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… Pinyon Jays in Texas! 1/4/23

… Pinyon Jays in Texas! 1/4/23

Pinyon Jays organized a close to historical intrusion of west Texas this pastfall. Really, according to the Manual of the Birds of Texas, there were normal attacks of the types in the Trans-Pecos in the 70’s as well as 80’s. The last large occurence I can bear in mind was not long after I transferred to Texas in 1994. At the time I had not been specifically thinking about the dimension of my Texas listing so I really did not chase them. Ever since there have actually been really couple of seen in Texas so I still required Pinyon Jay for my Texas listing when the intrusion began this autumn. My only go out there to the Guadalupe Hills in November was not successful. Given that after that 2 huge groups, one in the Pine Springs Camping Site in Guadalupe Mountains National Park as well as one more in a household location at Limpia Crossing near Ft Davis have actually confirmed trustworthy so I made one more effort to jerk the types last week.

My objective was to see them at Limpia Crossing as they were being available in to a feeder as well as had to do with 200 miles more detailed than the Guadalupe birds. After investing the evening in Ft Davis I obtained out to Limpia Crossing at very first light as well as it transformed out a little bit anticlimactic. I imply I increased as well as there were a lot of Pinyon Jays scarfing up seeds at the feeders. They weren’t lifers as I had actually seen Pinyon Jays years earlier in Arizona as well as New Mexico, however they were a very first for my Texas listing as well as the very first I had actually ever before seen at a feeder. Pinyon Jays generally prey on the seeds of Pinyon Pines however stray extensively when seed plants fall short.

Later on I diminished to Davis Mountains State Park to have a look at the feeding terminals. Not way too much taking place however there were numerous of the anticipated Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jays.

I invested the remainder of the day straying along TX 118 trying to find year birds. It was cool as well as gusty as well as slow-moving going. A quit at a generally efficient supply container was unsatisfactory however did show up a number of Insect Sparrows.

Somehow Acorn Woodpeckers were even more usual than normal. This set went to the Lawrence E. Timber Barbecue Location.

As well as simply a couple of feet away was a sapucker which I really hoped would certainly be my Red-naped for the year. It showed to be a lot extra in your area unusual Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

Besides a couple of juncos, not a great deal was occurring so I went back to the State Park as well as scored my only Painopepla of the journey.

The following mornining I headed north towards Balmorhea with strategies to have a look at the lake, however I could not withstand a journey down the Police Cattle Ranch Roadway, RR 1832. There were lots of sparrows, primarily White-crowns, Vespers as well as Maker’s. Best was a quick take a look at a White-throated near completion of the roadway prior to the precursor cattle ranch. The finest bird was an actually out of area Northern Parula. That would certainly be uncommon also in summer season.

Balmorhea Lake was procuctive customarily with great deals of grebes as well as a group with all 3 types of megansers. Unfortuanately duke it outing the electronic camera in the cars and truck triggered me to accidentally transform a video camera establishing so my pictures appeared quite bad. I obtained my Pinyon Jays so I can not whine.

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