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OSLO BIRDER: A lot to share! It deserves scrolling completely down

OSLO BIRDER: A lot to share! It deserves scrolling completely down

It is 4 days given that I last uploaded and also I have a lot to inform and also images to reveal you that I truly must have blogged more frequently yet time in front of the computer system is not my much-loved hobby.

Temperature levels have actually been frequently under absolutely no, the majority of the moment under -10 C and also bad at -16 C and also Maridalsvannet has actually lastly iced up over yet it took a while. The lake right here is constantly among the extremely last to ice up as a result of it being so deep and also constantly ices up after the salt-water bays in the arm as well as likewise after falls have actually iced up over on streams and also rivers.

In spite of the chilly though there are constantly some streams that for strange (air pollution) factors do not ice up over and also I have certainly inspected all I come and also located a number of Jack Snipe and also a solitary Typical Snipe up until now today.

I was attracted out of the city to obtain my dosage of Hawkie on Wednesday. Remarkably sufficient I have actually not seen one given that July in 2015 and also when a bird showed up just a half hr repel the lure was undue and also I loaded my boots. The bird was searching for food in a little copse in the center of a cultivable area which is an actual indicator that there are no rats within the woodlands which would certainly be its regular environment.

The remainder of my time has actually been unsurprisingly invested at Fornebu where there suffice fascinating birds to maintain also one of the most requiring birder (and also professional photographer) hectic and also there have actually been a great deal of individuals there. Never ever a guy for the large groups (2’s firm, 3’s a group as the claiming goes) I have actually attempted to do my very own birding yet discover myself commonly being adhered to …

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The Bearded Tits are still existing and also have actually maybe been the major emphasis for the digital photographers yet the warblers are likewise still existing and also prominent. Every early morning when I have actually arrived it has actually been with the marvel regarding whether they have actually endured the evening and also it has actually been a happiness everytime I have actually uncovered them. The Hume’s usually offers itself away by calling yet both tristis Chiffchaffs have actually never ever called when I have actually existed and also are located by searching for them sweeping about on the warm side of shrubs. The sunlight appears to have actually been extremely welcome to these birds that must remain in India and also the other day when it was -15 C I saw the Humes and also among the tristis resting gathered up with each other taking pleasure in whatever warmth the sunlight was providing. It surprises me that they are locating food yet actually there appears to be no lack of insect issue for them to discover yet they just 6 hrs to search for food and afterwards need to make it through 18 hrs of severe cold. It has actually likewise snowed greatly tonite which will certainly cover the trees and also shrubs making looking for food a lot more hard so I truly do not assume they have several days left among us. A week ago the Humes was hostile in the direction of the Chiffchaffs yet appears to have understood that is a waste of power and also there is even more to be acquired (shared warm in the evening?) by being good friends with its phylloscopus relatives.

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I will certainly begin with images of hawkie yet it is the images of the warblers that I most thrilled concerning

Hawk Owl (haukugle)

Photos Of the Hume’s Warbler (blekbrynsanger) and also among the tristis with each other. An extraordinary experience to see them with each other and also for when I feel my images justify it

the tristis appeared to be battling greater than the Humes and also regularly had its eyes shut

it likewise snapped its wings

The Humes on it very own

it commonly floated under branches or leaves as a Goldcrest does

searching for food in the snow

it did come extremely close

simply assume what a far better electronic camera or maybe simply a far better professional photographer can have done right here …;–RRB-

I have actually kept in mind on a couple of celebrations that the Hume’s cocks its tail and also thinks a banana postion ala Blyth’s Reed

As well as the tristis Chiffchaffs (sibirgransanger). I am unsure if these images reveal both of the birds or simply one

right here it is relaxing right before it was signed up with by the Hume’s

check out all the bugs on the branch!

right here it has its tongue out with a pest adhered to completion!

very same pest in emphasis

Jack Snipe (kvartbekkasin)

it was -16 C and also no ice

yet there is ice basing on the plumes

Mute Swans (knoppsvane) on seawater. The over 100 birds that got on Østensjøvannet have currently transferred to the arm

Facialed hair Tits (skjeggmeis)

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when there is snow on the reed heads after that you constantly wish to obtain a magic picture of snow flakes tipping over the feeding birds yet the images never ever wind up as I have visualized them

the amount of do you see? I believe there are 10 birds noticeable

and also some Waxwings (sidensvans)

there are a great deal of Long-tailed Tits (stjertmeis) yet I have actually stood up to the lure to picture them yet this Willow Tit (granmeis) was pleading for it

as was this Blue Tit (blåmeis)

I have not invested much time in Maridalen yet this remote Pygmy Owl (spurveugle) revealed

Where the warblers were



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