headed Gulls at the Marina today, the very same can be claimed of various other varieties of birds. On my arrival, there were 2 grown-up Herring Gulls, that included the bird with the hurt wing videotaped below last Tuesday. It was still on the lengthy wood jetty, as well as was extremely happy for some bread that I tossed down to it. Existing, was the very same adolescent Herring Gull which strolled up to me last week as I rested in my vehicle, as well as took bread straight from my hand.

A solitary grown-up Usual Gull, reoccured throughout the early morning, as well as I’m rather certain that it coincided bird each time. A 2nd schedule Usual Gull showed up at 9:28, as well as it as well, reoccured throughout the early morning.

Throughout the years that I have actually been below, a periodic Usual Tern would fly in from Lough Neagh, yet none have actually ever before landed up until today. At 10:21, a bird flew around the river which streams past the Marina, as well as at some point arrived on the brand-new portal which has actually lately been put up on the lengthy wood jetty. I had actually implied to take an image of this portal recently, yet neglected after having discussions with numerous individuals. Today, I obtained my picture of the portal, in addition to the Usual Tern. The portal is not secured, so anyone can open it as well as go through. The Usual Terns are still reproducing on the close-by previous ‘Torpedo System’ presently.

Usual Tern – Antrim Marina (08 Aug 2022)

The New Portal on the Long Wooden Jetty, Antrim Marina (08 Aug 2022)

35 Mallards existed on my arrival, yet numbers boosted a little to around 50 prior to I left. No Mute Swans initially, yet the household event, together with the 4 cygnets showed up around 10:30. All 4 cygnets are currently with confidence feeding from my hand.

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Besides the waterbirds, just 4 Jackdaws were kept in mind today.


From Suzanne Belshaw

On the third July 2022, Suzanne Belshaw identified a metal-rung Lesser Black-backed Gull near to her house in Lisburn, Region Antrim. Having actually taken numerous pictures of the gull as well as it’s ring, Suzanne took care of to catch the complete ring number to find her bird was from Portugal. I sent Suzanne’s discovery of – LV19833 to the BTO, as well as after a brief delay, we got the buzzing information.

LV19833 , was ringed as a 3rd fiscal year bird, on the 22nd January 2020, at Sítio das Hortas, Santarém, Portugal, which is positioned simply to the eastern of the resources Lisbon. The range to Lisburn in Region Antrim, was provided as 1,764 kilometres/ 1,096 miles (N).

On the 31st July 2022, Suzanne ran into the very same gull once again near her house. To be ‘Certain to ensure’, as the Irish stating goes, Suzanne once more commenced photographing the ring number, as well as undoubtedly, the bird was – LV19833 The period considering that being ringed, is currently 2 years, 6 months as well as 9 days.

My many thanks once again mosts likely to Suzanne for her discovery record as well as pictures. As I have actually claimed in the past, recording metal-numbers is a genuine reward for us ‘Ring Viewers’ – well done Suzanne.

Lesser Black-backed Gull – Portugal LV19833 – Lisburn, Co. Antrim (31 Jul 2022)

( Called as an Un-Sexed third Fiscal Year Bird, on the 22nd January 2020, at Sítio das Hortas, Santarém, Portugal)

( Image Thanks To Suzanne Belshaw)


From Steven Fyffe

An e-mail from Steven Fyffe, saw the 3rd discovery in current weeks, of Black-headed Gull – 250B Steven identified the gull at the Sprucefield Shopping Center in Region Down, on the 10th August 2022. Called as a chick, on the sixth June 2008, at Lough Mask, Region Mayo in the Republic of Ireland, 250B makes use of Sprucefield Shopping center as a hosting article when transferring to it’s wintering quarters which are yet unidentified. All fall discoveries at Sprucefield have actually happened throughout the months of July as well as August prior to the bird carries on. A straight line of trip from Lough Mask with Sprucefield, might potentially take the gull right into Dumfries & & Galloway in Scotland.

The only springtime discoveries of – 250B at Sprucefield happened in February & & March 2016, when the gull was making the return trip to Lough Mask. At Lough Mask, the gull has actually been videotaped on 5 events – June 2009, June 2010, June 2017 as well as two times in Might 2019. 250B , was initial found at Sprucefield Shopping center, on the first July 2013, when identified by Adam McClure. The various other 2 current discoveries were made by Suzanne Belshaw on the 25th July 2022, as well as by David Nixon on the 29th July 2022. This discovery made by Steven, is the 26th at Sprucefield. The range from Lough Mask to Sprucefield, is 232 kilometres/ 144 miles (ENE), as well as the period considering that being ringed, is currently 14 years, 2 months as well as 4 days.

My many thanks mosts likely to Steven for his discovery record, together with an image. With this gull hopping on in years, it would certainly be wonderful if somebody might find the bird at it’s wintering website – below’s wishing!!

Black-headed Gull – 250B – Sprucefield Shopping Center, Co. Down (10 Aug 2022)

( Called as a Chick, on the sixth June 2008, at Lough Mask, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland)

( Image Thanks To Steven Fyffe)


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