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2022 Testimonial


Birding in September, also in Oxfordshire, can in some cases.
cause a sensation of expectancy airborne– an environment, a sensation that.
anything can show up anywhere regardless of just how not likely although this sensation is.
normally toughened up by rough truth. That been claimed, for a lot of us September was.
going respectable with spots throughout the region creating respectable birding as well as.
some excellent rarities were being discovered. On the 26 th September though,.
all heck broke out as well as there can be just one heading bird!

Usual Nighthawk

Thanks To Brian Pedestrian.

Bonkers, unbelievable, ridiculous or incredible– choose your.
adjective. No person, not also one of the most confident amongst us, had
on their radar within Oxfordshire’s boundaries– specifically out a.
yard fencing in city
Wantage. At first assumed by the finder to be an.
nightjar, an excellent region bird in its very own right nowadays, it was.
our sharp region recorder that promptly knew this remained in reality a complete blown huge.
as well as an initial for the region. Information promptly damaged as well as the turmoil as well as enjoyment.
that occurs was quickly in progress, this truly was a decrease every little thing as well as go minute.
The residents were the very first to get here as well as a mix of confusion as well as delight might be.
observed on a lot of their faces, every person in a state of shock at the sheer.
outrageousness of this document. The website of this unbelievable Atlantic going across bird.
resting nonchalantly on a shabby yard fencing over an intense red Audi could not.
stop working to place a smile on your face, an experience not likely to ever before be duplicated.
Not within Oxon.

Twitchers enjoying the Nightjar thanks to Conor MacKenzie.

The nighthawk proceeded in its.
area for the rest of the day, periodically transforming 180 levels or.
extending a wing a lot to the pleasure of the expanding group. In the direction of sunset the.
bird began to obtain extra energetic as well as ultimately flew hawking briefly.
prior to flying highly southern, an amazing end to an amazing day. With.
upwards of 500 individuals making the journey from everywhere as well as a number of thousand.
extra pounds increased for charity it was effectively run jerk with numerous a delighted.
birder! This makes up the 26 th document for the UK, a truth the.
hides just how extremely tough this types is to overtake specifically on.
the landmass. Majority those documents originate from Scilly, as well as I make sure.
there are plenty that delight in amusing stories of legendary experiences with these people.
for many years. Well Oxon as well as this experience has actually currently entered itself strongly right into.
birding mythology for the 500 approximately individuals that made the trip for this unbelievable.

Thanks To Badger


Curlew Sandpiper, thanks to Richard Tyler

Last month I recommended we were past due a curlew sandpiper.
in the region as well as easily the birding gods responded to. One existed.
on Ardley ERF on the night of the 6 th a well-earned spot.
bird for the people up in the north of the region, however for the remainder of.
us it left over night. Luckily on the 22 nd Farmoor held.
one more specific as well as it stayed till the 23 rd One more much.
searched for inland wader, little job, additionally had an excellent proving in the.
region with 10 birds in overall tape-recorded throughout 3 websites. 3 birds at Otmoor.
existed on the 6 th previously been purged by sparrowhawk a.
brief while later on. One more 3 went to Farmoor on the 21 st with.
one continuing to be till the 23 rd enabling some wonderful image.
chances of this enigmatic little wader. 4 went down right into Pit 60 on the 30th in stormy climate, a welcome benefit for all the hrs placed in there by the neighborhood as well as a breaking matter for our landlocked region.

Grey Plover, thanks to Nick Truby
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A solitary grey plover flew with as well as around Farmoor.
on the night of the 21 st calling however declining to land. Possibly.
the exact same bird was after that existing on Port Field on the 22 nd as well as.
It took a working from the neighborhood pet pedestrians it stayed till the 28 th
An incredible document of 14 on the 22 nd originated from Farmoor however however,.
they really did not land. Records of Turnstone bookended the month with a solitary.
bird on the 1 st as well as one more solitary on the 24 th, whilst a.
wonderful matter of 8 began the 4 th with all documents associating with


Little Job, thanks to Richard Tyler Farmoor had a virtually continual.
visibility of Ruff throughout the month with a max matter of 8 on the 8 th
as well as 1 continuing to be till a minimum of the 25 th Extra documents came.
from Cassington with 6 on the 7 th, Pit 60 from the 3 rd
— 6 th as well as Ardley ERF holding a set from 20 th
till the 29 th Greenshank were tape-recorded from 3 websites –.
( 1 st), Appleford general practitioner’s ( 6 th) as well as Radley.
General practitioner’s whilst
just a solitary Redshank was tape-recorded beyond Otmoor.
with one at Farmoor on the 7 th Black-tailed godwit had a poorer.
revealing this month with mostly all documents originating from Stratfield Brake normally.
associating with one bird however periodically 2 tape-recorded from the 1 st
till a minimum of the 19

th A solitary document originated from Ringed plover additionally had a semi.
continual visibility at the wonderful concrete dish of Farmoor with birds.
tape-recorded throughout, an optimum matter of 6 began the 7 th till the.
8 th Just 2 websites generated even more documents with Pit 60 ( 1-3 rd
& & 24 th ) as well as Ardley ERF( 20 th – 24 th ).
with 2 birds at each.
Dunlin were. gotten at a the very least 4 websites as well as mainly pertaining to solitary birds, with the. highest possible matter originating from Farmoor with 8 birds on the 22 nd Extra birds originated from Pit 60( 1 st -4 th as well as the.
25 th), Bicester ( 19 th -23 rd
) as well as Tar. lakes( 24(* )th

Environment-friendly sandpiper were tape-recorded from at. the very least 10 websites from throughout the region with Ardley ERF creating the. biggest matter of 16 on the 9 th with Bicester marshes the. just various other website to create dual figure matters. Usual sandpiper documents. were spread out extra very finely with 7 websites creating mainly ones as well as 2s with Farmoor. holding 7 on the 8 th

of the month.(* )Gulls. & Terns

An all of a sudden silent duration for gull as well as tern.
documents with the standout rarity a flurry of sandwich tern at the. start of the month. 3 were om(* )Farmoor. briefly on the 1 st often visiting both F1 as well as F2. A solitary bird.
showed up, once again on
Farmoor, as well as fished around F2 prior to leaving a. brief while later on. Sandwich Terns, thanks to Ewan Urquhart

Just a solitary

Caspian gull
document came this.
month with an only 1
st(* )winter months on Farmoor on the 8(* )th
Yellow-legged gulls were additionally slim on the ground with just one document of. 3 birds often visiting Pit 60 in between the 1 st as well as 4 th
of the month.
Pit 60 additionally played host to this month just document of Mediterranean. gull with winter months plumaged bird existing on the 1 st(* ) Wildfowl. and so on Ferruginous Duck, thanks to Ewan Urquhart The standout rarity this month was our 2 nd

ferruginous duck

of the year after the lengthy staying drake back in

discovered on the 2 nd
as well as leaving over night. A magnificent locate on Grimsbury.
tank of a drake, most likely transferring from our adjoining region of.
Northamptonshire. The finder has some kind of grabbing rarities having actually discovered.
the region’s very first pallas’s warbler previously this year. 4 typical scoter were an excellent document coming.
Blenheim Royal Residence

generated by stormy climate on the 19 th,.
they existed for just a number of hrs leaving soon after they were.
discovered. A solitary document of black-necked.
originated from Dix Pit on the 24 th whilst a solitary scaup was reported from Farmoor on the 18 th although it was not moved. Black-necked Grebe, thanks to Ian Elkins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFOHta_aF4k Usual Scoter, Blenheim, thanks to Dave Doherty There were a number of documents.

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from 4 websites in the region this month. An eclipse.
drake at


existing from the 5 th -9 th with.
perhaps the exact same bird tape-recorded at Dix.
on the 12 th as well as.
Appleford on the 25 th A document of 3 birds on Sonning eye General practitioners on the 5 th was the very first several documents.
considering that the summer season however they really did not stick around long.
herons and so on
Last months shiny ibis set moved from the.
summer season haunt of

Cassington general practitioner’s

to Stratfield Brake on the.
borders of Oxford. Both were very first detected the 6 th as well as.
stayed with each other till the 10 th usually relating to a black-tailed.
One bird left as well as relatively varied around the region got.
in Oxford ( 11 th), Cassington general practitioner’s as well as Otmoor ( 17 th.
— 18 th). A solitary bird stayed at Stratfield Brake on.
as well as off from the 11 th till the 27 th Thanks To John Worker Cattle egret proceeded in the region with several.
birds tape-recorded throughout 9 websites, most likely all associating with birds from the currently.
developed reproducing nest from

The normal websites tape-recorded.
birds with the month specifically

Pit 60, Otmoor as well as Smokeshaft
Birds ended up being extra mobile though, with a huge group of 18 tape-recorded at Wytham.
on the 15 th whilst a tremendous 42 were tape-recorded at Kings secure on.
the 24 th Thanks To Steve Liptrot After continuing to be at mainly 2 websites in the summer season wonderful.
white egret ended up being far more mobile with extra birds relatively signing up with.
the lengthy staying birds in the region. A minimum of 11 websites tape-recorded birds as well as it.
would certainly appear a minimum of 4 birds existed with September, perhaps extra.
4 birds were apparently entirely at

Stratfield Brake

previously in.
the month. Numerous websites tape-recorded 2 birds — Smokeshaft ( 3 rd), Blenheim.
( 8 th) as well as Appleford ( 17 th & & 25 th).
Just one Crane document came this month with one over Grove on the.
5 th, whilst a solitary Bittern was tape-recorded quickly at Pit.
on the 22 nd previously been purged by the neighborhood gulls. Passerines In what could have been the emphasize in a previous.
September, otherwise for a specific huge upstaging, a Yellow-browed warbler was.
gotten employing the

Catch premises

by Port Field on the 25 th
Usually, evasive as well as mobile a couple of fortunate onlookers took care of to overtake it,.
As is the instance for numerous of documents it was a one-day marvel as well as gone the.
following day. Wryneck, thanks to Amy Obtain September proceeded its run of kind with Wryneck documents.
without less than 3 specific birds tape-recorded in the month. All.
3 were not commonly offered with one in

Chipping Norton

yard on the 3 rd,.
a bird ringed in Little Clanfield on the 11 th as well as a.
unfavorable bird that flew right into a home window in Kennington on the 18 th
Luckily it did make it through. A really young looking adolescent black.
Redstart showed up briefly in Stonesfield on the 13 th
Was just existing briefly.
Rock pipit began their yearly.
activities with the region with the very first returning bird on the 21
Farmoor where it stayed till a minimum of the 24 th when it.
was signed up with by a 2
nd bird. A solitary tree pipit was listened to.
calling among a huge group of
field pipits at West Ginge, whilst.
pied flycatcher remained in Buckthorn on the 4 th

Rock Pipit, thanks to John Worker Whinchat were tape-recorded from 8 places with a high.
matter of 5 tape-recorded from
Appleford on the 6 th as well as Otmoor on.
the 8
th with Lark Hillside additionally tape-recorded 4 birds .
18 places tape-recorded
wheatear mainly in songs as well as sets however a.
fracturing matter of 9 people originated from
Lark Hillside on the 18 th,.
with just
Devils Strike Dish as well as Sarsgrove tape-recording greater than 2.
birds with 3 on the 6
th as well as 4 th specifically. Redstart.
were mainly tape-recorded in songs from a minimum of 12 places with just Muswell.
Hillside as well as Lark Hillside tape-recording greater than one, with 3 on the 3 rd
as well as 2 on the 7
th specifically. Yellow wagtail remained to.
step with the region with some wonderful double-digit matters tape-recorded.
had the very best of these with a breaking matter of 60 on 10 th, whilst.
30 were attended roost on
Otmoor on.
the 3
as well as a minimum of 20 tape-recorded at Port Field on the 2 nd

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Juvenile Black Redstart in a yard in West Oxfordshire, thanks to Colm O’brien

Whinchat, thanks to Jessia Crumpton

Raptors A tantalising document of a slim harrier types flying over Standlake.
on the 11 th however really did not stick around as well as its recognition.
continues to be an enigma, with a number of documents of inland
pallid harrier about.
the exact same time this will certainly need to be liquid chalked down as a close to miss out on. A ring-tailed
harrier up on the downs at the Devils Strike Dish on the 24 th
remained in no question nonetheless as well as ideally an indication of even more ahead.
Osprey proceeded.
their lengthy trip to west of Africa with Oxon airspace with 4 documents connecting.
to most likely 3 birds, a solitary bird at
Otmoor on the 4 th as well as.
one more at
Farmoor on the 11 th A bird briefly at Blenheim.
on the 17 th was most likely the exact same bird seen flying over Shillingford.
later on in the day.

Merlin Otmoor rspb thanks to Graham Parkinson. The very first returning short-eared owl originated from Otmoor on.
The 21
st as well as stayed till 22 nd, whilst merlin .
returned with one over
Milton Common on the 21 st whilst a.
flashy person existed at

on the 28


Leisure Activity proceeded.
to stay in the region in handful with a minimum of 5 places still.
holding birds with an optimum matter of 2 at
Pit 60 throughout the month. Osprey thanks to Brian Manston

Look in advance One may be forgiven for being obsequious.
for the remainder of year offered what has actually simply taken place, however October still has the.
prospective to create some respectable birding as well as still could yet vomit the strange.
Offered we have actually simply had a yellow-browed.
currently this month we could have had our reasonable share of eastern.
sprites for 2022 what with a pallas’s warbler back in January. October.
is commonly a great month for discovering these most liked of Siberian wanderers.
Because 2013 we have actually had 8 documents in October with several birds in 2020, 2017.
as well as 2013, so currently is a great time as any kind of to go out as well as pay attention out for a ‘Tswe-eep!’ Relocating onto something a little.
pectoral sandpiper has an excellent record of showing up in September.
That can fail to remember the incredibly trusting bird at

Port Field (*) in 2015? (*) Port.
Field (*) has actually additionally held 2 birds back in 2007 throughout this month as well as you.
would not wager versus the following document originating from there either. An also rarer wader.
showed up below back in 2010 when a (*) minimal yellowlegs (*) stayed throughout.
the month as well as right into very early November, with one showing up in Yorkshire lately.
as well as extremely promptly vanishing it would certainly be a welcome bird undoubtedly if it were to.
make its method southern! (*) (*)

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