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Philippine Rarity 2021: 8 Years Look Tiny Lifer!

Philippine Rarity 2021: 8 Years Look Tiny Lifer!

From the minute I began my birding life, amongst great deals of kinds I want to see in my residence nation is a tiny goose that was discussed to me as” can match right into your pocket”!  I appeared up pictures, oh my, it does look charming! It considerably changed a small secret attraction everytime I am mosting most likely to assess on migratory geese, I might truly check out the weeds possibly there’s a tiny goose in there?  The variable is, I truly intend to see it as a lifer in my residence nation!  Properly, time-frame of that coronary heart quiting second listed below: 

Feb 20, 2021

4:00 personnels:  Arised … truly felt so sleepy Kitkat the Birding Poodle along with myself … plonk … great possibly a little full night’s sleep earlier than responsibilities. 

5:00 personnels: Alarm round 2. Package snuggled appropriately. temperature degree in City Manila is reasonably cool at 19.8 C to 20C within the early morning …  Okay, yawing …  human along with the poodle, plonk round 2!

7:00 personnels: Are we increasing presently? I have in fact responsibilities to do!  Nonetheless flawlessly, chicken a little earlier than responsibilities. Nonetheless great, possibly half-hour included snooze? hahaha! I do comprehend! Nonetheless it absolutely was earlier night time relaxed truly truly late at practically 3:00 personnels!!!  Not a fantastic suggestion to eat dose of tea earlier than going to sleep! 

8:45 personnels. Ultimately awake along with identified great Package needs to absolutely have lunch at first earlier than we head out.  Laptop points, tasks, prep work Package’s lunch, my morning meal … great deals issues to do, we situate by yourself going out late. 

12:45 personnels:  finally left the house! Properly, we took Lindt together with, since Package” barked” at Lindt to state” permit’s go!”. along with Lindt obtained truly thrilled of” adventure” within the rice locations! Oh sure the canine love operating round in rice locations! 

13:20 personnels: Ah! possibly we should continuously quit at web website no 1 to assess some birds earlier than responsibilities? The second I left the cars and truck, Poodles all thrilled. Actually preliminary factor amazed me was access price along with in a similar way contact mapping kind. As well as likewise What surpised me included was the male manning the entryway cost states there are candidates!  Not comprehensive later on, firt shooting paid attention to!  They alerted me they do not have this hunter circumstance earlier than nevertheless simply latest days. My manage that’s great deals of birders been getting in e-Hen criteria with particular family doctors of the location together with the placing establish. As well as likewise likewise non ebird individuals a search for criteria or simply google” wild geese” in philippines issues appear web!  I obtained so intensified. So I attempted my finest to help out the proprietor of the structure with no problem I can accumulate as proof along with great deals of others. Properly the candidates had full searching tools together with decoy! Not an economical make modification king of searching nevertheless all expesive tools. 

Word:  R.A. 9147 states searching is unlawful within the nation! 

14:58 personnels:  Ultimately, I’m mosting likely to acquire pleasure from seeing some birds along with examine the fish ponds earlier than responsibilities time. The Poodles are taken pleasure in be out strolling along with birding!  Specific, they’re birding Poodles haha! So, I remove my tripod, meant the degree on the fish pond along with whoooooooao!!! The truly preliminary factor I observed was a small white variable swimming within the fish pond! Brief invoicing, “eye lining”  … that truly second, I am not exaggerating …  nevertheless that truly second,  my hands can not likewise maintain my digital digital cam nevertheless after attracting it out from my belt bag! Take into consideration having” pasmado” hands!!!  I took advantage of to be absolutely consuming alcohol so extremely that I can not likewise position the chicken right into the smart phone view over degree! Nonetheless with degree alone I can see it! Observed it truly flawlessly all the small print together with the markings on the decrease neck the location there’s rippled bars instance. Even worse second was I shed the goal within the degree view after I position the smart phone onto the degree along with a little panic as an end result of, flawlessly, specific, I do comprehend what I simply observed, nevertheless with no picture it will absolutely not be belieable because of the reality that it hasn’t been seen since 1979!!! (as an outcome of Christian Perez for on web website comprehending ideas!)  

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I took advantage of to be presently declaring” omg omg omg!!!!” whereas attempting with shuddering hands digiscoping! Individuals seeing me there dancing along with jumped a little could begin to believe I am loopy!  Properly, I have in fact waited 8 comprehensive years to finally see this little goose!!! The proprietor of the structure neighbored  along with a woman that was a website visitor at their location have in fact been all amazed to see me leaping along with declaring” omg omg omg!!!!”  Package along with Lindt have in fact been thrilled likewise!!!  I promptly examined along with examined along with at some time, located the goal once again! This moment around I obtained my preliminary files digiscope fired along with whooooao! A second one appeared doing well to it! An additional files shot of 2 of them collectively along with I promptly phoned Patty whereas my eyes nevertheless on the degree maintaining watch! Now it was 15:10 personnels presently … Patty’s smart phone can not be reached! I cellphone up Christian doing well along with all I can state was” Cotton Pymy Goose !!! Cotton Pymgy Goose !! Currently!! presently !! ”  Hazardous smart phone indication web links, Christian can not hear what I took advantage of to be declaring, each hung up smart phone. So, I despatched a Whatsapp picture of the goose!  Properly, that goal is whoever neighbors along with good to go can come jerk promptly! Real true blessings are anticipated to be shared, remedy? I truly imagine it’s simply me hopping on the proper placement on the proper second along with it is shown to be seen.  

Ideal after the preliminary view, the files fired I took. PH lifer for me amount 549 Cotton Pygmy Goose, 1 girly (left), 1 teen guy (proper). ICD2021

15:15 personnels, Christian phoned once more, along with states he can avoid it asap nevertheless the doing well day. Properly, since I am not individual of the Whatsapp uncommon chicken sharp group, he was the one that despatched out the expression.  I attempted calling Patty once again on Viber along with nevertheless not available!  Doing well is, I phoned Laverne, that I do comprehend can get here inside 20minutes if he isn’t at the workplace. Afterwards I messaged Bob in addition that’s considerably throughout the space! Properly, the goal is to acquire these close-by to the location alerted promptly if ever they’re free of charge to jerk promptly! Oh sure, my hands have in fact been nevertheless shuddering along with coronary heart damaging so loud I believe likewise the goo se that was some 100 to 120m away can hear me! I released in addition promptly on FB so whoever hops on the market close by that could snag!   Sylvia whatsapped me later on along with I supplied instructions along with locate the location to see. Tackled by Ivan described as me over cell quantity. Sylvia computed to snag the abiding by day as an end result of truly are likewise removed from their house to the location! Actually, I took advantage of to be independently asking the individuality gods to please hold these 2 risk-free till my friends can come see it. With each of the candidates round, I suggest! Properly, I truly felt something struck my leg, something like a pieces leapt once more or a pellet. It was something little bit along with quick from the hunter’s component in guidelines of me! As well as likewise Package obtained horrified in addition require to be she felt it likewise along with preserved asking me to hold her! 

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sent out to Whatsapp alert for uncommon birds. 

15:45 personnels:  I selected to simply keep along with indulge in seeing it! Entertaining, I needed to cellphone in along with state I am unable to make it that day for the venture I preferred along with mosting most likely to the store the complying with day as a various! Amongst great deals of girly website visitor of the fish ponds houses obtained interested seeing me leaping with pleasure along with declaring OMG OMG OMG!  She reached check out my degree along with observed the goose in addition! Entertaining, I defined to the proprietor of the structure, tomorrow you’ll have great deals of site visitors right listed below!  Afterwards I defined as an end result of it is such an uncommon tourist that hasn’t been seen in a number of years!   The goose appears to go additionally on the contrary component, so the pack alpha along with the poodles identified to check out the in contrast component. Actual sufficient, views have in fact been nearer.  I reached observe it swim, brush, along with in a similar way, smoke! venture itself along with it’s so uncommon to see them” fly” at body likely 50 levels like relaxing on water location with head along with body beforehand, not level like numerous geese or geese do!  

Grownup girly Cotton Pygmy Goose flew this design level for reasonably great deals of meters formerly than finally objective ICD2021

Nonetheless photos from digivid with smart phone over degree. They flew so uncommon techniques, on this strategy along with going level not upwards. ICD2021
I am nevertheless impressed at specifically just how they manged to cross the sea blue! Philippines sea is not specifically the degree kind of peaceful sea especialy this minute of the year! These little wings dealt with to fly this much! ICD2021
Adolescent guy (left), grownup girly (proper)
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                                        video taken with smart phone over degree. 

                              Feb 20, 2021. Cotton Pygmy Goose. ICD2021

Grateful Lindt the Poodle along with Kitkat the Birding Poodle with goose lifer! 

16:50 personnels. I believed great yet one more spherical of seeing after that select a 20 minutes stroll with the Poodles earlier than going residence. Equally as we have in fact been leaving the location, a voice described as my establish … I showed up once more … flawlessly, facemasks on so it was not recognisable promptly.  It was Adri along with Accessory! They made it there a human resources earlier than sunset!  Poodles along with me walked once more to the location with the Constantinos.  It took a while to seek the goose once again as earlier than I left there have in fact been frightened by Whistling Geese flying up along with flew with the geese.   Not comprehensive after, 2 included people appeared. It was Feline, Mattias, along with Biskit … Goose on the degree presently, so it was very easy for Mattias along with Feline to see the unbiased asap … Simply earlier than leaving the second time round … OMG!  Mads along with Lu-ann obtained below! Champ! As an end result of they’re ther farthest from the location  amongst us. It is wonderful specifically just how they obtained to the location half-hour earlier than sundown together with EDSA Website website visitors!  What a day it was! Actually absolutely completely satisfied Mads along with Lu-ann in addition gotten to see the goose simply minutes earlier than sunset! 

I nevertheless can not imagine I finally observed this little goose!!! Properly, it is larger than African Pygmy Goose, nonetheless nonetheless little along with truly charming eye lining make-up variation! 

No expressions … happiness!  ICD2021 

Poodles taking pleasure in the sunset likewise! ICD2021


Feb 21, 2021. Cotton Pygmy Goose nevertheless rounded!  Teenage guy. Nonetheless we just observed one!  I want the in contrast one is risk-free from candidates! It acted to see Sylvia, Tonji, Mel, Christian,  Nilo, Ixi, Mikelie, Allan, Jelain along with entire residence after not seeing them since 2018/ 2019! 

Cotton Pygmy Goose (left juve guy, proper grownup girly). Feb 23, 2021. Photo taken with smart phone digiscope. truly a lot, over 250m! 

Feb 25, 2021. Geese nevertheless seen.  I have in fact 2 friends that do not specific levels. Jelaine chose me along with we satisfied Allan.  Actually it is terrific to share truth blessing of gladly having a degree:-D. So I aided them see the goal with my degree. Congrats Jalaine along with Allan for successfull jerk to see this lifer! 

Geese stilla spherical on Feb 28, 2021. Tina along with Ruben shuddering along with requested me to meet them help discover the geese.  It is truly terrific to see it doing well to a Garganey along with the variety comparability! It is simply barely smaller sized than Garganey nevertheless billing great deals much shorter along with absolutely numerous head kind! At over 250m away it is truly nevertheless a stand out from the others! ICD2021 



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