OSLO BIRDER: Reproduction Pastime

I have actually stated investing my time in August with a.
limited late reproduction bird and also currently is time to expose that it was Pastime in.
Maridalen– perhaps not the types you were wishing for yet an extremely interesting.
experience for me.

Pastime (lerkefalk) is a varieties that I see in.
Maridalen every year and also have actually typically questioned why it does not reproduce as the environment.
appears great, there can be no lack of nest website (old crows nests are a.
preferred) plus there need to additionally suffice food (huge flying bugs and also tiny.
birds). After current experiences though I need to maybe have actually questioned why I.
couldn’t could not Locate*) where they were breeding reproducing they can clearly plainly.
under our noses without us (

) becoming aware. I initially thought reproducing in 2015 when I had actually a.
singing set on 4 June in a tiny timber (where I discovered a crows nest) and also a minimum of.
one bird once again the following day yet they after that went away and also I really did not have any longer.
discoveries up until the center of August and afterwards at the start of September.
encountered 3 young people 2km far from the June discoveries that were plainly extremely just recently out of the nest.
( wings not completely expanded). They spent time with each other in the exact same location for 3 days.
and also although I never ever saw a grown-up feeding them I really felt fairly certain they had not.
took a trip much in all. This year I have actually remained in the exact same harsh location often times.
and also have had an eye out for Pastime yet really did not

one there up until 1.
August (although did have 3 discoveries in other places in Maridalen in May). On 24 June though I listened to a bird in this field that I.
was 99% certain was Pastime yet stopped working to see one (Wryneck or Lesser Identified.
Woodpecker being the various other choices). I listened to the exact same call the exact same location on.
29 July and also was currently specific it was Pastime yet once again stopped working to see one. When I.
listened to the telephone call once again on 1 August I determined I

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to locate the bird and also.
this time around it was a lot easier. A Pastime was being in a tree top, one more after that.
flew low over the timber and afterwards all heck broke out when a 3rd bird showed up.
( I never ever obtained an appropriate ID on this bird and also was more than likely a young Sparrowhawk.
Can additionally have actually been a Leisure activity) and also was rapidly chased after away. I mosted likely to.
where the birds were and also one (the woman) was plainly maintaining watch from a tree.
top. I remained for some time and also when one more bird (the man) showed up there was a.
great deal of calling and also at one phase I saw the women fly as much as him and also saw what.
need to have been a food pass. I really did not locate the nest though up until the man.
later on showed up calling and also landed a little bit far from the woman. I checked and also.
checked and also ultimately discovered a nest yet it was vacant. Not long after though I listened to.
peaceful calls and also this led me to one more tree with an extremely tiny, lightweight old.
nest high up in it and also there was a downy head sticking over the edge! Ultimately.
I saw there were 2 huge yet still downy Pastime young in the nest.

All this makes me fairly certain that Pastimes have actually been.
reproducing in Maridalen (a minimum of periodically) for years and also I also have.
the strange discovery that would certainly sustain them reproducing in the exact same timber for lots of.
years and also currently know that this is where they reproduced in 2015.

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After locating the nest on 1 August I went to on.
practically a day-to-day basis and also the initial child left the nest on 6 August and also the.
various other the following day. Hereafter they remained in the timber where the nest was up until.
I had my last discovery of a solitary adolescent on 29 August. With a fledging.
duration of ca. one month after that the eggs hatched out around 7 July and also with an incubation.
duration of additionally ca. one month after that egg laying was around 7 June.

I reached see fairly a great deal of fascinating behavior.
Due to the birds investing many of their time within the timber instead.
than on the brink after that it was extremely irritating when the birds were flying.
about as I would regularly forget them.

They called a horrible great deal and also when the young remained in.
the nest the women constantly maintained guard from a neighboring tree top and also would certainly typically.
yell as though she was attempting to allow the male understand it was time ahead with.
food. When the man showed up with food after that there was a great deal of sound consisting of.
from the young. I saw him bring birds that seemed Swifts two times yet it was.
typically not feasible to see what he featured. They appeared unconcerned with my.
visibility besides one celebration when the young had actually run out the nest just 3.
days and also a grown-up instantly dived at me and also brought up at just the last minute. By 22 nd

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August the young were fairly.
established fliers and also I saw them circling around high up over the timber, tussling.
with each various other and also capturing flying bugs with their feet.

I offer a great deal of photos which ideally reveal the.
development of the juveniles plus some behavior. There are additionally 4 video clips. A.
series tackled my phone where you primarily listen to the birds, a collection from.
the bazooka where the colour has actually been wrecked by my computer and also 2 video clips from the.
superzoom which are the raw unedited documents as my computer will certainly no more enable me to.
modify these documents. I see since my video clips from the last number of months have.
all had the incorrect colours yet can not exercise what is creating the trouble – time.
to lastly purchase a brand-new computer me believes.


1 August

the (assumed) man with a cleaner pattern of white and also black on the cheek than the woman

exact same bird

the nest

1 still fairly downy young

both young

2 August

the woman with a little muckier cheeks and also much less demarked sides

and also the man once again

4 August

keep in mind all the discarced downy plumes around the nest

5 August(*)

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