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Red-tailed Tropicbird Elected Leading 2022 Individual

Red-tailed Tropicbird Elected Leading 2022 Individual

Drum roll … The 2022 Individual of the Year is the Red-tailed Tropicbird!

Nicknamed the “Girl Crazy bird” by a television information press reporter, the Tropicbird was a stowaway in March 2022 on a container ship that showed up right into the Port of Los Angeles. A team participant listened to a sound originating from the ship’s engine space as well as found the uncommon stowaway. Underneath black residue was a slim, dried bird.

Many thanks to the staff they took care of to securely record the Tropicbird as well as put them in a box, where they relaxed till they might get to assistance. The ship, which had actually come right from South Korea, secured at the Port of Los Angeles Harbor, as well as the captain provided International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles wild animals facility a telephone call.

These unique waterbirds are rarely seen by individuals due to the fact that they hardly ever forage for fish within view of land, as well as they nest on overseas islands in the Pacific as well as Indian Oceans. Learn More regarding her situation below.

The 187 complete choose our people consisted of the following:

1. 35.5% Red-tailed Tropicbird
2. 26.3% Nazca Booby
3. 23.7% Snowy Plover chick
4. 14.5% Double-crested Cormorant chicks

In treatment, the Tropicbird was highlighted by Hailey Winslow of Fox 11 Los Angeles, that called her “Girl Gaga” in a larger function regarding our bird conserving initiatives: ” Planet Day 2022: Learn More About the International Bird Rescue in San Pedro.”

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