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Of Gray Ghosts and also Golden Eagles

Of Gray Ghosts and also Golden Eagles

Sunrise featured clear skies and also tranquil winds. After the previous numerous days of high winds the opportunity for a respectable trip of raptors held assurance. I ordered the equipment and also headed to Pt. Mouillee to obtain a fast loophole of the location prior to heading to the Detroit River Hawk Watch at Lake Erie Metropark.

A solitary Red-tailed Hawk was skyrocketing over the quarry along Rheaume Rd. and also supplied a couple of good photos as it circled around expenses.

Or else peaceful I headed to Haggerman Rd. where I detected an American Kestrel set down on a signpost right at the edge of the turnpike. It was on the traveler side of the vehicle so I had to resolve for fly-by shots as it took off towards the area to my left.

Out in the area to the south a little group of Lapland Longspurs were calling. I just saw birds when they flew off to the south. Spread Horned Larks were standing out up a little bit better yet still as well much to picture. Thankfully, I detected a dark mass on the ground up in advance that seemed a

North Harrier

With the home window down and also video camera all set I gradually came close to and also handled to invest numerous mins seeing the young Gray Ghost groom.

The thought sub-adult man was revealing intense yellow eyes and also the distinct grey back and also neck, yet still maintained a clean of rufous on the head that made me believe that it was not fairly a complete man.

The bird took off and also flew a brief range further back right into the area yet kicked back down for numerous a lot more mins. This offered me time to bring up the roadway a little bit better. Warmth glimmer postured a little bit of an issue also though I was firing without a lens hood.

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When it took off a 2nd time I had the ability to catch some pictures of the tail plumes that revealed red still maintained in the external plumes while the main plumes had actually transformed totally grey. After seeing it land a 2nd time I went on to allow it complete its company. I after that drove over to the hawk watch at Lake Erie Metropark and also faced Kevin, Andrew, Don and also Costs. Birds were flying, and also this

Cooper’s Hawk adolescent was passing overhanging equally as I strolled up.

Red-tailed Hawks were flying although relocating northward and also high sufficient to reduce picture opps.

Red-shouldered Hawks were additionally relocating today. This grown-up bird took its wonderful ole’ time going across the network before us. When it lastly passed expenses we obtained good consider its rufous pigmentation and also candy striped wings and also tail. Certainly, the emphasize this time around of year are the

Golden Eagle

discoveries. The initial of 2 Goldens showed up over Canada yet wandered north as it went across the network. I procured some digiscoped photos from 1/2 mile away.

This premature bird showed up over the Ugly Home space and also came close to straight towards us. The early morning Sunlight struck its head and also forewings and also generated a radiance that lit up the bird as we waited on it to pass expenses. It did not dissatisfy.(*) A Lot More Red-tailed Hawks, Cooper’s Hawks and also Red-shouldered Hawks would certainly emerge, yet maintain their range from the cams. Still, a most superb day of appreciating the raptor trips.(*)

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