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It’s this moment of year that my
adoration for our neighborhood spot spectators enhances tremendously. Groundhog Day,
absolutely dead or absolutely nothing of note are the regular catch phrases for the elevation of
summer season and also for some, myself consisted of, this can verify way too much routine to
commit excessively high quantities of time to one’s neighborhood spot. For me, this provides me
time to concentrate on various other taxa – going after butterflies, Odanata or orchids is exactly how I.
normally load my time. For others concentrate looks to our neighborhood reproduction birds at.
several of the front runner websites in Oxon such as Otmoor.

Remarkably for this moment of year.
there has actually been a sensible flow of rarities to maintain points ticking over in.
these quietest of months, with a couple of in opinion for emphasize of the duration whilst completion of July gave a lot of activity throughout the region with birds beginning to relocate.

Dartford warbler:

A real region rarity with just a handful of documents.
in the last twenty years, although with the last of these being available in the fall of.
2020 and also still existing in very early 2021. A solitary bird connecting with Stonechat.
was located on the Oxon downs by Churn on the night of 16 th July with it still existing on the early morning of the 17 th Nearly all documents.
have actually come throughout the late Fall so to have one show up in the center of July is rather amazing Dartford’s are extremely inactive varieties and also with just 10 miles.
in between Churn and also the closest reproducing populace at Greenham Common,.
this would certainly appear the mainly most likely resource of this person.

Thanks To Roger Wyatt.

Timber warbler:

For me, the emphasize needs to be a Timber.
located holding area in the south of the region. Provided the.
rarity of this varieties also on flow, it is unmatched to have one holding.
area in the center of the reproducing period. The last verified reproduction.
document possibly goes as much back as 1981. Provided the nationwide image of this.
varieties, it is really amazing to locate a brand-new area. The most likely description.
is possibly as grim as it is amazing, a potential fell short dog breeder from in other places.
looking frantically for a friend. Provided the delicate nature of the document the.
information, not surprisingly, had not been commonly launched and also it has actually because gone on.

Thanks To Conor MacKenzie.

Thanks To Conor MacKenzie


In any type of regular month an Oxon Spoonbill would certainly.
take prominence however, for 2 various other region huge’s existing and also the lengthy staying.
private at Otmoor in May. Probably the very same bird from May was reported.
once more at Otmoor on the 2 nd June. Points obtained really intriguing.
for spot spectators at Bicester marshes when 2 were seen on 6 th
June and also staying up until the early morning of the 7 th, probably.
various people from the Otmoor bird. An exceptional document for such a tiny get.
and also a very been worthy of benefit for all the devoted birders there, in a year that is showing to be an excellent year for Spoonbill documents with 3 documents of 4.
birds until now.

Bicester Wetlands Spoonbills thanks to Stuart Lowe


Disallowing our neighborhood reproduction varieties, the summer season are.
normally quieter on the wader front and also for those that do show up discussion turns.
to whether these are late heading north or early heading southern. The emphasize.
of this duration needs to be a stunning Grey Plover on Farmoor embankment.
existing on the 6 th June and also once more on the early morning of the 7 th
Sanderling proceeded their visibility at Farmoor with 1 on the 7 th
June, 2 on the 11 th and also 4 on the 12 th done in numerous.
phases of their fantastic summer season quill. Whilst the very first returning birds were.
kept in mind on the 20 th July with 2 grownups in summer season quill still existing the complying with day, with 1 bird kept in mind on the 27th. Dunlin were likewise existing at Farmoor on.
course to their lengthy trip north, with 1 on the 3 rd June, 2 on the.
5 th, a wonderful matter of 13 on the 6 th and also 4 staying on the.
7 th Dunlin began to return southern and also were kept in mind on the 20 th
and also 21 st from Farmoor whilst a team of 4 on the 27 th and also a solitary bird reported from Grimsbury on the 26 th. A solitary Ringed Plover was.
existing in between the 3 rd and also 5 th June, whilst an additional bird.
was seen at Chinnor on the 19 th July. A solitary Turnstone was.
kept in mind with Dunlin and also Sanderling on the 20 th July however had not been.
existing the complying with day, whilst 2 on the 24 th gave way for an additional.
team of 3 in summer season quill on the 25 th July while an only bird remained up until completion of the month. A single Greenshank was.
existing on Otmoor on the 24 th July however had not been refound the.
complying with day, while numerous or potentially the very same team of Whimbrel were observed from

Grimsbury, Banbury

and also Otmoor with none quiting on course southern. Turnstone thanks to Ewan Urquhart Post-breeding groups of Black-tailed Godwit are.
normally the very first of the southbound waders to show up within our boundaries and also.
they really did not allow us down with a wonderful group of 18 on the 3 rd July on Otmoor
developing to 22 on the 4 th A group of 12 were observed in trip.
over Farmoor on the 9 th July and also a solitary bird on Pit 60 on.
the 12 th A triad of Avocet existed on the Farmoor embankment.
on the 8 th, a most welcome document of numerous birds! Environment-friendly.
were missing from the very first fifty percent of June with the very first returning.
bird kept in mind at Bicester marshes on the 21 st June with 3 likewise at Ardley on the very same day. Numbers remained to develop via June and also right into July at Bicester marshes.
with a top of 14 on the 25 th July with a solitary bird on Otmoor.
on the 4 th and also 14 th July while 3 existed at Appleford
on the 24th structure to 14 on the 30th July Usual Sandpiper were videotaped mainly at Farmoor.
with at the very least one existing continually throughout the duration with a max.
matter of 4 on the 4 th July. A solitary bird was reported from Balscote.
on the 19 th

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July and also various other documents originated from

Appleford, Sutton Courtenay, Otmoor and also Blenheim. Black-tailed Godwit thanks to Stephen Burch Records began to infiltrate of the successes of our.
neighborhood reproduction waders with
Otmoor holding a lot of the passion. Outdoors.
Otmoor – Redshank were observed at Farmoor on the 4 th
and also 7 th July with approximately 4 birds existing, 1 at Duxford on the.
4 th, 2 went to Appleford on the 7 th June, 1.
existing at Blenheim on the 20 th and also 1 on Grimsbury on.
the 22 nd July. Reproduction Oystercatcher were kept in mind at 4.
areas and also solitary or combined birds observed from 5 areas with a high.
matter of 8 at Otmoor. Beyond Otmoor reproduction.

were observed at 4 areas and also non-breeding groups from Bicester,.
Appleford, Balscote Quarry and also Standlake. Little Ringed Plover reproduced.
at a the very least 4 areas with non-breeding birds observed at Grimsbury.
storage tank
although a juv was observed existing on 17 th July and also.
on the 20 th with 3 on Otmoor on the 4 th July. Snipe.
documents were slim on the ground with one originating from Otmoor in July.
Beyond their garrison of Otmoor Curlew seen at Standlake on.
the 19 th June and also someplace in the

Upper Thames Valley

on the.
7 th June. Gulls.
& & Terns
The evident emphasize through was a Little Tern existing.
on Farmoor on the 1 st July and also although it had not been offer the.
complying with day, incredibly relatively the very same bird was seen briefly at Port.
on the 3 rd The very same bird after that moved back to Farmoor.
on the 4 th and also place on a wonderful program for the citizens. An additional.
document returned on the 20 th July with a solitary bird observed from.
the embankment, the very same bird possibly? On the 6 th July 2 Sandwich.
were seen in trip over Witney and also sadly weren’t seen.
once more. The very first returning Arctic Tern was seen on night of the 25 th
July from


while 10 were reported combined in with 40+ Usual Tern on the night of the 29th with none sticking around the following day. Little Tern, thanks to Bryan Manston Yellow-legged Gull were reported from Farmoor on.
the 7 th July and also once more on the 19 th– 21 st, while.
Blenheim likewise organized one on the 17 th The very first returning Caspian.
was observed on the 12 th July from, where else however Appleford.
This person has actually been observed as a 1 st winter season, 1 st
Summer season and also currently as a 2 nd Summer season and also was ringed in Germany, a.
remarkable understanding right into this enigmatic winter season specialized. A 1 st summer season Caspian Gull was likewise existing at Ewelme on the 27 th An adolescent Mediterranean.
was seen entering roost on Farmoor on the 21 st
July in addition to an excellent matter of 50+ Yellow-legged Gull. While 3 adolescent Medication Gulls existed on Grimsbury Storage Tank on the 29th, observed eating emergent flying ants, and also 2 were likewise to be located at Farmoor on the 30th.

Little Gull

likewise simply scuffed right into the testimonial duration when a grown-up bird decreased in briefly at Pit 60 on the 30th. Juvenile Medication Gull thanks to Ewan Urquhart Usual Tern were observed throughout numerous websites.
around the region without certain reference of effective reproduction anywhere.
Several birds bring fish were observed from 3 websites with Farmoor.
having up to 21 birds in July with 2 juveniles among the team. A Black.
Tern was reported on the 1 st

June from


however was.
really seen on the 31 st May therefore really did not make it right into the May.
testimonial. Caspian Gull thanks to Thomas Miller Wildfowl.
and so on After in 2014’s reproducing success, it was terrific to listen to.
once more that
Garganey reproduced at Otmoor.

2 young were observed.
with a lady from the very first display, with at the very least one drake entering into eclipse.
quill existing likewise throughout the duration. A solitary drake was likewise observed at.
Standlake on the 19 th June, which proceeds its run as a.
trustworthy website for the varieties throughout the year. Although of suspicious beginning a Ruddy Shelduck was.
a wonderful enhancement to the
Otmoor year listing, with a solitary bird existing.
On the 16
th June and also once more throughout up until the 2 nd
half of July and also a solitary bird likewise existing at
Little Wittenham on the 29th. Proceeding the motif, Red-crested Pochard were reported.
Farmoor on the 20 th June with 2 women existing with the.
tufted group.
Mandarin Chinese were kept in mind from Dorchester

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on the 16th July while 3 existed at

Sonning Eye GPs on the 28th. A adolescent Black-necked Grebe simply scuffed right into the testimonial duration when one decreased in at Otmoor on the 29th and also continued to be up until completion of the month, whilst 3 birds were reported from Farmoor in the direction of completion of July. Ruddy Shelduck thanks to Nick Truby 2 Shelduck existed on Otmoor on the 3 rd June, whilst 4 existed on Bicester marshes likewise on the 3 rd and also via to the 9 th June. Effective reproduction of Gadwall and also Tufted Duck were kept in mind at Bicester marshes and also Farmoor specifically, with 2 Broods of 3 and also 6 of Gadwall and also 2 broods of 4 and also 6 Tufted Duck. The very first returning Teal was reported from Bicester marshes

on the 2 nd July with a Wigeon reported from Appleford on the 1 st June which is probably the very same drake existing last summer season. Quail documents were slim on the ground with one document.
beginning the 1
st June from Aston Rowant NNR and also an additional.
listened to on
on the 4 th July. 2 Terrific Bustards were reported purged from an area in

Letcombe Bassett

on the 27 th the very same location which played host to the lengthy staying and also preferred man in 2020 via to the center of 2021. This is the 2 nd document in Oxon this year with a bird from Smokeshaft Meadows previously in the year. With the currently evident self-reliant populace on Salisbury Level this can come to be a a lot more normal event within our region limit.

herons and so on White Stork was reported two times.
via the duration with one in trip over Brize Norton on the 22 June.
And also a potential reported over Kidlington on the 14 th
Neither record led to a bird been located on the deck. Terrific information was once more located originating from Blenheim.
with the effective reproduction nest of Livestock Egret

proceeding for.
an additional year. Records of these considerable birds originated from mainly the north.
and also west of the region. Teams of numerous dimensions were reported throughout the.
duration from

Otmoor, Smokeshaft Meadows and also Pit 60. Numbers were.
hard to determine however approximately 40 were possibly existing on the 23 rd
July throughout Otmoor and also Pit 60. 5 young were observed in the nests.
within the nest and also numerous juveniles have actually been reported with feeding groups.
from numerous websites. A max group matter originated from Otmoor at the end of July with a minimum of 28, whilst birds were observed gathering nesting product of what can be an additional reproducing effort at a various website! Otmoor Livestock Egrets thanks to Malcom Bowey Great White Egret were routinely reported.
throughout the region with 1 seen at
Pit 60 on the 2 nd, 9 th and also 23 rd June and also.
once more on the 3
rd and also 9 th July. One was reported from Farmoor.
on the 20 th

June with 2 likewise existing at


on the.
th July. Some suitable matters of Little Egret can be found in the.
last fifty percent of the duration with 21 reported from
Blenheim around the.
reproducing nest with a considerable percentage of these adolescent. 18 were.
reported from
Bicester marshes on the 18 th July, a website.
Success once more this year for the Otmoor Cranes, image thanks to Richard Stevens.

Grownup with adolescent Crane Otmoor rspb thanks to Richard Stevens.

Crane seemed having.
an additional amazing year when approximately 6 birds existed on the 3
June consisting of 2 juveniles. 2 of the grownups that existed left later on in.
the month, however 2 chicks continued to be with the first set. By the.
end of July just 1 chick was left however this was ultimately seen taking little.
technique trips and also will ideally efficiently fledge! The 2
set were once more reported on the 24
th July. Bittern were just.
reported from another website beyond Otmoor with 1 at Standlake on.
the 3
rd July. Passerines and so on A Network Wagtail existing at Appleford on the 2 nd
June was a wonderful document and also the 2
nd there in 2 years, in other places Yellow.
were videotaped from at the very least 10 websites with an optimum matter of 4 at Letcombe.
A solitary Northern Wheatear revealing features of the.
Greenland subspecies existed on


on the 6 th June,.
offered the lateness of the document this would certainly appear to include this recognition. Whilst.
a 3
rd Yellow Wagtail race beautified the region borders when a.
breaking Flava/Blue-headed Wagtail existed at Farmoor on.
the 22 nd July.

Yellow Wagtail thanks to Bryan Manston Found Flycatcher were reported in sets and also songs.
From at the very least 11 areas with no verification of reproducing reported.
Occurred within the region borders. Cuckoo were reported.
Commonly throughout the region, mainly of vocal singing man however numerous women were.
videotaped with approximately 5 birds (3m + 2f) at Otmoor on the 3 rd
June. An instead eager man was listened to vocal singing from Pinkhill get along.
the Thames well right into July. At the very least one juv existed at Otmoor at the backside of July. Juvenile Stonechat were observed from the Oxon downs on the.
June, whilst far from their fortress

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Corn Pennant

videotaped from

Appleford on the 11 th June, Otmoor on.
the 5
th July and also at the very least 3 vocal singing men in Sutton Courtenay were existing throughout. Leucistic Starling thanks to Chris Knight. The very first returning Redstart were reported from Otmoor on.
the 6
th July and also once more existing on the 25 th, whilst 3 were.
on the downs at
Segsbury Camp on the 13 th with 2 staying on.
the 23
rd, 1 on Linkey Down on the 16 th and also 1 at Harwell.

on the 20

th Whinchat

likewise made a look with a.
great matter of 4 on


on the 5

th July. An adolescent bird was reported from Ardley on the 30th and also an additional bird from Farmoor on the very same day. Redstart, Segsbury Camp, thanks to Geoff Dymott With ‘the’ Otmoor Turtle Dove falling short to show up for any type of considerable quantity of time this year, the grim circumstance that this as soon as various varieties was possibly ready to come to be vanished in the region was seeming like fact. It is terrific information to listen to of a set located in the south of the region with the male listened to purring and also holding area! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6XVv7R_d5E Little Owl family members Oxon thanks to Matthew Lloyd. Raptors Marsh Harrier had an excellent proving throughout the region via.
the summer season.
Bicester marshes proceeded its purple spot holding one.
from the 7
th June up until the 9 th, an additional amazing document.
for a tiny get.
Appleford saw just its 2 nd document with a.
young male wandering over on the 11

June, Smokeshaft organized a.
set on the 12 th and also Standlake had a lady on the 13 th
June and also once more on the 3 rd July. Otmoor had a max matter of 8.
with at the very least 4 juveniles existing throughout the duration.

An unseasonable


was seen in trip heading north.
over Otmoor on the 7 th June and also normally had not been seen once more, while an extra regular discovery began the 31st angling at

Farmoor prior to not been seen once more. Leisure Activity.
were kept in mind from at the very least 10 websites throughout the region with a max matter of 5.
Otmoor previously in the duration. Thanks To Malcom Bowey

Looking in advance With the sluggish however unstoppable creep.
of fall upon us, citizens can begin to really hope once more that a morning see.
to the spot will certainly create some movement magic (see
White-rumped Sandpiper at.
Dorney Common in Dollars). Along with the anticipated citizen.
birds, August is a fun time of year to get spot gold as waders begin to.
relocation en masse and also can show up nearly it anywhere. Shortages such as Little.
are rather trustworthy from

Farmoor this month with 5 of the last.
10 Augusts generating at the very least one bird.
Wryneck are likewise regularly.
videotaped in August with birds videotaped in 2010,13, 15 and also 2018 and also would certainly be a.
welcome bird to any type of neighborhood spot.
On the rarer side of points 2 Purple.
documents have actually can be found in August in years passed, 2007 and also 2018, with.
both been lengthy remaining preferred birds. Whilst in a lot more current times this month.
has actually likewise seen a pair documents of Pectoral Sandpiper with 1 from Farmoor.
in 2020 and also an additional from Appleford in 2018. August has actually likewise created its reasonable share of region huge’s.
also as lately as in 2014 when the very first of 2
Purple Sandpiper that.
year showed up a
Farmoor. An also rarer wader, Marsh Sandpiper

was located in August 2007 and also often visited Peep-o-Day Lane for numerous.
days. Whilst going a little more when a region initially and also just a 3 rd
for Britain at the time in the kind of an

American Black Tern shook up.


in addition to a

White-winged Black Tern. A

n occasion undoubtedly.
not likely to ever before be duplicated?!

White-winged Black Tern

likewise has an.
fondness with this month with the last 2 documents being available in August.

What will August 2022 create? With the current.
reproducing documents, a (*) Black-winged Stilt (*) perhaps?(*) (*) In any case below’s wishing for a solid flow of travelers after.
the what appeared like a slow-moving springtime!(*) Conor(*) (*) Swift activity conserves the day!(*) Thanks To Sally Taylor.(*) This adolescent Swift was located in center of an active roadway in Eynsham, the other day night, under a preferred reduced nesting site.It was really quickly in this footwear box to analyze its problem.(*) It was determined to fly, so launched efficiently far from hectic roadways.(*) Allows hope it gets on its means to Africa!(*) Sally Taylor(*)

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