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Ring Enjoying At Antrim Marina: Even More Like It …

Ring Enjoying At Antrim Marina: Even More Like It …

Antrim Marina – Monday 28th November 2022

My benefits – what a turn-around. Having actually grumbled regarding the absence of gulls at Antrim Marina throughout my last couple of gos to, today, I was blitzed with them. From the go, well over a hundred Black-headed Gulls were existing throughout my check out, which actually maintained me on my toes. I absolutely was not burnt out today. Numbers appeared to go down simply somewhat by the time of my separation, though an unidentified number had actually parked themselves on the roofing of the Portal Centre.

I got to the Marina at 9:05, having actually made easy work of the web traffic for an adjustment. It was a clear bright as well as tranquil day, with a minor nip airborne early. I watched for 41 colour-ringed Black-headed Gulls, that included 3 birds which had actually been captured as well as ringed this wintertime.

The very first colour-ring to be checked out, was that of – 2FIF at 9:07. A hr later on, the ring of – 2ABN was the 26th colour-ring read. The 24th colour-ring read at 9:55, saw me hurrying back to my automobile to order the cam, as I had actually identified a brand-new returnee – 2FDL This was one bird that I have actually been specifically eager to re-sight at the Marina, having actually been identified in Sweden back on the third April 2022.

2FDL , was captured as well as ringed at the Marina, on the 18th November 2019, as an unsexed grownup. After being ringed, it was tape-recorded on 5 of my regular gos to, with the last discovery of the 2019/2020 wintertime having actually been made on the 20th January 2020. The adhering to wintertime of 2020/2021, 2FDL was not re-sighted in any way, as well as lastly showed up once again on the 31st January 2022, with a 2nd discovery at the Marina on the 7th February 2022.

After that came an e-mail from Claes-Göran Magnusson, that identified – 2FDL at Råstasjön Nature Get, at Solna, on the side of Stockholm, Sweden, on the third April 2022. The nature book has a reproducing swarm of around 400 sets of Black-headed Gulls, though – 2FDL was not seen once again, consequently it is unidentified for sure whether this gull reproduced at the website. The range from Antrim Marina, is 1,551 kilometres/ 963 miles (ENE).

I was actually thrilled to videotape the return of this bird, as it currently finished the circle.

Black-headed Gull – 2FDL – Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 28 Nov 2022)

( Called as an Un-Sexed Grownup, on the 18th November 2019, at Antrim Marina)

As pointed out over, 2ABN was the 26th colour-ring to be checked out at 10:05, as well as afterwards, just a more 4 rings read taking the overall to 29, omitting the return of – 2FDL The ring of – 2CSL , was the last to be checked out at 12:05, whereby time numbers had actually reduced somewhat. Surprisingly, this was just the 2nd look of – 2CSL this wintertime at Antrim Marina, having actually formerly tape-recorded the gull’s return on the second August 2022. In between these 2 discoveries at Antrim Marina, I had actually identified – 2CSL in the parking lot of Antrim’s KFC Electrical outlet on the 8th September 2022.

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Far From Antrim Marina, 2CSL has actually been tape-recorded on simply the one event, which was back in March 2018, when it was seen at Olsztyn in Poland – 1,740 kilometres/ 1,081 miles (E).

Colour Ringed Black-headed Gulls Videotaped at Antrim Marina on Monday 28th November 2022


Amongst today’s 12 absentees, was – 2FDJ as well as – 2FHV 2FDJ , got here back from Estonia on the 10th October 2022, as well as has actually been tape-recorded on 4 events at the Marina this wintertime, having actually last been tape-recorded on the 14th November 2022. 2FHV , was tape-recorded two times in Iceland throughout the 2022 reproducing period having actually been identified in June as well as July. I tape-recorded the return of – 2FHV at Antrim Marina, on the 8th August 2022. Considering that it’s return, 2FHV has actually been tape-recorded on 11 events, as well as worryingly, it was last seen on the 10th October 2022. I’m really hoping that this gull is still active, as I’m expecting even more discoveries from Iceland next summertime.

One Black-headed Gull that I neglected to state in my previous 2 blog posts, was ‘Runty’. This scrawny fifty percent sized Black-headed Gull has actually not been seen, so I think it has actually currently died. The one-legged grown-up bird is still active as well as well, as well as still floats at the home window of my automobile to be fed.

Colour Ringed Black-headed Gulls Videotaped at Antrim Marina This Autumn/Winter yet Lacking Today


With many Black-headed Gulls existing today, regardless of a number of feeds from individuals showing up to feed the ducks, I had the ability to capture as well as sound 2 even more gulls, both 2nd year birds. They currently lug the rings – 2FIP as well as 2FIT After being ringed, I procured an image of – 2FIP , yet – 2FIT vanished. With the return of – 2FDL , as well as these 2 freshly called birds, I will certainly watch for 44 colour-ringed Black-headed Gulls on my following check out, plus any kind of more returning birds.

Black-headed Gull – 2FIP – Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 28 Nov 2022)

( Called as an Un-sexed second Fiscal Year Bird, on the 28th November 2022, at Antrim Marina)

Various Other Birds at Antrim Marina

On auto parking next to the slipway when I got to the Marina today, not just was I impressed by the variety of Black-headed Gulls, yet there seemed a great deal of Usual Gulls too. Counting these birds, which were spread out well out via the Marina, I had a total amount of 10 gulls, being the highest possible number tape-recorded until now this wintertime. I had actually tape-recorded a high of 3 Usual Gulls on a couple of events, yet the emphasize amongst today’s gulls, was the lengthy waited for return of the tiny Scottish-rung woman – EY64036

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Last wintertime, EY64036 returned on it’s earliest ever before day, on the 16th August 2021, as well as was consequently tape-recorded on a more 4 events, as well as was last seen on the third January 2022. EY64036 , was ringed as a chick, on the 20th June 2013, at a nest at Hunterston in Ayrshire, Scotland. My very first discovery of the after that adolescent at Antrim Marina, was made on the 9th February 2014, as well as the gull has actually been tape-recorded below every wintertime ever since. My most current discovery, is currently the 61st for this bird generally. The period because being ringed, is currently 9 years, 5 months as well as 8 days. The range from Hunterston, is 141 kilometres/ 87 miles (SW). Terrific to see that this set is still active as well as well, it had me asking yourself for some time.

Usual Gull – EY64036 – Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 28 Nov 2022)

( Called as a Chick, on the 20th June 2013, at Hunterston, Ayrshire, Scotland)

4 grown-up Mute Swans got on the slipway on my arrival, as well as virtually instantly, a cygnet was discovered swimming in from the Lough. A 2nd cygnet showed up quickly later on, having swan down the river from the instructions of Antrim Community. It promptly came to be clear, that 2 of the 4 grown-up Mute Swans were the moms and dads of the cygnets. This set had 4 cygnets completely, yet lately, the family members has actually started to piece. On recently’s check out, among the cygnets had a terribly hurt appropriate leg, as well as was hopping greatly. There was no indicator of that child today.

At 10:43, a 3rd set of Mute Swans got here, having additionally swam down river from the instructions of Antrim Community. At 11:15, the astonishing discovery of 13 grownups Silence Swans was made as the birds swan forward at the breakwater that safeguards the Marina from Lough Neagh. I was starting to believe, that they were not mosting likely to come close to the Marina, so I strolled onto the tiny sandy coastline, swing a couple of pieces of bread. The closest birds knew what I was doing, as well as came straight in at rate, which urged the others to do the same.

A few of the swans came onto land for the bread, so I pulled back somewhat to compel them far from the water. At this moment, I identified a steel ring, as well as a number of images later on, I caught – Z78580 , a number that I identified. Z78580 , was ringed at Antrim Marina, as an adolescent bird on the 15th November 2020, by Debbie Nelson, in addition to Aidan Crean. Today’s discovery, is the 26th for this bird, the period currently being, 2 years as well as 13 days because being ringed. My last discovery of – Z78580 , was made below on the 28th March 2022.

Regardless of my initiatives, not every one of the swans would certainly come onto land. I had a total amount of 19 (White) swans plus both cygnets. In the picture listed below, 17 swans are envisioned. Both cygnets, in addition to their moms and dads lagged me when I took this picture.

17 of the 19 Grownup Mute Swans at Antrim Marina (28 Nov 2022)

Mute Swan – Z78580 – Antrim Marina, Antrim Community, Co. Antrim ( 28 Nov 2022)

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( Called as an Un-Sexed Juvenile, on the 15th November 2020, at Antrim Marina)

Also the Mallard numbers were well up from the previous 2 weeks. Around 40 existed on my arrival, as well as around 60 existed when I left. Customarily, a lot of legs were inspected, yet still no rings.

The resident Herring Gull was additionally existing throughout today’s check out, as well as for the very first time ever before, he took some bread from my hand. Over the last number of months, he has actually acquired a lot self-confidence as well as had actually been bordering better constantly. A 2nd grown-up Herring Gull got to 10:10, as well as seems the very same bird tape-recorded over previous weeks. This would certainly perch in addition to the archway, each time that it gets here.

A set of Hooded Crows got here following 11am, yet just continued to be for around 10 mins. 3 Jackdaws, were the only various other varieties tape-recorded today.


From Suzanne Belshaw

In current e-mails from Suzanne Belshaw, she pointed out the discovery of a Dunlin birthing a ‘White Flag’, which was identified at Whiteabbey, yet then, she was not able to capture any kind of information on the flag. On Friday 25th November 2022, Suzanne went back to Whiteabbey really hoping that the bird would certainly still exist. There was no indicator of it, yet Suzanne did area one more Dunlin, this set birthing a metal-ring just. With much perseverance, Suzanne took care of to take a number of images of the ring, as well as efficiently caught the entire number, plus in huge letters ‘STOCKHOLM’.

Suzanne reported her discovery of – 3655362 , straight to the Swedish Gallery, as well as the buzzing information were appropriately supplied. The bird was captured at the Ottenby on the island of Öland in the south-east edge of Sweden forgeting the Baltic Sea, as well as ringed as an unsexed second Schedule (+) year bird, on the 18th July 2022. There is a Bird Observatory at Ottenby, so it is most likely to have actually been captured as well as ringed there. The range to Whiteabbey, is 1,410 kilometres/ 876 miles (W), as well as the period because being ringed, is 4 months as well as 4 days.

Once more, my many thanks to Suzanne for the discovery record, in addition to the images of the ring. It is constantly a wonderful outcome, when the information on a steel ring are caught.

Dunlin – Sweden 3655362 – Whiteabbey Coastline, Belfast Lough, Co. Antrim (25 Nov 2022)

( Called as an Un-Sexed second Schedule (+) Year Bird, on the 18th July 2022, at Ottenby, Öland, Sweden)

( Picture Thanks To Suzanne Belshaw)




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