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Philippines Rarity 2020: Lifer 553, sixth Nation Information

Philippines Rarity 2020: Lifer 553, sixth Nation Information

  It is a Saturday morning not like the typical. I truly did not probably to hen. I transfer today to visit on-line interment of my superb close friend Edwina Tayag Bandong. I can not assist the divides as movies of her have in fact been done on Fb remain. Actually did not additionally think of going out today nevertheless simply contemplate my” research study” on pictures I require to kind set on send out for details as well as additionally simply a bit neat that second when Christian messaged to notify me that the gull I saw in Tanza last twelve month presently has an ID as well as additionally it’s sixth nation paper! The ID is suitably, done by Rar comm as well as additionally the gull specialists (whoever they connected with).    emojies that handled have in fact been “:-O” as well as additionally “omg”!  

The information woke me up a bit, truly felt as if Edwina is sending this to sustain me up.  So, generally, Philippines’ commonest as well as additionally in big residents gull kinds is Black-headed Gull. So something that’s greater besides Black-tailed gull which has greater than 20 details nonetheless nonetheless unusual( details from Christian Perez details comm),  something besides these 2 can be uncommon “gull” sharp standing. Black-headed Gulls appear by a minimum of 10 to 15k in simply Pampanga River alone, as well as additionally in addition to that in different components of Bulacan-Pampanga prime mudflat as well as additionally fish pond areas.  One more location they stay in big numbers stays in Sasmuan, the fresh given Ramsar standing internet site. 

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I did not plan for to have a lifer as a result of the day the gull was seen, I used to be considering alright potentially comparable because of the truth that the others I saw earlier than, a Lesser Black-backed Gull or a Mew Gull. No pity in admitting initial winter as well as additionally 2nd winter gulls all look the comparable to me! I am not more than likely to remove the technical littles identication becuase it would absolutely transform right into a really considerable blog site! I have in fact nevertheless instead a good deal of discovering to do for big gull kinds!

Time to pull out the electronic book! ICD2021

In the meanwhile right below’s what I have in fact.

Particular ID is Larus vegae vegae

November 23, 2020. Vega Gull ( Larus vegae vegae).  PH LIFER 553!!! ICD2020
I used to be concentrating on  a leg 
flagged Curlew Sandpiper (with orange flag)  searching for out the code on the flag when Kuya Manny reviewed to me a huge hen flying in as well as additionally reached the water.  After I pertaining to up, OMG! Gull !! The gull reached the water as well as additionally relaxed for some time formerly than it began to flap its fly resistance to truly long lasting wind. Particular gusty day, the hen was” drifting” from combating the wind training program as well as additionally you could see it as if postponed within the air wihtout a good deal wing flap!  I promptly took as various pictures in all possible angles I could for acknowledgment thinking about that I do comprehend it isn’t basic to ID these even more younger gulls!  As an outcome of experience of Kuya Manny in guiding the boat to place it for me to take pictures with out frightening the entire team there
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Vega Gull. ICD2020
The bright side is I used to be utilizing a Sony A9II that day with 600mm as well as additionally APSC on! In spite of the location from the gull, acquiring these crucial acknowledgment pictures of the hen was not a problem in any type of type of respect!
  Tanza has a remarkable fee of leg flagged birds among the various mudflats of this a part of the nation. Although Taliptip ought to not be removed from Tanza as well as additionally has a a good deal bigger mudflat location, To day when it pertains to leg flags, Tanza has extra selection of leg flags as well as additionally in numbers. In in between November 2020 to Might 2021, I have in fact videotaped to day leg flags from Russia, China, Japan, Taiwan, as well as additionally Australia. 




plate from the electronic book. Okay, so ID information is challenging for even more younger gulls!  Nonetheless afterwards definitely nothing is equally as well long lasting to take a look at! 

Differ map. … looks like it discharged previous its anticipated wintering floor covering, spend merely a number of days in heat unique atmosphere trip earlier than it went off a couple of various other area! 

So, that is presently my lifer 553! sudden!!!  Flawlessly, by order it needs to be lifer 548 or 549 nevertheless I do not need to rearrange any type of longer the order. (in between this Gull lifer in Nov 2020 to May 2021, I obtained an added lifers too! So I’ll simply include it to my lifelist as 553 with a component understand. Lifer 552 blog site is up prospering!

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Lots Of Many Thanks to Kuya Manny for enabling me to experience in his boat! Shared this nation paper with Kuya Manny by sending his title along with Rarity Board the day I sent out the pictures as well as additionally exploration. His title needs to be within the details too!:– RRB-

For the leg flags, please see explorations describing under:  These are simply my incredibly very own explorations. There are different individuals that birded as well as additionally had leg flags explorations as suitably. 

Nov 3, 2020- LSP Black/Yellow

Nov 4, 2020 – LSP Black/yellow

Nov 9, 2020 – Nurse Practitioner Black/White

Nov 13, 2020 -Registered Nurses Blue

Nov 22, 2020- BBS White/Blue

Nov 23,2020- Nurse Practitioner Gree/Yellow

                    – GK Inexperienced/ Orange

                    – BBS  Yellow/Blue?

                    – CS Orange 

Nov 25, 2020- LSP Black/Yellow

Dec 1, 2020- CS White/Blue

April 20,2020 – CS Yellow (3 people with leg flags 3 gadgets of codes, all from Australia)

April 22, 2020- LSP Inexperienced/Blue



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