October Global Special Day in Costa Rica- an eBird Journey Record– 10,000 Birds

Worldwide Wedding day has actually come to be a yearly cumulative occasion in Might that motivates hundreds of individuals to see birds on the exact same day. As for advertising birding goes, the only point much better may be October Gobal Special Day! In Costa Rica (as well as, I collect, a few other exotic areas), our neighborhood birding neighborhood obtains associated with both GBDs however we’re specifically pleased with the one in October due to the fact that for those people on the flyway means southern of north reproducing premises, the 10th month is our “May movement”.

It’s when we see even more travelers as well as for that reason, when we can see even more varieties in eventually of full blast binge birding. Rivers of raptors, airborne streams of Smokeshaft Swifts as well as swallows, warblers, shorebirds, as well as extra (oh my!). If there’s a drawback, October is additionally when we can obtain hefty rainfalls, specifically from hurricanes as well as typhoons in the Caribbean. In hilly Costa Rica, that can convert to such catastrophes as flooding, landslides, as well as roadway closures. It makes October birding unforeseeable as well as for October Global Special Day, all we can really hope is for typhoons to take place on one more day.

This year, by chance, we really felt a few of the negative effects of Storm Julia on October Special Day. We had a great deal of rainfall in some components of the nation, some areas had landslides, as well as birding was rather restricted. On the birding side of the coin, it might have been even worse. Because a lot of the rainfall took place the night of the 8th as well as the complying with early morning, several websites had excellent weather condition on the early morning of October Global Special Day as well as as a result of that, neighborhood birders still took care of to determine well over 700 varieties in Costa Rica (!).

Polychromatic Tanager was among those birds.

Directly, I intended to pursue a significant Wedding day on October 8th however as long as I looked at weather prediction as well as wished for them to vary, I needed to approve that rainfall looked quite likely at numerous factors as well as times on the Wedding day path. There was no factor in pursuing major numbers if it was mosting likely to rainfall, specifically in the evening as well as at dawn. My companion as well as I had a back-up strategy, one that was extra unwinded than an all out Huge Day as well as that would certainly additionally bring us to one of our favored locations of Costa Rica, the southerly Caribbean area.

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This can be a lengthy drive from San Jose, specifically with roadway building and construction as well as slow-moving as well as apparently infinite vehicle website traffic, once you arrive, the trip deserves it. Great deals of fantastic as well as easily accessible rain forest environment loaded with resident varieties as well as lots of travelers, an attractive shore with opportunities for various other birds, as well as several options for holiday accommodation as well as excellent food, the southerly Caribbean is enjoyable, birdy, as well as amazing. As well as, this component of the nation can be much less impacted by rainfall as well as tornados in October than various other locations.

On October 8th, 2022, that excellent weather condition held up as well as we had a fantastic day of birding in Costa Rica. In maintaining with GBD standards, I additionally made eBird checklists, consisting of a journey record We began at 4:30 a.m. as well as finished later on that eveing with a last overall of 154 varieties. Below’s a short recap of that good day of birding:

Heaven Roadway

This is a welcoming crushed rock roadway positioned near Punta Uva that goes through lowland rain forest as well as a number of little ranches. There’s a great deal of possible as well as I had never ever had the possibility to bird there prior to dawn. I’m thankful to have actually ultimately obtained that chance on October 8 as well as eagerly anticipate doing even more pre-dawn birding on that particular roadway as well as various other websites in the location. Acquire why pre-dawn? Why be around in the exotic dark when you can be gladly asleep?

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Birds obviously! To appropriately examine owls, various other evening birds, as well as the dawn carolers, you actually need to be out as well as around by 4:30. 4 would certainly be also much better as well as if you have a thermal imager, after that you could also intend to begin at twelve o’clock at night (I understand, that’s severe however Wedding day birding is what it is).

Pre-dawn birding for us on October 8 provided 4 owl varieties, a Usual Potoo (not so usual), and after that a host of varieties right at as well as following dawn. I valued listening to the telephone calls of the birds getting up, of seeing migrant Swainson’s Thrushes from remote boreal areas masked with conifers getting on a crushed rock roadway in lowland rain forest. The calling Collared Forest-Falcon was additionally awesome, so was Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer (the varieties on top of this article), therefore were the 120 various other plus varieties we had from 4:30 to 8 simply on that particular one roadway.

Punta Uva

After Heaven Roadway, we drove to the Degustibus pastry shop (my favored Italian pastry shop in the location), obtained rewards as well as headed back to our leased log cabin at Olguita’s Location in Punta Uva. We took pleasure in morning meal as well as some remainder while enjoying as well as including White-lined Tanager, North Waterthrush, as well as various other birds, consisting of a Prothonotary feeding upon an unidentifed unique dropped fruit (I youngster you not, those Golden Swamp Warbler can obtain develop as well as insane in Costa Rica).

Ultimately, we made our means to the close-by coastline, discovering a team of Eastern Kingbirds hanging with a set of Long-tailed Authoritarians en-route. At the coastline itself, we were satisfied by rigid winds as well as lots of weekenders. As individuals consumed beer as well as chuckled on the coastline, we enjoyed one man mistakenly swimming in really harsh waters while additionally checking for birds. We really did not see much however the good news is, the man did not sink as well as scanning ultimately did settle with an unexpected flyby of 2 grown-up Constrained Terns!

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I had actually anticipated a jaeger or another thing however sure, we might take Bridled Tern for the day. It’s not a bird usually seen from coast in Costa Rica as well as we had fantastic appearances. I make certain various other excellent birds additionally flew past eventually that day however the just various other ones we saw were a young Peregrine assaulting as well as almost capturing an unidentifed peep, as well as frigatebirds much offshore. I could not aid however ask yourself if they were capturing little travelers shed mixed-up.


In the mid-day, we drove to the close-by town of Manzanillo. This website can be terrific for travelers also if it is shedding some environment to real estate. We selected up a couple of even more birds, absolutely nothing insane however a couple of birds. The plants as well as football pitch (also known as football area) are constantly worth examining; on various other days, Whistling Heron as well as various other unusual birds have actually been discovered right here, in 2014 we had a Gray Kingbird

With absolutely nothing taking place in the town, we made a fast quit at the RECOPE Roadway as well as grabbed White-flanked Antwren as well as a couple of even more varieties prior to driving back to our cabin.

Male White-flanked Antwren

A lot more Punta Uva adhered to by Supper

A last check showed up a far-off calls Giggling Falcon however very little else. I could not aid however ask yourself if the storm had really quit movement to the north people. That would certainly have described the absence of swallows as well as various other birds that must have been relocating via. Afterwards, it was off to supper at a close to Caribbean dining establishment for a great end to a rewarding, carefree October Global Wedding day in Costa Rica.

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