Nicole Flooded Fifty Percent the Website

Typhoon Nicole rolled via recently and also we had an interest in exactly how the flooding would certainly occure and also exactly how it would certainly prevent our initiatives today. The majority of the tornado was to the East and also it was not as poor as Ian. All of the rainfall that strikes our location moves down right into the Wekiwa Container from Orlando and also our means. It ends up that fifty percent of the banding webs were rinsed by high waters, once more. A lot more on that particular later on in the blog post.

Gray Catbirds are calling and also ultimately striking the webs once more.

We had a little flurry of Anchorite Thrushes right after.

Hermit Thrush

An additional sight of the 2nd Anchorite Yeast infection.

Hermit Thrush

Residence Wrens were skittering around. We captured 3 today.

House Wren

As stated in the title, Typhoon Nicole relocated via and also swamped fifty percent of the lanes. This sight is from Web 17 however we can not obtain webs up from 13 via 21.


Time for Lynn’s Micro Edge! The Cassias are generating the Sulfer butterflies and also we discovered a caterpillar there today.


Closer assessments locates a Fallen leave Receptacle on the very same plant.

Leaf Hopper

The stuggle of Life locates a bigger fly captured by a crawler which can indulge upon it.

Fly and Spider

A young Cuban treefrog relaxes amongst the branches. They are intrusive however we are kind, to a factor.


A juvenille women North Cardinal was following guaranteed.

Northern Cardinal

A team of pupils from UCF joined us today and also reached witness banding a had the ability to launch a number of birds, like our one Western Hand Warbler of the day.

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Western Palm Warbler

The last bird of the day was one more Anchorite Yeast infection. Constantly see the rufus tail plumes to differentiate from a Swainson’s Yeast infection.

Hermit Thrush

An additional visitor reached launch the Anchorite Yeast infection.

Hermit Thrush

Eagerly anticipating following week, though we are watching on the weather condition as a front is relocating through. Possibly rainfall will chase us away? Inspect this place prior to going out.

Today’s Overalls

Birds Processed New Regained Complete
Gray Catbird 2 0 2
North Cardinal 1 0 1
Western Hand Wabler 1 0 1
Anchorite Yeast Infection 3 0 3
Residence Wren 2 1 3
Overalls 9 1 10


Following (scheduled) Grouping Day: Sunday, November 20th.
All webs will certainly be opened up by 6:20 A.M.

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