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Oxon Birding Blog Site: Counting Coots

Oxon Birding Blog Site: Counting Coots


Not a discovery, however a basic monitoring pertaining to coots.

The adhering to 2 charts offer varieties of Coots counted
on Allen Pit (in Dorchester), as well as Thrupp/Bullfield Lakes (Radley Lakes). As can
be seen in the charts, there has actually been a substantial as well as unexpected unseasonal
decrease in Coots on these lakes over the recently.

On the other hand, varieties of Coot on Farmoor Storage Tank have
boosted. The chart listed below gives the variety of Coot on Farmoor Storage Tank
taped in 2022 throughout two times month-to-month matters (blue bars), as well as the typical number taped
in between 2018 as well as 2021 for contrast (red line). The chart highlights that much from Coots
beginning to decrease on the Storage tank (as they normally do currently of
year), the variety of Coots taped at Farmoor today (1140 people) is
generally dual that normally taped at the end of October. Better, the
matter of 1140 people is the highest possible number I have actually taped at Farmoor
because starting normal surveillance in 2013. To keep in mind, the bulk of
the people got on F2 (with 1.1% of Coots on F1).

Based Upon the above, have Coots from Allen Pit as well as
Thrupp/Bullfield Lakes relocated to Farmoor? If so, why? Has actually the lowered water
degree at Farmoor boosted its viability for Coots? Better, exactly how do Coots
recognize to leave the lakes to transfer to the Storage tank? It interests keep in mind
that most of birds got on F2, with couple of on F1 when the water degree was
of a comparable degree (though I keep in mind today, the water degree had actually increased on F1). Are
the midsts of F1 as well as F2 various to describe this pattern of incident, or
can disruption be linked (i.e. paddleboards that normally paddle about
the perimeter of F1 as well as can purge Coots to F2). The mixed numbers of
Coot that have actually been ‘shed’ from Allen Pit as well as Thrupp/Bullfield Lakes (c150.
people) do not relate to the rise in number on the storage tank,.
Are there any kind of waterbody/waterbodies in Oxfordshire that have actually shed.
c370 Coots?

Coots at Farmoor

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