OSLO BIRDER: Back to Beitostølen

Summer season vacation 2022 proceeds with our common July browse through to Beitostølen. After the birding success of my 2 journeys below in the springtime I have been taking a vacation from the feathery flying points as well as instead concentrating on the buttery flying points.

As I outlined in messages from in 2015 the location is excellent for butterflies. This remains in no little component as a result of the blossom covered roadsides as well as it truly is a pleasure to stroll below with your eyes directing down as opposed to up. I have actually just located one brand-new varieties for the location – Little Blue (dvergblåvinge), however have actually seen a lot of the (for me) fascinating varieties I saw last time such as Silver-spotted Captain (kommasmyger), Moorland Clouded Yellow (myrgulvinge), Purple-edged Copper (purpurgullvinge), Hill Fritillary (fjellperlemorvinge), Germainium Argus (brun blåvinge), Northern Brown Argus (sankthansblåvinge) as well as most importantly Alpine Argus (fjellblåvinge).

The Alpine Argus call for a 40 min drive to the north of Valdresflye as well as I arrived at an early stage a cozy early morning. When I arrived it was gloomy as well as no butterflies were flying. As I walked though I found a variety of Alpine Argus set down on blossoms which was probably where they had actually invested the evening. I needed to wait a long time for the sunlight to find via however when it did it was rather fantastic to enjoy the impact on the butterflies. It took just 5 mins for them to transform from remaining in a state of torpor to them flying vigorously around as well as coming to be significantly challenging to obtain near to. A variety of various other varieties additionally showed up from unidentified hiding areas as well as life was excellent

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I’ll begin with a bird – Coast Lark (fjelllerke)

Alpine Argus (fjellblåvinge) prior to the sunlight heated it up

Male with wings after the sunlight had actually heated it up

Women Alpine Argus (fjellblåvinge)

For contrast a male Usual Blue (tiriltungeblåvinge)

And Also a Mazarine Blue (engblåvinge)
Very few dragons up below however I was extremely satisfied to obtain this photo of a Dazzling Emerald (glansmetallibelle)

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