Returning Bonaparte’s Gull & 200 up for Oare Marshes

(* ) 7th July 2022: Oare Marshes (* ) Bonaparte’s Gull

on East Flooding. (* ) On the 7th July i was examining the East Flooding as well as saw the

Grownup(* )Bonaparte’s Gull

roosting amongst(* )Black trailed Godwit’s, this is it’s 10th Year running it has actually gone back to Oare Marshes, initially being seen in 2013.(* )The Bonaparte’s Gull(* )is constantly in beautiful problem when it returns for the summer season as well as this year is no various. Bonaparte’s Gull.(* )200 Up For Oare Marshes Evening Heron with (* )Little Egret. Very first seen on the sixth July late at night by Johnathan Boyce Leigh it was after that all systems take place the night of the 7th July as well as we were all waiting as well as really hoping the

Evening Heron would certainly do a repeat efficiency as well as fortunately it did. It flew in at concerning 21.40 landed briefly in the North eastern edge after that strolled right into the reeds concealed.

Traveling right into the North eastern edge of East Flooding.

I went once again on the 9th & 11th July too, on the 9th the

& Evening Heron (* )landed near a Little Egret as well as had a stroll around for approx 5 minutes, whereas on the 11th it flew right in as well as went down out of view behind the reeds quickly, both evenings it can be found in at about 21.40-45.(* )Black-Crowned Evening Heron. (* )The

Evening Heron is my individual 200th

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bird varieties for Oare Marshes.

Of Note: The

Evening Heron was the first document for Oare Marshes so congrats to JBL on his outstanding discover. (* ). (* ).

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