OSLO BIRDER: Ural Owl in Oslo?!?

I have actually begun a reasonable couple of post explaining the
day’s occasions as the most effective ever before so I will certainly refrain that however the other day might well go
down as one of, otherwise the, many
unanticipated days birding I have actually had in Oslo.

The day began effectively with a women Grey-headed
Woodpecker at Fornebu (possibly the very same bird I saw there a couple of weeks ago).
which revealed specifically well feeding in trees. I followed it for a very long time.
as well as did not as soon as hear it touching (as I would certainly get out of various other woodpecker.
types) as well as it just called a number of times implying it would certainly be really simple to.
miss it. Just a solitary Bearded Tit exposed itself it me although my birds were.
reported by others.

The day took its turn for the unanticipated though when.
I got an image from Kjetil Johannessen with simply the message “uncovered from.
the kitchen area home window”. I did a dual take as the photo was of a Ural Owl!!!!
If you had actually asked me to forecast the following brand-new types I would certainly see in Oslo I believe.
this would certainly have come a lengthy means down the checklist. With just around 10 sets understood.
in Norway as well as an extremely less active nature it is not a bird you anticipate to learn.
of array. They have a much more diverse diet plan than the vole professionals like GG as well as.
Hawk Owl so are much less most likely to be required out of array by food lacks.
they do really remarkably show up in unanticipated locations. My very first document was.
one such straying bird in October 2012 as well as a document from a number of weeks back.
of a bird seen by the freeway south-east of Oslo did recommend that something.
was up with the types. For one to transform up in a little metropolitan timber in Oslo.
was out the cards.

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I was a little bit worried when I obtained the message as sunset.
was quick coming close to however I had the ability to get here in the nick of time as well as I saw it where.
Kjetil had actually discovered it (a gang of crows had actually formerly been offering it pain).
After just around 10 mins though it began browsing and afterwards flew off.
right into the timber. My thermal imager entered into its very own however as well as I had the ability to.
transfer it as well as we had the ability to see it plainly searching for food although after.
not as well long a loosened canine as well as a loud proprietor triggered it to fly unseen as well as in.
the stopping working light (as well as in spite of use the thermal imager) it was shed to us.
Searches today (consisting of by me) stopped working to refind it however that certainly does.
not suggest it has actually gone as well as I would not be amazed if it or an additional shows up.
once more quickly. Ideally there might be various other owls on the step as winters months advances.
There are couple of documents from various other locations to recommend so.

I did have an owl today though with an extremely.
participating Pygmy Owl in Maridalen so additionally today decreases as an excellent ‘n.

what an excellent bird! Ural Owl (slagugle)

A video clip of the owl with some real-time discourse from me “… it will fly …”

it appeared to utilize its tongue a whole lot to discover food

flaky feet

it invested a great deal of time searching in openings as well as dental caries for food

A video clip of the pecker feeding as well as additionally calling a number of times with a phone call comparable to GS Timber which I have actually not listened to prior to

simply one image of the Beardie today

In this video clip the Beardie can be listened to calling which is the most effective (as well as typically just) means to discover them

however a few of the Pygmy Owl (spurveugle)

if had among those elegant video cameras with eye comply with emphasis after that this can have been a good trip shot…

The owl can be listened to calling right here as well as it featured a variety of high pictched as well as brand-new (for me) calls which I make sure make it a woman

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